Stunts with a clear head ….. #H50

Have had this quote in a draft since February already when I saved it with some other quotes that we have already posted before. Never really knew how I would use it, but thought it might be good to leave it with you guys today. The rest of the story does not affect Alex as a person directly, but it is closely related to him, his work, his character and his colleagues.

Talking about stunts:

“If your head is clear, you’ve got the best shot at not dying.”

— Alex O’Loughlin,


14 February 2011

Link to the original video:

This is the video where the quote is from (at around 3 min), and 6 years down the line lots of water under the bridge …..

 …… then this news broke today on Deadline Hollywood:

‘Hawaii Five-O’ Stunt Double Sues CBS & Others After Being Hit By Car During Filming

A stunt double for Alex O’Loughlin’s Steve McGarrett character on Hawaii Five-O is suing CBS Corp., CBS Studios and a number of production companies over an on-set accident in which he was hit by a car. Among the allegations is that a key stunt “personnel who had safety responsibilities” was under the influence of pain pills at the time of the incident.

  • In July 2016, Hawaii News Now ran a short story about the incident, but it did not say much. Nobody mentioned it again and fans  never took it too seriously. The accident happened on the set while filming stunts for Episode 7:03 on 27 July 2016.
  • The story was also reported by Star Advertiser at the time: Five-0’ crew member injured on location in Kakaako
  • The rest of the article and the rest of the story and the case can be followed via the links in the original story.

My thoughts:

  •  Maybe the lesson we can all learn from this – don’t ignore problems. Deal with them before they get out of hand …
  • Interesting to see what some of the parties involved, had to say on the clip 6 years ago.

Please remember this is not fiction and it is about real people and their jobs. There are two side to every situation. Would be good to remember that when you try to comment on this.

From our side we hope that this sad situation will have a fair ending for all parties involved and that those suffering will receive the correct help for complete recovery.


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15 responses to “Stunts with a clear head ….. #H50

  1. Kimphin1

    I always really liked Justin – he seems like a genuinely nice guy. My heart goes out to him and I hope that he does recover from his injuries.

    It’s things like this that make us remember that this is a business – and not everything is as rosy and full of “aloha” as it seems. I read the full lawsuit document – It’s a peek behind the curtain that is hard to see, and should be a reminder that we as fans aren’t privy to everything that goes on – all we have is conjecture in almost ALL situations.

    It’s sad.

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    • Yes, the full lawsuit document tells its own story. One can make your own deductions from it and get a glimpse of what happened.
      A pity it is so long and full of legal jargon – otherwise I would have posted it as well.

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    • gracenotpark

      IKR? I feel very badly for Justin, and Jeff always seemed like a good guy, so it’d be great if everyone could be ok. But we’ll see.

      I do think about the huffy interview Alex recently gave, talking about his injuries and wanting to be ok for his kids and someday grandkids…it makes me feel he’s not totally trusting of the stunt process and he’d like to just be done with it. I’m fine if McG stops being such a risk taker. McG is SuperSEAL but he’s also way more than that.

      I wish any of our injured to be whole again. I also wish it was all that easy.

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      • Ironically the start of Season 7 was the perfect opportunity to scale down on Steve being so active, and then to build it up again to full active Steve as he recovered. But no, he had to hit the ground running from day 1 after the LIVER Transplant!
        Clearly there were a lot of stuff wrong for a long time already, and it was seemingly swept under the carpet for far too long. No use in ignoring problems and hoping for the best and hurting your employees.
        Nobody deserves to be broken for life, because of a TV show not being administated properly. 😦

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      • mamayorkie

        GNP: I think that you are probably correct about that interview AOL gave. It was so unlike him. His interviews are always so positive but this one was different. I saw a man who was in physical pain and worried about how his health would effect his family. Perhaps Justin’s injuries, the severity of which most of us were unaware, was a wake up call for him.

        This whole thing is a nightmare for everyone concerned. And I pray that everyone heals, both in body and soul. Let it play out as it will.

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  2. I had a soft spot for Justin, I hope he does recover fully. Hopefully he will not have to work as stuntman again and risk his health for money.
    But to think Alex also did his own stunts at times, hope this is a wake up call for all parties involved.

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  3. Kathysr

    This is a serious, sad, compelling story. I’ve often thought, and have openly said, that the stunts on Hawaii Five-O are some of the most extreme I’ve ever seen, including a lot of martial arts films. Clearly, they’re also very dangerous. If management knew about the ongoing drug abuse of the person charged with everyone’s safety doing stunts, and they let that behavior continue for years, there’s going to be a HUGE settlement for Justin.

    This tragedy is a wake-up call for Hollywood. You’d better start paying more attention to the safety of your actors, stunt people and crew members. I believe that Alex has a potential lawsuit against CBS for all of his injuries. Who knows if they occurred due to lax oversight of the stunt process? Who knows? He’s such a trooper, he keeps doing what’s asked of him. This event could be part of the reason that the stunts were really toned down this year. Alex’ severe injuries were part of it, but also because of this tragedy as well.

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  4. This is VERY sad to ALL involved/ I hope Justin will be ok.

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  5. I was thrilled and now am cross when I think of all the risks Alex took. There was no need. HE can live on his great talent alone!

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  6. I agree with everything said in your post and in the comments, sad and terrifying. The stunt featured in this S-1 video, where Justin was hurt is also where Alex injured his shoulder, which has had serious repercussions for him. We, as viewers, are accustomed to the big stunts on this series and others, maybe we need to adjust our expectations. The list of on-set accidents for movies & TV is astonishing! Look what I found on Wikipedia.

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    • mamayorkie

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I had no idea how many accidents and how serious some of them were until now. I will have to rethink my desire for the jumping off building, car chases and explosions. We have been conditioned to expect these things but maybe they have gone from just being exciting to downright insanely dangerous. Perhaps they are just giving us what we demand to see on the screen and we are unaware if the consequences are worth it until something like this happens.

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      • I was shocked at this lis! I am one of those fans who love to see terrific action from ‘our heroes’ but maybe it is time to scale back our expectations. I agree with FOYeur in that this season, especially in the beginning, would have been the perfect time to do that with Steve recovering from the liver transplant, but obviously they didn’t. I’ve always been a little scared for Alex, especially since his injuries have had such an impact on his quality of life, now I’m going to have to extend those feelings to all involved, it just is not worth risking life and limb.

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    • gracenotpark

      Jezuz! 😯

      DanielRadcliffe’s Deathly Hallows stunt-double ended up paralyzed!!!!! No movie shot is worth that, including not worth it to the audience. Stop this insanity. Just stop.

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    • Terrible reading. But no amount of injuries and deaths will tone down stunts. Business, money, audience… You know, the show must go on.


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