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The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 167 (Epi 7:24) #PayingItForward

Bravo! Powerful performances by both Alex and Omid Abtahi

Alex and Omid Abtahi in Three Rivers.

This should most probably have been the season finale, according to original planning …… but we will have to wait and see next week, if they can do better than this.

That is actually all I need to say about this episode …….

 ….. But you know me, I always have more to say.

Of course the whole story is full of plotholes. That is nothing new to the show, we discuss it here every week, but a good story always kind of hides the sins.

And not that it really matters, but without any mention I guess Danny is still sitting next to the coma guy from last week, telling him about his good life in Hawaii.

And that left this episode without the so-called bromance with the senseless bickering and baiting that is supposedly the corner-stone of it all. This might have made it boring for many, but my nerves kind of liked it a lot.

What we do have, is mostly Grover, but also the rest of the team, more or less delivering  the lines that would normally question Steve and his actions. And of course Chi (and the rest) do it with great finesse and with the actual intent of humour and real concern for what is going on, as it is supposed to be. Nothing said with disdain or animosity. And it is met with good solid answers, and at the end with a big smile of, “I know I am a bit over the top, but yeh I’m Steve after all”, from Steve

I think by now we can safely say that Steve has done more of his most daring (senseless) stunts in this past year since his liver transplant, than in the 6 years before. Must be the meds he is on, or maybe it’s the daredevil attitude of Danny’s liver that he got now, that spurs him on? #sarcasm

It is as if they want to show us exactly how wrong we were to think that anything about the liver transplant patient would ever be handled realistically, or that  our superhero SEAL would be gone for good with it.

I was actually glad that Salaam was a bit wrong and over the top with his warning of getting everybody off the Island. In the end it was not really such a big attack as predicted after all. Big difference of one rocket hitting an airplane vs something like a nuke that could kill everybody on the Island.

The silly things about the episode:

  • The sun really goes down quickly on Oahu it seems. Why did they give us such a weird time for this event – so close to sunset when they know filming is difficult? Because one minute we still have broad daylight on the rooftop at 6:22 and then half an hour later the sun is supposedly setting at 6:59 (according to Google that is)

Koala Smartass: You and the time again. Oy

  • Why do they leave the stairwell while the footage clearly show that it was still going up?

Koala SmartassOf course you will complain because you just hated that free-climbing stunt – because of your fear of heights. Don’t take away some of the fun for others just because of your phobias!

  • How can a rocket only stop then and there when it only hits a body – surely it will travel further with that kind of velocity than just that body?

Koala Smartass: So now you are a weapons expert again.

  • Would have liked to see how Kono and Grover did manage to get past those guys at the end.

Things that looked good during this episode:

  • Maybe it was the EP’s vacation to Cuba last hiatus that made them realise the distance to at least mention the fact that Steve saw Salaam 15 hours earlier, giving him at least some time to get back. First time ever there has been a realistic timeframe mentioned for such a distance traveled on the show, I think.

Koala Smartass: Maybe they just got tired of all your complaining about it? You might be famous. Maybe they read what you write.#LOL


Things I would have liked better done this episode:

  • Rather than Steve being cocky with a CIA operative, I would have much rather see him explaining his motivations and rational, of how he would want to handle Salaam, calmly to his superiors. Maybe even the beginning of treating prisoners differently?

Koala Smartass: But you know the CIA guys are the baddies, don’t you?

  • The impact of the scene on the roof stupefied me by the improbability of it all. First the free-climbing of Steve to the top and then obliterating the perp with the rocket.

Koala Smartass: You do remember you are watching Hawaii Five-0, don’t you?

I just want to get back to some of Steve’s words to Salaam from right at the beginning. “My father passed – but I got family there, yes.”

It must be a great feeling to somebody like Salaam, who wanted to give something back to somebody who showed him kindness, to after 10 years actually be able to do it …..

And it must be equally rewarding to someone like Steve, to know that an act of remembering his humanity at some stage, came back with such big dividends ……

Shukran / Mahalo / Thanks

for reading

And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 7:24

He ke’u na ka ‘alae a Hin
(A Croaking By Hina’s Mudhen)

Written by: Rob Hanning

Directed byKrishna Rao

(5 May 2017)

Slideshow of the screencaps:

To be continued …….

Some Trivia – As you can see from the first picture, Omid Abtahi who played Salaam, appeared in 2 episode of Three Rivers as ER Doctor, Yousef Khouri


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