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I Wish I Had More #AlexOLoughlin in my life. (BTS Video for Watch!)



Alex: We are doing a photo shoot for CBS Watch! Magazine.

Alex: Yeah, we are having a lot of fun out here in beautiful Kuaola. We’ve got Nino Muñoz, who’s shooting with us. Who is an incredible photographer.

I am honoured that he came all this way to do this.

Nino: We are shooting here in amazing Hawaii. It was just  iconic amazing images in the background.

Alex: It’s very exciting. We all put our heads together and wanted to find a story for the shoot. And we sort of wanted this guy to be a little nomadic.

Like a traveller in a strange land, discovering a new landscape. And Finding his way away from civilization.

Nino: So it was great to have someone involved and dedicated to making the images come alive.

Alex: So we got some really amazing props. We got an old Royal Enfield  kick-start old army green motorcycle with some Envia bags.

 I love bikes, so that’s been fun for me.

Alex: Now the first shot was mainly establishing this character and the bike and his first mode transport. And we will bring in some horses into it, I think

Yeah, with Nino shooting, and Hawaii doing what it does and some cool props. I am just sort of standing here, being  grateful.

Link to the video:

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Moonlight: If the Show Can Be Saved, Will O’Loughlin Want to Do It?

For Throwback Thursday – Some Moonlight history from way back in 2008.

Some of it reminded me of all the speculation about whether Alex will leave Hawaii Five-0 after this season.


Last week we reported that there was a possibility that the now-cancelled Moonlight series could find a new home on the CW.

by Trevor Kimball,

21 May 2008

Though CBS dropped it, the show was being pitched to Media Rights Capitol, the company who recently purchased CW’s Sunday night airtime. Though MRC quickly passed on the series for fall, there was still a possibility that it could pop up midseason. Unfortunately, MRC has now passed on that opportunity as well. Happily for the fans, the show’s chances for survival may not be dead just yet.

Word is that Warner Bros. Television (the studio that produces the series) is still trying to find another home for the vampire drama. They’re approaching cable networks like TNT but Moonlight’s budget is prohibitive for most potential cable buyers. To help reduce the production costs, Warners is also looking into finding a new and cheaper shooting location. Warner shows like Smallville and Supernatural already film in Canada.

Part of the budget problems is one of the show’s greatest assets — Alex O’Loughlin. Because of the actor’s exposure on the series, he’s now in high demand and will likely end up being signed to another weekly series if Moonlight doesn’t survive. His agent, Nathan Morris, tells news.com.au, “He has got a whole raft of things to read through — a role like [Mick] has definitely opened plenty of doors. . . The key is to strike while the iron is hot. ”

It remains to be seen if O’Loughlin would be willing to take a pay cut so that Moonlight could move to a smaller cable channel. It would also mean possibly passing on other mainstream projects that might further his career.

Though the actor clearly enjoys vampire role, the CBS series has been a veritable rollercoaster ride. After being told of the series’ cancellation, O’Loughlin described his exhaustion due to the show’s turbulent freshman year. He wrote, “From the very beginning when I was told time and again that I wasn’t the man for the job, having to prove myself to everyone with tests and screen tests, to a complete re-casting of the show, through 5 different show runners at the helm with 5 different artistic visions, to a Writer’s strike that took 5 episodes away from us? oh how the list goes on.”

Soon after writing this, O’Loughlin and his girlfriend, Holly Vance (who guested as Lola on Moonlight), reportedly escaped L.A. for a two week vacation in Mexico.

Will a new home for the vampire series be found? Would the series’ male star still be on-board if that happens? Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page


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