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#AlexOLoughlin & Jennifer Lopez on ET, talking about The Back Up Plan – Feb 2010

In February 2010, Alex and JLo did some Valentines promotions for The Back-Up Plan.

This was their interview with Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight, at the time.


Kevin: How much fun was it making this movie? You kind of walked away from it for a second now, and you can look back. How much fun was it?

Jennifer: It was a lot of fun.

Alex: It was good.

Jennifer: It was …. We had a great time. I mean, honestly, I said many times, that it was one of the best experiences I had. Just the group of people. And the movie itself. It was ….there was …. there’s a lot of funny in the movie, so that always makes for a great day.

Kevin: Hmmm

Jennifer: And ah ….

Alex: You did say that a lot. You would regularly, most days, you would come to …. when you saw me, you would say it ….

Jennifer: Yeah [giggle]

Alex: Jokes aside … That was such a great experience.

Jennifer: It’s true.


Kevin: Was it the project ….. Did it turn out to be the project that you wanted after 3 years off? Did you …. Do you think people will say, “Ah, there she is. She’s back”?

Jennifer: I hope so. I mean, I would hope so. I mean, for me, personally, it absolutely was.

I love romantic comedies. I love doing them. I love watching them. And this was like the dream one, for me. You know what I mean. I also loved, after not doing a movie for, I don’t know, 2 and a half – 3 years.

Ah … ah …. I just … I just love the whole, new thing, that I was able to bring, because of having the babies. And the experience of that. And the fact that the subject matter of the movie, dealt with that was well. Like, being able to, you know, bring all of that experience to it.

Kevin: Does this move make you want to have more babies? [To Alex] Or does it make you want to have babies?

Jennifer: I want to have more babies.

Alex: Yeah … ah … yeah …

Kevin: [Laughing]

Alex: I’m trying to work out whether … I think it wants me to get married first, and then have babies. It … It’s made it  …. It made me realize how complicated this could be, if you did it backwards.

Jennifer: But that’s the thing you can  … It’s so funny you ask us that. But  …. That’s the whole subject of the movie. You can’t plan your life.

Alex: Right.

Kevin: Hmmm

Jennifer: And as much as you would like to. As much as you say, this is what I want to do,   … And is how I want to do it. And by this time. And it’s all going to be perfect.

It’s … that’s …. that’s not really, life. You know, that’s not how it is. And you have to just be willing to go with what happens.

Alex: I think the thing that it did … I mean,  we’re both parents. And I think the thing, for me …. ‘cos I just saw the film a couple of days ago. I think it’s great.

Jennifer: You saw it?

Alex: Yeah, it’s good. You’ve seen it.

You’ve seen it 50 times.

Jennifer: How funny is it though?

Alex:  You were editing it, right?

Jennifer: Nah-ah.That’s what I am trying to …

Alex: But it’s  …

Jennifer: If they would let me, I would.

Alex: It’s … It’s really funny. I went  …. I drove to the Orange County …

Jennifer: It’s really funny.

Alex:  ….. and saw it with a real audience and … a Non-Hollywood audience. ‘Cos I wanted to just see how … and they loved it. They’re like … I was …. I couldn’t believe how …. how much they loved it.

Jennifer: It’s funny.

Alex: And I loved it too.

Kevin: Did anybody catch you?

Alex: No! They snuck me in … and Maggie Schmit pulled me in.

Jennifer: They sneak you out through the kitchen.

Alex: And the snuck  …. through the kitchen, and ….. you know.

Jennifer: [Giggles]

Alex: I think, that the thing …. like despite all the madness that these characters go through, and … and everything is upside down, and back to front. And they try to work everything …….  Once the kids arrive … I mean I think, one of the big things in this movie is …. is it shows how, once children come into your life,  everything is put in perspective.

And as a person, whether you’re a father of a mother… you know, kids, you realize why we are here on a fundamental level. And for the first time, despite yourself, you will love another person, more than you love yourself. I mean, that’s what kids sort of do.

Kevin: Hmmm … hmmm

What is there about her that surprised you?

Alex: Probably that, she was so …. she’s … 3rd person, she is right next to me.

Probably that you were so down to earth, you know, living in this kind of  … bubble of iconic fame that you exist in. Which I did not know anything about. I don’t know, I … I don’t have that.

I come from … I just ….. I don’t have that. My life is very different … and so … I guess not living in that … we all have different ideas about what it’s like for other people in different circumstances. But just ….

Jennifer: He expected me to be really weird.

Alex: No, it’s not true

Jennifer: [Laughs] Normal.

Alex: No is such a ..

Jennifer: Semi-normal.

Alex: No, no … but I  don’t think I did  …. I didn’t expect.

Jennifer: Whatever normal is?

Alex: We met at your house and we hit it off.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Alex: I don’t think I put anything on it, in the beginning. So it was just a series of …. .

Jennifer: But you have those preconceived notions …

Alex: No, but I did not have that many.

Jennifer: Yeah. That’s good.

Alex: But you …. When I went to ….. when I went to Jennifer and Marc’s house to meet them, before we all agree to do the picture. I was at the house and …. and … one of the … I guess your maid or … or someone like, let me through the house. And I hadn’t met them yet. And they … and they took me and sat me in …. What do call that room? Like den of something?

Jennifer: The office.

Alex: The office. And it’s beautiful … beautiful, everything. But it’s just wall to wall, like Platinum Records, of them both. And I was like, you know ….

Jennifer: [Laughing]

Alex: It was just like, ….. this power couple!

Kevin: Would you guys do something together again?

Jennifer: Yeah, I would

Alex: Work wise? I thought you meant …. you were going to ask if there is something right now …


Well, what am I going to say? … “Not really”… [Laughing]

Jennifer: [Laughing]

Kevin: In three years, when you look like ….

Alex: Absolutely.

Actually, I was watching this movie the other night and at the end … Diana, my assistant, was with us, and we walked out and she was like, “That’s begging for a sequel”.  And I was like …

Jennifer: [Laughing]

Alex: …. really?

Jennifer: Like that?

Alex: Yeah, and then …

Jennifer: With the kids and all ….

Alex: Absolutely, I’d love to.

[Alex & Jennifer High Five]

Jennifer: High five.

Kevin: Advice for couples for Valentine’s day?

Jennifer: I don’t know what we’re going to do this year?

Kevin: Really?

Jennifer: I don’t know what we are doing. Haven’t … honestly, I haven’t even thought about it. I have no advice for couples, on love. You know.

Kevin: [Giggle]

Jennifer: I always feel like I’m still figuring everything out. I go day by day with my thing.

Link to Video:


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#AlexOLoughlin, Sophia and Jason at Fangoria – April 2008 (Transcript)

Some years ago we posted an article that covers most of what is said in this video, but it is always great to actually see the actors on stage, doing their thing.

We do not know who took this video, or who it belonged to. I found it saved in my old files and could no longer find the original copy online.

According to the iF Magazine article, which we posted a long time ago, the panel was moderated by  Anthony C. Ferrante


Jason: Yes, I think it’s been addressed in the next episode coming up.

Alex: It is the next one.

Jason: Just a bit, yeah.

Alex: You see, I don’t remember what we’re shooting from one day to the next.

Jason: Yeah, he works like 20 ….. just unbelievable, twenty-hour days. It’s unbelievable. Both of these guys. I work 5 hour days, so …

Question: How many episodes do you have left for the rest of the season? There’s 2 or 3?

Jason: We just wrapped yesterday. And yeah, we have 3 more episodes to show.

Questions: Okay, so what are we going to see on the next three episodes, in terms of this evolution and what is going on? Are there more standalones, or will there be more mythology driven?

Alex: Well, they are more standalones, because you have to understand that logistics we haven’t been given a second season pick-up. And so like, until .. as filmmakers, you know as television .. makers of television series and that kind of thing [mumbling].

Okay…. ah … no … we … we cannot afford to start something that we are not going to be able to finish. It just wouldn’t …. like, we’re not prepared to do that, you know. And so until they give us that that pick-up, we can’t really do any arcs and we can’t ….. you know. So, we’ve had to do four pretty much standalone episodes. But they are really good standalone episodes.

And there is, the arc that is … will always be there is .. is the … is the arc between Mick and Beth. And so that sort of .. that comes to an interesting close .. and you know, that moving forward in 16.

Question: They’ve killed off a lot of your … your close people, on the show, Sophia. Yeah, and then again, the …. going really quickly – I think by Episode 3, you’re totally accepting that he’s a vampire. It seems like a tricky thing, you know. Having to take this person who is kind hard news and kind of logical person, and then have to be thrust into this world. It must be an interesting dance as an actress. As how much you can accept and how much … kind of … have to … how weird this is?

Sophia: I think, you know for Beth – she’s fallen in love with his soul. And the fact that he’s a vampire is, you know, secondary to her. And …. I actually think that he gets his contacts and his fangs – I always find him more sexy in that looks. So.. it works for me

Alex: Yes, she always makes passes at me once I am coming out of make-up.

Sophia: Here we go again.

When I’m kind of ready to go. And sort of ready to go, and she’s sort of leaning against the trailer, “Hey Alex! What you doing?”. I’m like, “We’re going to do the thing. Going to do the scene” And she says, “Oh. How are you?” and I’m, “How are you?” and she says, “Good. You wanna get a cup of tea somewhere?” …….. “Not really”

[Everybody laughing]

(We think these pictures were taken by somebody named Wendie.)

Question: This is for any …. any one of you. One of the things …. I’m curious, my favourite episodes is the mythology driven stuff and it’s the vampire’s stuff.

Alex: Mine too.

Question: And again throughout the 12th episodes, the ‘Mortal Coil’, or whatever the title of that one was, right before this one …

[The audience correcting him about the name of the episode – “Mortal Cure”]

Question: Thank you – ‘Mortal Cure’.

It was … There was a lot of the procedural stuff. And I know CBS loves the procedurals. You, know, they like to have that handle on the things.

But I think the genre fans, and I’m sure you guys agree, you know, that the  driven mythology and stuff that makes these shows work. So I’m curious, what …. which do you think works best for the show, in your own opinion? And what are some of your favourite episodes?

Jason: I want to say, real quick, that I think Alex kind of introduced the idea of the bloodlines, and that sort of thing. Which I think is some of the most interesting stuff in the story. You will see more of that coming up,  we’ve kind of have like, in the last episode, we have like a vampire conference.

And we kind of get together … and there’s a problem that comes up, that kind of threatens the survival of the vampires. And they kind of all deal with it in their different ways. In their different levels in the social spectrum, or whatever. And so you’ll see some interesting stuff coming up on that.

But I like the vampire stuff, when it gets into that. But your so good with the procedural stuff and I think that’s a good blue line for the show. But every time we get away to the bloodlines and that sort of thing, I think it’s very interesting.

Question: How’s your new boss .. you’ve got a new boss at Buzzwire, now right?

Sophia: We’ll I get … I have the new boss, but she leaves, because Buzzwire is very tabloidy and that kind TMZ thing, and Beth is not interested in any of that sort of stuff. So, she’s more interested in the hard-hitting journalism. And she gets on to a new job quite soon. So, yeah….

Questions: Very cool. I want to take questions from the audience now. So. …


Some of the fan pictures taken on the day.

Unfortunately, we do not know who any of them are.




Previous post about the day:

Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors – May 2008

And an interesting fan story of the day:

#AlexOLoughlin – A Moment in Time


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#AlexOLoughlin & JLo – On HitFix for The Back Up Plan (March 2010) – Transcript

This is the transcripts of two short videos from Hitfix, with Alex and Jennifer Lopez, doing promotion for The Back-Up Plan.


[Clip from The Back-Up Plan – First date scene]

Reporter: You were attached to this project for quite some time. And I was wondering what out of your own personal life, such as the fact that you have twins yourself, made you interested in making it?

Jennifer: I read a lot of romantic comedies. And there are not a ton of good ones out there. But this one had a really great modern, edgy voice. That they use the real … real-life issue. A real-life problem to deal with…. For the two main characters. And I thought that that journey would be very interesting, for two people who just met.

Reporter: That’s sort of surprising, the movie is a bit more dramatic, like most people might think it is from the trailers through TV spots. Did that appeal to you?

Alex: I think what appealed to me was the balance. I mean, I read the script and it is … there’s such a great balance of romantic comedy, of straight-up funny comedy, of drama, you know. And  … which makes it a good film.

And I think it is really hard to write and let alone produce and deliver a good balanced film, that is based around the romantic idea.

Reporter: Out of your own life, and experiences you’ve had, is there any scene in particular or anything that you added, that you said to the screenwriter, “We really have to do this”?

Jennifer: I know there is. I just can’t remember specifically right now … It’s been so long. But there’s

Reporter: The stew … eating the stew.

Jennifer: The stew … I mean all of the eating scenes. I mean, I remember when I saw one of the first cuts of the movie, they didn’t have a couple of the eating scenes in. And I was like, “You have to put in the stew. You have to put in the McDonald’s scene. You have to put these scenes I there”.

This is the whole thing about being. That will gross men out. It is too much. It is funny and women are going to understand it. And men are going to be like, “Yes, I remember this”. It’s definitely those things … those little nuances that really make it work, I think.

Reporter: Yes. There’s been rumours that you might do a new music deal with Def Jam

Jennifer: Hmmm-mmm

Reporter:  … Is that in the works? Is it possible?

Jennifer: Yes.

Reporter: Is it going to happen soon?

Jennifer: I believe so.

Reporter: Well I can’t wait to hear your new stuff. Thank you so much – big fan.

Link to Video


Alex O’Loughlin talks about shooting “Hawaii Five-0”


Reporter: I have to ask you. Have you shot the Hawaii Five-0 Pilot, yet? And ….

Alex: I have.

Reporter: And can you talk about what it’s like to step in Jack Lord’s shoes?

Alex: Yeah. Yeah. It’s … you know, he …. He created a huge show. McGarrett in a hit show. And it went for 12 years. I mean, it was one of CBS’s most successful things ever. What we are doing, is something very different. You know, I mean, … I can’t tell you too much. I have actually been told not to talk about it.

But it’s … it’s going to be good. I’m literally battered and bruised. I just got off the plane from Hawaii after finishing the pilot. And it was great. You know what I mean, it’s very different.

McGarrett is a Navy SEAL. I’m playing opposite Scott Caan. And … we … we have great chemistry.

Reporter: It’s good. They told you not to say anything, but you actually said some stuff. That’s good.

Alex: Said some stuff.

Reporter: Said some stuff.

Link to video

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#AlexOLoughlin at #H50 – SOTB 6 in 2015 (Transcript)

Over the years we have covered some of the Sunset on the Beach events better than others. Here are some of the footage of the 2015 event (SOTB 6) that we have never posted before.

Three videos covering the same interview with Alex.



[Lots of fans screaming Alex’s name]

Alex: Hi.

Nice to meet you.

Question: What do you love about Honolulu? What’s your favourite beach? Favourite restaurant?

Alex: Okay, my favourite beach is, probably … I like the Waimanalo beaches. They’re really beautiful and .. and … and that’s my favourite. My favourite restaurant, is Sasabune.

What else have you got? Come on girl.

Question: Any hikes? Hikes? Do you have any hikes?

Alex: Hikes?

Question: Do you like hiking?

Alex: I like running the Makiki trails.

Question: The Makiki trails. Favourite place to drink in Hawaii?

Alex: My house.

Question: Your house. Which is? In which area?

Alex: I am not going to tell you where my house is. What, are you high? It’s amazing.

Anything else?

Question: Your favourite place in Honolulu.

Alex: What?

Question: Your favourite kind of place in Honolulu.

Alex: My house, is my favourite place. 

[Walks off along the line]

Alex: Hang on a second.

Oh my god, it’s hot.


[Alex gets a handkerchief to wipe the sweat off his face.]

Alex: Okay, thanks

[Fans down the line screaming – Alex, Alex]

Alex: [smiling] Oh, stop it, I’ll be right there.

Nadine:  What do you want to say to fans watching on periscope?

Alex: Sorry?

Nadine:  What do you want to say to fans watching on periscope?

Alex: Ahh, periscope. I heard about that.

Nadine: Yeah.

Alex: Thank you so much for watching.

Nadine: Yeah.

[Question from someone else]

Question: What do you most look forward to in the next year of your life?

Alex: Uhm, I mean … watching my kids grow. It’s the best thing in the world, you know. All of this is great, but it’s nothing without them.

Question: Can I ask what you are wearing, we are covering fashion.

Alex: My own suit.

Question: Suit by?

Alex: No, it’s a Gucci suit and a Tom Ford shirt.

Question: Gucci shirt … suit and Tom Ford shirt. And what is your favourite thing about Waikiki?

Alex: It’s the Duke statue, because me and him have the same birthday. How about that?

Question: Picture?

Alex: Yes.

[Alex pose for a picture]

Question: Thanks.

Alex: Hi, periscope. Thanks, guys.

Question: He just said hi to everyone on periscope

Link to video

Video made by AOLww.

From the periscope broadcast of@Nadinekam.

(Just note that not all the questions are from Nadine)

Video with the same questions from a different angle




From Star Advertiser – The same interview with Alex, but a longer video, with Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim section added at the end as well. And comentary by the reporter.


Video with a summary of what happened on the red carpet during the event: 

(At around 4:21 you can hear the fans screaming for Alex and see him walk down the line of fans for the next 3 minutes.)



Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku (24 August 1890 22 January 1968) was a Native Hawaiian competition swimmer who popularized the ancient Hawaiian sport of surfing.

The City of Honolulu commemorated this Waikiki Beach burial site in 1990 with a 9-foot cast bronze statue of Kahanamoku by Jan Gordon Fisher that shows Kahanamoku with outstretched arms in front of his surfboard and honorary Hawaiian spears, and includes a dedication plaque and a historic information marker.



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#AlexOLoughlin on CBS4 Denver for Three Rivers – 2009 (Transcript)

Alex in a television interview with anchor and reporter at CBS4 Denver, Tom Mustin.


Tom: Great to talk to you, Alex. Let’s talk your show Three Rivers, generating a lot of buzz here. Kind of a different spin on the … on these … on the latest TV shows, in a hospital. This all about organ donation. Tell us what it is about?

Alex: It’s … it’s called Three Rivers. It’s a show about a hospital in Pittsburgh, call Three Rivers, that specializes in organ transplant medicine. And …. we tell the show from three different points of view. The … the doner, the recipient and the medical team, which I’m …. which I’m, one of the members of. I play Andy Yablonski, who is a Cardiothoracic surgeon, specializes in transplant medicine. And he’s based on a real-life character, actually, call Gonzo Gonzalez-Stawinski,  who works out of Cleveland.  Who was a real inspiration for me, in this character and also Carol Barbee, and, you know, for the show. 

Tom: Now, do you focus on the donors, the recipients? How does it work?  Or is each episode different?

Alex: Well, no, we ….we do … we do try to … certainly, in the first … in this first set of shows, that you’re going to see, we try to tell it from the three points of view. You know, from the donor and their significant others, the recipient and their families, and from me and the medical team. And how we come together and what happens. And, I mean, the fact … the thing with this stuff, is that for someone to survive with a procured organ, somebody has to first die ..

Tom: Right.

Alex: … and … and donate the organ.

And we look at all … we look at all sorts of things, from, you know, misconceptions about donation, to  … to, you know, families dealing with the decision, once it is given over to them.  If the person wasn’t a registered donor in the first place and all the rest of it. And so we’re dealing with some really important stuff.

Tom: A lot of dramatic possibilities there as an actor, I’m sure. That’s great too.

Alex and Alfre Woodard in Three Rivers.

Tom: You know, looking at the cast, Alfre Woodard – a lot of great people to work with. What is it like to work with all these folks? The ensemble?

Alex: Fantastic. You know, it’s wonderful, you know, Tom. It’s …To work with actors that a … I mean, … if I work with a passionate actor, whether they are good or bad, it doesn’t matter. I mean, a passionate person is someone I can always forgive and always work with. Ans someone I enjoy working with. But to work with passionate, extremely talented, famous, award-winning actors, is … is like, oh my god.

It’s great because I have to constantly get over the bar that they set. And vice versa, you know. We really … we all try to elevate everything, for each other. And .. and the cast gets on like, famously. So …

Tom: That’s great. And when the bar is set high, everyone kind of ups their game, and it makes it all … all great. It’s very cool.

Alex: Right.

Alex with Amber Clayton in Three Rivers

Tom: So, now, what is next for you? A lot of folks know you from the show, Moonlight. You played the vampire there. What is next for you, now? I see, other than the show here, [cough] – excuse me … have a lot of other things in the can.

Alex: I have a … I have a film .. that’s … that’s playing at the moment, with Kate Beckinsale, called Whiteout. It’s Kate’s film, but I’m certainly in it.

I have Three Rivers premiering this Sunday, October the 4th, 9/8 central. And I have a film that I just finished with Jennifer Lopez, which is coming out January, 22nd, I believe, called The Back-Up Plan. Which is … which is something I’m very excited about too.

Tom: It sounds like … you know, what’s it like to be a working actor in LA? So many people can’t have …. don’t have that luxury at all. It’s got to be great to be in demand.

Alex: [Laughs] It’s good. It’s … it’s great, you know what I mean. There’s been … there’s been periods of work for me and there’s been periods of .. of … of  … unemployment and  … and … it’s  … of course I prefer the former. It’s … it’s, I mean a working actor is a happy actor. And I’m a very happy person at the moment. I got my family around me and I’m  … I’ve got somewhere to go, and I’ve got some money in the bank. And so …

I don’t know, I’m just … I’m kind of making hay while the sun shines at the moment.

Tom: There you go.

Alex: So I’m hoping it doesn’t end … and hoping it shines on for .. for a little longer. But I’m having a great time. And this show I think … I really hope people tune into this show, because I feel that we’re dealing with things that haven’t been dealt with, in a medical show yet, on television.

I really think it’s groundbreaking in a number of different ways. And I think it’s something … I think we’re telling some really important stories as well. For Americans and people all around the world, who deal with this stuff on a daily basis.

Alex & Katherine Moennig in Three Rivers



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