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#H50 Season 3: “Sunset on the Beach” 2012 – #AlexOLoughlin greets crowd

For this speech we have two separate video clips. The first part included Peter’s introduction of Alex, but cut off before the end of the speech. The second video begins later (at the start of Alex’s speech), but shows Alex’s speech till the end.

It was also evident that Alex was in a good place and very relaxed, because a large part of his speech came with loads of tongue in the cheek remarks.


After Peter introduced the whole cast of Hawaii Five-0, there was only one more left to call on stage – Alex …….

Peter Lenkov: [to Bob Orci] You read my speech.

[Talking to the crowd] No, you know he was a vampire – played that great. He was a doctor – he was okay as a doctor. But to me, there’s only one roll I’ll associate this guy with. Because when I met him, to me he was an action star.

I saw that right away. I think you’ve all seen that, from the first episode. I don’t even call him by his first name anymore. Actually I don’t even call him by his real name … I call …

Bob Orci: In fact, we never call him.

Peter Lenkov: You don’t want to mess with this guy. I’m going to introduce you now to the Big Kahuna, Steve McGarrett.

[Crowd cheering]

[Alex greets everybody on stage with hugs]

Alex: Hello.

[From the crowd: Cheers and calls of “Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie”]

Peter Lenkov: Hang on a second. Give it up. Come on guys. I do not hear … you are not clapping over there. Way in the deep back there. Now …. Alright, let’s go.

[Crowd cheering again]

Alex: That is so embarrassing.  But thank you.

It looks like Christmas. It’s really pretty. Green lights, red lights. Thank you so much for having me.

[Alex listens to something at the back]

Alex: Music playing. I don’t know if you can hear it? It’s really good.

It’s great to be here and … it’s … it’s kind of not the same without our other cast members, but you know, we send all our wishes to Scotty. And …

There are a couple of things I want to talk about. First of all I planned a pre-choreographed and lip-synced dance to one of Scott’s songs when he appeared in the Hooligans. But the techies here could not get the song in time, so …. I’m not going to do it.

The other thing is, to those of you who were here last year and joined us in the festivities; Robo ….. Roberto Orci rolled onto the stage, and this year he walked on, which is great, because it means he’s … he’s decided to get hammered after the show.

And the third thing is, considering the big boss, Nina Tassler – Thank you very much again. [Alex waits for the crowd to clap] If it wasn’t for her support and advocacy, none of us would be here and it would be a cold beach with a couple of drunk people on it. – Happens to be with us here at the premiere of the third season of Hawaii Five-0, instead  of  the Emmys. I’m thinking maybe the ‘Good Wife‘ did not get nominated this year, which is highly unlikely. But I tip my cap and are forever indebted to you Nina. Thank you so much for your support. Your support of me, your support of all of us, your support of this state and your support of this show.

I don’t really know what else to say. It’s … my number one priority, is to represent you people of Hawaii. I thank and love you all so much for bringing me into your family, and bringing me and my family in; inviting us, to become Kamaaina. And filling our lives with Aloha every day.

Link to 1st video

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Continue on second video:

Alex: That may sound a little sanctimonious to people outside of Hawaii, but anyone who is from here, who has … who has spent any substantial time here, knows that we in Hawaii don’t mistake Aloha for weakness. And when we say it, we mean it from our heart.

[Loud cheers from the crowd]

So without further ado, I’ll hand it back over to … to Laurel and Hardy. [Laughs]

And thank you all very much.


Link to 2nd video:

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  • Kamaaina (Hawaiian: kamaʻāina, lit “child of the land”) is a word describing Hawaii residents born on Hawaii regardless of their racial background, as opposed to “kanaka” which means a person of Native Hawaiian ancestry.
  • Big Kahuna: The most important or powerful person in an enterprise or field. 1.) An individual who is can be described as a big shot. A very general term, and there are no distinctions or an important. 2.) Or authoritative person (from kahuna, the native Hawaiian term for a healer/priest)  3.) Although in Australia and other parts of the world kahuna or kahunas might have a totally different slang interpretations.
  • About The Good Wife – The show itself was not nominated for a Golden Globe, but Julianna Margulies was nominated for ‘Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Drama’
  • Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy: “Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi” is a cheer or chant often performed at Australian sport events. It is a variation of the Oggy Oggy Oggy chant used by both association football and rugby union fans in Great Britain from the 1960s onwards. It is usually performed by a crowd uniting to support a sports team or athlete.

We all know that Alex is doing an excellent job at being Steve McGarrett, but do you also only see Alex as an action star …….?



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#AlexOLoughlin – Live on the Red Carpet (September 2010)

For this one we go right to the beginning, to where it all started for Hawaii Five-0Sunset On The Beach #1 in 2010.

We included two videos to cover most of the event of that first Premiere. Both also included sort interviews with Alex.

Malika: I’ve got Alex O’Loughlin here with me

Alex: [Alex waves to somebody]

Malika: So, what is it like being here in Hawaii, doing a show like this?

Alex: It’s amazing. It’s even more amazing seeing this in Hawaii. I mean you don’t sort of think about Red Carpets and huge crowds in Hawaii. So it’s …. I’m seeing all this and I’m seeing the… the sunset and the ocean. It’s crazy.. it’s amazing … it’s amazing

Malika: You’ve been to premieres before I’m assuming – Have you ever been to a premiere like this, under the stars?

Alex: No … no … it’s …. Like I said, it’s amazing. I didn’t know what to expect … and it’s … I’m really touch and real excited to be a part of this. I think it’s a …. It’s such a great show and I’m just really glad to be here.

Malika: So, I know you’ve gotten this question a lot, but the difference between what it was and what it is now. What do you think people are really going to appreciate, and what is new?

Alex: Look, I think … you know the old show was a long time ago. And that was a whole different time in television. You know, we have a lot of new technology, we have a lot of  …. Like TV today is a very different animal. And we’ve got all the good stuff that we have in TV making and film making today, and we’ve got a reboot of all these characters that we’ve grown to love over the years. And so,  we brought it together and we’ve got a great show coming your way.

Malika: It’s a little sexier to, huh?

Alex: I think so.

Malika: [Giggles]

Do you have to speak Pidgin on the show?

Alex: A little bit, but I’m not very good at it. I speak Mandarin  in the Pilot to. I still don’t know what I said.

Malika: [Laughs] Well, thank you so much for that interview

Alex: You’re welcome.

Malika: We’ll let you go along. I know you are a very busy man at this point.

Back to you guys Keahi and Tannya.

This is only the transcript from the first part of the video of Alex’s interview.

On the rest of the video there is also an interview with Peter Lenkov, Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

Link to video


  • The second video is a beautiful report by Heidi Chang about the Premiere:

Heidi Chang takes you to the world premiere of the new Hawaii Five-0, Hawaiian style. Meet the show’s cast members: Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park and Taryn Manning as they stroll down the red carpet on Waikiki Beach, and also the shows executive producers: Peter Lenkov, Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

Also joining them on stage: the daughters of Leonard Freeman, who created the original show, and the president of CBS Television studios, David Stapf. CBS and the City and County of Honolulu put on a special Sunset on the Beach event to celebrate the series’ reboot, featuring island musicians including Willie K, Makana, Tamaine Gardner, and the University of Hawaii Marching Band playing the iconic Hawaii Five-0 theme song. Heidi Chang produced, wrote and narrated the Hawaii Five-0 Premiere Special for Honolulu Municipal Television. Mahalo to the Hawaii Five-0 cast and crew, entertainers and fans, who made this such a fun and cool premiere! And thank you for watching. Aloha.

  • Here is what Alex had to say on the red carpet in the video:

Alex: I’m humbled. I’m deeply grateful. And I’m really overwhelmed. But it’s amazing. I mean, I feel  … I feel like I’m a part of the community, you know. I’ve been here for a while now. I’ve been here for a few months and I’ve kind of felt like an outsider. And tonight I feel like …. It’s awesome.

  • As part of the video there are short interviews with the main cast, as well as the producers. They also acknowledge the actors from the old Hawaii Five-O who were present. The main cast members were welcomed on stage by Peter Lenkov, and Daniel Dae Kim was given the opportunity to thank everybody.

Link to video:


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#AlexOLoughlin & #H50 Cast on ET at the Upfronts (2010)

Before we start with this post, I just want to mention that after some request for translation yesterday, I activated the translation option button; and you can find the widget for it near the top on the right hand side of the blog. Just a warning – after trying to read it in my own home language, I found that the translation looks to be very literal, and it can be very confusing. Luckily it is very easy to switch back to the English version, once you tried it.

Interesting to see the main cast members of Hawaii Five-0 interact with each other in those early days. Remember at the time of the interview, they have only spend about a month together, earlier that year in March to film the pilot episode. This is nearly two months later and also two months before they were to started shooting the rest of Season 1.

[They show a clip from the pilot episode]

Alex: It’s kind of an aggressive contemporary version … you know contemporary continuation of what we knew to be the old show. And it has a lot of great stuff that the old show had. You know we have … you know, it’s got the crime, the characters that are driving the show. And it’s got the comedy. Yeah, I think we have … we probably have more comedy than the old show.

[They show a clip of a cargument from the pilot episode]

Scott: You’ll see from the pilot in, the idea of the shows to come, is that it is really going to be character driven. It’s not going to be just procedural. So I think, you know you’re going to get the people to like CSI for the procedural aspect of it, but it’s also going to be you know, like a movie in the sense of being driven by characters, and you know … and the plots and the action. And we’re going to try to keep it as close to film making as possible.

Alex: Ten o’clock gives us a little more freedom to …

Scott: …. Leeway

[They show a clip from pilot episode]

Grace: We are definitely all going to be moving to Hawaii and we’re going to be working …. I think everybody is pretty excited about it.

Alex: Well Daniel, Daniel lives there.

Grace: Yeah.

Daniel: I hear it’s a nice place to live.

[Laughs all around]

Daniel: I’m looking forward to checking it out myself. I’m just glad that I’m back with a really quality project and some great people, so …. I’m looking forward to it.

[They show a clip from the show]

Alex: We’ve done everything we can to maintain the integrity of the old show. And the integrity of the characters that … that you know, the generation before us knew in that show …

Link to video


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#H50 Season 6 Premiere: Malika Interviews #AlexOLoughlin

Over the years we have missed out on transcribing many of the SOTB interviews and speeches. This is another one to make our archives more complete. Hopefully we will soon have it all updated.

Sunset on the Beach #6

on 12 September 2015

Malika: Well, we are here with Maui Now and Big Island Now. So these are our neighbour island viewers.

Alex: Hi neighbour island viewers. Hi.

Malika: I think they want to know, what are the neighbour islands that you have visited and what’s your favourite?

Alex: You know it’s crazy; I’ve never been to Maui. And I want to go so bad. And that’s going to happen this season. I’m going to find a chunk of time to get to Maui, because it is really important. I’ve been to Lanai. I‘ve been to Kauai. I’ve been to the Big Island, and I think the Big Island is my favourite. There’s something about the Big Island that’s so raw and so kind of untouched. But it reminds me of Australia as well, so I get a little homesick when I go there, you know, so ….

Malika: That’s where I’m from.

Alex: You’re from the Big Island? Where abouts?

Malika: Hilo.

Alex: It’s beautiful. Hilo is beautiful. Kona is beautiful. I actually when I go to Waimea, I get a bit teary, because it is exactly like Australian South coast area country.

Malika: Yeah.

Alex: Yeah, it’s beautiful.

Malika: I moved from there to Maui

Alex: Okay.

Malika: …. which you need to come and visit. And I will hook you up.

Alex: I’m on the way. I promise. I promise.

Malika: Okay. Let’s get a couple of local questions. What’s your favourite local food?

Alex: Well …. My favourite … my favourite restaurant here is Sasabune.  I love the Japanese ….

Malika: That’s what Chi just said.

Alex: It’s the best sushi. I swear to God. I’ve had the best sushi in Japan, everywhere …. And its …. I think he is the best in the world. I really do. I think he is the best in the world.

Malika: So you are really ingrained in the community here in Hawaii. You know now that you’re with Malia and you have a Hawaiian son, I mean. Like how do you think Hawaii has changed you as a person?

Alex: Well, it’s … it’s a really special place. It’s not like anywhere else in the world. And people come here and I think they expect a certain thing. People come here and they may have a certain idea about like hula and grass skirts and like shakas and aloha and it’s not … you know, I saw a t-shirt once that said, “Don’t mistake my aloha for weakness”. And that kind of sums up Hawaii for me, you know. Because the aloha is so deep, and it means something so very real. But you have to be a part of it to understand it. You have to …. And by the way, if you don’t have it in you, you’re never going to understand. So just don’t come. That’s how I feel.

Malika: [Laughs]

Alex: That’s how I feel, you know.

Malika: If there’s a lesson that Hawaii has taught you that you want to pass on to your children, what is that? What is that one lesson?

Alex: That’s such a good question. And you know, here’s the thing to me Hawaii is a lot like Australia in a lot of … in a lot of fundamental ways. Like with my friends in Australia and the way I was brought up in that sort of … you know the way we live. And I feel like it sort of bleeds across for me … I think that that’s … I didn’t learn it here, but it has kind of continued to instil in me that the only things that matter … the most important thing is family. And the only things that matter are integrity and honesty. And living with aloha, you know. And … but real aloha, you know.

Malika: One last question for you. It has to do with the show. So if you could play any other parts on Hawaii Five-0, except yourself, which one would you play?

Alex: Kono, for sure man. She’s a chick and she gets to kick ass. It’s awesome.

Malika: That’s awesome. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.


Link to Video


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#H50 – #AlexOLoughlin speaks at “Sunset on the Beach” – 2013


(Sunset on the Beach #4 on 26 September 2013)

I’ll keep it short. Last year I didn’t.

I’m constantly overwhelmed by the turnout at this event.

We have the great pleasure of living and working here. And we also have the great privilege of employing many, many, many Hawaiian families every year.

And I said it in the press line here tonight, that all of you people that come here every year to support us, the show and the Hawaiian economy – especially those of you from other sides of the world. You are all representatives of the giant fanbase, that is the fanbase of Hawaii Five-0.

So thank you all very much.

I hope you enjoy the show. See you next year.



My Thoughts

  • Alex did not say much, but he said a lot with these few word. He acknowledged the significance of the show for the people of Hawaii, by not only employing many, but also boosting the economy with tourism.
  • In earlier years it was as if they always wanted to focus on the event as something special just for the locals, but this time he thanked the fan base from all over the world for supporting the event. That was kind of nice.
  • For different reasons, I wonder if that year and that SOTB was not the apex of the show …..


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