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#AlexOLoughlin Speech at ‘Relay for Life’ on 12 April 2014

Doing his own bit for charity, was Alex O’Loughin, at the University of Hawaii Manoa Relay for Life on April 12, 2014

Alex: You know it’s funny I was just thinking about this weather tonight. And I felt so bummed for everybody. And I thought about it and it’s kind of analogous to this disease, isn’t it?

I mean we look at this sky, it is black and it is ominous, and its big wind and it tries to blow our tents over. And the rain comes with it, and it tries to soak us and make us cold so that we so we’d go home and give up.

Though we don’t give up, we just bend our tents towards the winds and wait it down and stick it out till we get a dry spell here. And it just seemed so meaningful to me, because that is what we face with cancer. Each and every one of us here tonight, has had our life affected in some why by this disease. I certainly have.

But I’m also deeply grateful for everybody who’s come here tonight because each and every one of you is now part of the fight. You know this is a really serious and really difficult disease, and the fight against this disease is a really great fight. And just by being here tonight, you’re in the ring. And you are part of that good fight.

— Hawaii 5-0’s very own Alex O’Loughlin speaking at this year’s opening ceremony! We thank you Alex for supporting and helping to finish the fight against cancer!

Relay For Life of UH Manoa

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