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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – two weeks in review (13 – 25 May 2017)

Okay, we have passed the halfway mark and only about another 6 weeks left before the end of hiatus for cast and crew of Hawaii Five-o. I think we will soon have the   back in the office, brainstorming the first episodes of Season 8.

It seems like Alex is really keeping a low profile and hopefully enjoying every minute of his down time. No sightings or any fan pictures shared lately.

On her Instagram, Malia shared some lovely pictures from Tulum in Mexico. It looked like she was on a 10 day break, before she reported being back home on the 13th, just before Mothers day. My guess would be that it was a little intimate vacation for her and Alex, while the two boys were still at school – purely guessing of course, because we have no conformation about it who were there with her or not.

We are grateful for everything new we did get since our last report ……

Life on the Set:

Brenda Lorena Garcia  T•O•N•I•G•H•T Catch us on the Season 7 Finale of Hawaii Five-O at 9p.m PST on @cbstv 😘 #tonight #cbs #hawaiifive0 #h50 #hawaii50 #seasonfinale #season7 #finale #grateful #blessings #stunts #action #actress #fun — with Kara Petersen, Amber Lamarca, Glen Coco, Brenda Lorena García and Milly Nalin Matlovsky.

Fan Photos:

  • From way back in 2010
Anne Mays-Miles  (28 September 2010) ·Filming the 6th episode of Hawaii 5-0 (just happened to see actor that plays “Steve McGarrett) the day we visited the Battleship. — with Alex O’Loughlin.

Other News for the week:

Of course the big news of the week was the CBS Watch! Magazine. As with anything related to Alex, it was definitely worth the wait and excitement.

Unfortunately there were some reports of fans getting their magazines damaged in the post, and then also the unlucky ones who received copies with covers other than Alex.

Alex supporting causes:

Ho’ola Na Pua We are very thankful to Alex O’Loughlin & the Hawaii Five-0 team for their support & collaboration. Millions have been educated about the national issue of sex trafficking because Hawaii Five-0 joined the fight. We are building a response network!#H50 & #HoolaNaPua fight #SexTrafficking


Something Pretty:


Some Trivia for the week:

  • If you are interested to know more about the special effects of making the finale of Hawaii Five-0, have a look at this article in Post Magazine, by Linda Romanello, posted on 1 May 2017:  (Full article in link)

VFX: Hawaii Five-O

“Yes. This is a specific case, though. I’ve worked on a lot of cop shows in my career, and for the most part, those kinds of shows are formulaic. The funny thing about Five-0 is that, since I jumped on board, at least four, five, six times a season, there’s something whacky they try to do. It’s outside the mold of your typical procedural cop show. Beyond that, it’s what I call the invisible effects. You don’t know we were there. If we do our job right, viewers are going to watch the episode and go, ‘I can’t believe they got the main actor to jump on top of this truck from the tunnel overhang and rescue these poor ladies.’ If you don’t know we were there, we did our job right.”

 Reviews of the Season finale:

The words of a fangirl:

  • Something interesting to read from writer Wendie Burbridge from Five-0 Redux for Star Advertiser:

Facing our anxiety about season 8 of ‘Hawaii Five-0’

Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • alex o’loughlin adjusting his junk


Next Week:

  • Now that we have seen and read the Watch! article, there is not really anything we know of to look forward to for the next week(s) – but let’s hope for some more surprises like the heartwarming story about the life of Oscar nominated writer Luke Davies, that included bits of  his longtime friendship with Alex:  #AlexOLoughlin ……. Friends will be Friends.

Thank you to the Aussie fans who found and shared it with us.

 g'day mate smiley gif

Hope y’all enjoy a wonderful weekend!


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