Rising Star: #AlexOLoughlin Of ‘Moonlight’ – 2007

Friday nights have gotten a lot steamier thanks to the presence of the delectable Alex O’Loughlin, who stars in the new hit show, “Moonlight.”

Access Hollywood

27 October 2007

The Australian 30-something has been heating up the screen for about a month now as Mick St. John, a vampire with a conscience.

Mick was brought into the vampire fold by Shannyn Sossaman’s “Coraline” — a woman who, on their wedding night, cursed him with immortal life.

Rather than continue his perpetual 30-year-old state as a nasty old blood-sucking beast, Mick’s vampire lifestyle was given a twist when he saved the life of a young girl – Beth Turner. Now, as he works as a private investigator, fate brings him together with a grown up Beth (Sophia Myles), and romantic tensions ensue.

It’s thanks to O’Loughlin though, that new fans are flocking to the show as weeks pass. For starters, the one time contender for the role of James Bond (which went to Daniel Craig) is playing a heroic guy, caught up in plenty of action. He’s also involved in plenty of shirtless scenes as Access Hollywood found out when we interviewed the arousing Aussie.

“The stunts are fantastic. We do a lot of our own stunts. I do a lot of my own stunts, [and], um, you know there is more nudity than I have seen on network TV for a while,” O’Loughlin blushed.

“There are all sorts of things and everything is quite hard-hitting and cutting edge for CBS, I have to say.”

This isn’t the first time the ripped actor has gone shirtless on film. He stripped down to a lot less for a scene in last season’s “The Shield,” as Detective Kevin Hiatt.

“There was a sex scene in ‘The Shield’ where I was nude – I was fully naked on a chair!” he admitted.

Though he has the physique for such parts, O’Loughlin admits he’d rather keep his clothes on.

“There is nothing fun about doing a scene like that,” he told Access.

I have had to do a couple of them in my career and it is like — it’s just weird and sort of icky.”

Not so “icky” is being an Australian actor in Hollywood these days. O’Loughlin told Access he enjoys having moved to LA only to find a host of his fellow countrymen nearby.

“It’s a big community,” he noted. “We help each other out. When I first moved here I was given numbers to call people who are friends of friends [who showed] me where to rent a car or get a cell phone.”

And here is the transcript of the rest of the interview:

Alex O’Loughlin with Access Hollywood – Hipsupbaby & Dish of Salt – 2007



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26 responses to “Rising Star: #AlexOLoughlin Of ‘Moonlight’ – 2007

  1. By the time this aired, I was deeply, madly ‘in love’ with Mick and ML! THX


  2. Regina Filange

    I feel like he’s going to melt my cellphone screen with his stare in the last photo. And I just got to see the infamous chair scene a few days ago when I got Hulu. DAMN that man is one sexy beast! I can’t imagine a nude scene being “icky” with him.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Lulu

    My all-time favorite vampire, and who better to play the role than Alex! There can’t be a nude scene with him that’s “icky” (maybe, sticky). Oops, he always brings out the naughty in me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kathysr

      Remember ladies, he’s describing HIS opinion of the sex scene, not yours! Most actors agree that they’re incredibly uncomfortable to do, with the whole world (like 50 people) watching you simulate an orgasm. And if he was nude, that’s cruel. Because, ah, the male body kind of reacts to that situation? And like, you’re not supposed to be aroused but ah, you might end up being that way, and that can be, ah, uncomfortable for the other person if they don’t feel the same way? It can get REALLY embarrassing really fast. So, we may love to watch it, but the actors mostly hate to do it.


      • Yes, it may be embarrassing. What actor said to his beautiful partner: Forgive me if I have an erection, and forgive me if I don’t have one?

        Liked by 1 person

      • At least we know he was wearing a little piece of cloth between him and her. That is, when you study the scene so intensely that you see all sorts of things….. 😛
        I think some of the actors might do good to take the advice that Ted got in the movie, “There’s Something About Mary”. It might help to put ‘things’ at rest for a while. 😀


        • Dq

          About the little piece of cloth. I hope so. I thought that SAG union rules had something about nixing complete nudity. Unless you’re doing porn of course.


    • Lulu, you are a naughty girl today. 😛


  4. gracenotpark

    He can be so amazing in interviews. ❤
    I hope the Watch interview is good. Anybody got that magazine in the mail yet?


  5. Ally

    I’m so annoyed. I stopped watching The Shield before he made his appearance. I’ll have to look for his episodes. To make matters worse, I refused to watch Moonlighting with my sister, although I thought he was gorgeous. I told my sister I just wasn’t into watching anymore supernatural vampire shows. We did agree that we were going to watch Hawaii 5-0. I have really missed out!


    • kathysr

      lol, Ally, yes you have! But then, I didn’t watch those shows either. Wish I had watched both as well as Three Rivers. I would have discovered him a long time ago.


      • I think we all ‘discover’ him when we are ready.
        I am also jealous of those who knew about him from the beginning, but I also know that I was not ready back then to enjoy him.


        • FOYeur, I started to ‘fall’ before ML started airing, I was intrigued by the promos. Before eppy #1 was over I was ‘in lust!’ I told my friends that I wanted to lick my TV screen… one friend even checked it out looking for evidence! So, I must have been ready. But it’s all good, I’m not one of those fans who wants to keep him all to myself, the more the merrier!! And I’ve met some incredible people through our shared adoration for him. ❤︎


          • Kathysr

            lol, Janno, you make me laugh! Alex is incredibly gorgeous, seductive, alluring and emotionally vulnerable on Moonlight. I’m not a vampire girl, but Mick could turn me!

            Liked by 1 person

    • LOL – Moonlighting was a show from the 80’s with Bruce Willis and Cybill Sheperd: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088571/

      For me, although a vampire show, Moonlight was very human based.
      Never watched The Shield, but bought the 6th season on DVD, just because of Alex

      Liked by 1 person

  6. One night my husband was watching the shield and Alex spoke and I fell hard for that voice and yes the rest of him. Mick St John was a perfect part for Alex ,you have to watch his expressions such a great actor , Of course its his kindness that really ties it all together . What a package Cant wait to see what else is in store for this greatly intelligent man,,


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