The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 165 (Epi 7:22)

We are using the name The Steve McGarrett Story for these commentaries on the episodes, because these are not actually reviews. There are many other people who write real reviews on the Hawaii Five-0 episodes and many points of views to be followed if people are interested. These are just our way of having some fun with it and as always to just enjoy Alex doing his thing as Steve.

We also call them the Steve McGarrett Story because our site is about Alex, and therefore we make it about his character in the show. But unfortunately even though he is supposed to be the  main character, he does not get more or larger personal stories than any of the other characters. Maybe even less of a personal story than some of the part-time characters.

But I guess the whole show should actually be seen as his personal story, because it is his task force and his Ohana, and I should not really complain too much. Everything happening to them, is his story.

But why am I writing all this now? It is because there is so much potential to make this character so much deeper, but it is hardly done. And most of the time there is not much for me to report on about Steve, other than to have a closer look at some weird questions that come up while watching it.

  • My thoughts about Steve’s story for this episode ……..

Most of us would not know much about the day-to-day accomplishments of our grandfathers, especially because young people do not always think that those stories are important. Only when we grow older and we want to remember them, then we sometimes wonder about who they were, where they have been and what they have accomplished. We know however that Steve feels a special bond with his grandfather. Not only because he is his namesake, but also because he was a Navy man and he died in Hawaii where Steve was born and grew up.

He did not know his grandfather personally and neither did his late father John, because he died three months before John was born. Both of them had to gain knowledge of him from whatever they heard from others, like hearing this story of bravery from war veteran Lt Michael Murphy.

To be honest, I was disappointed that there was no direct interaction with Steve and any of these war veterans that actually knew his grandfather. First hand knowledge and insight is so much more than just hearing how brave he was from an old interview. I know most of you will say that my view about it is greedy and that the sentiments were all there and should be enough ….. but I would have liked just a bit more.

Watching the rest of the episode and its two storylines ….. here are some of my observations and questions.

  • Adam must have really GREAT eyesight. Seeing such a small bone, from a distance, on the other side of a pile of dirt, amongst some rocks.

Koala Smartass: Maybe Kono is feeding him lots of carrots on those sandwiches she makes him every day. (Not that I have ever really seen or eaten carrots on a sandwich)


  • It sounds like Adam and Kono do not share a lot of stuff at home. I would guess something like Jerry getting a badge, would be something she might have mentioned to Adam when it happened – you know since Adam and Jerry had more contact in the past than what he had with most of the other members of the team.

Koala Smartass: Look at them. They most probably can’t keep their hands of each other and have ”better” things to do all night long, than to talk about their friends and co-workers and Jerry in particular  – she is a ‘Smokeshow’ after all and they have a LOT of catching up to do.


  • The guy (Rider) shoots at least 4 HPD guys, but Danny informs who knows who, who needs to know, that there are 2 down?

Koala Smartass: So …?

  • I know, I know, this is nitpicking, but it is funny to see how the gun that lands on Steve’s chest when Rider shoots him, miraculously is on the ground when he needs to get up quickly and give him the kill shot.

Koala Smartass: You said it  …. nitpicking in an episode with some great action and stunts.

  • Steve goes in pursuit of a very dangerous suspect, but the team comes along strolling, looking for him casually?

Koala Smartass: It was in the script.

  • And suddenly after all that action and fleeing from the exploding bomb, Kono now has got some new information about the guy and his mates? Where did she get the time to now suddenly get all that?

Koala Smartass:

  • Steve got shot, but luckily was protected by his kevlar vest. However it looks like the bullet also came with a big curve, because it miraculously hit him behind one of the armour casings on his vest where he now pulls it from? And realistically if you look where he is holding his gun when he got shot, that bullet should also have travelled straight through his arm to get there on his vest.

Koala Smartass:

  • So Adam drives around at night, for two nights in a row, and Kono does not ask where? Or maybe she did ask and he just lied. No wonder he did not know about Jerry. They obviously both have their own lives.

Koala Smartass: Their relationship has been riddled with so many lies over the years, what is your point?

Confused smiley 83

  • I do not understand why the widow’s husband was not listed as part of Lee’s crew working in Afghanistan. And also not mentioned as to what happened to him there during their missions.

Koala Smartass: They had to give Danny something to do ….. visit the widow. (And later on mediate with the bank on her behalf)

  • I find it interesting/disturbing that Lee does not even mention the fact that Steve killed his friend (Rider) the previous day. I find it kind of cold, that it seems that loosing his friend did not even bother him that much.

Koala Smartass: Maybe because he is just a murdering thug, or maybe because the writers did not even consider it as an issue that he would feel anything …… or maybe he was just playing it cool. Remember, acknowledging that he cared about Rider, would kind of proof his guilt.

  • Interesting that it is the second episode in a row where Kamekona was not in the episode, while he could actually be – Jerry and Adam meet at the shrimp truck twice, yet no Kamekona in sight. I find it odd?

Koala Smartass: Maybe it was his day(s) off?

  • The widow talks about 3 uncles for her child? Why not 4? There were 4 guys in the crew. I think the writers forgot that.

Koala Smartass: One of those weird missing pieces, or odd dialogue mishaps that bothers only you, I am sure!

  • An observation about timeline in the episode…..

The timeline for Adam’s story:

Day 1: He finds the bone. Asks Jerry for help.

Night 1: He looks for more bones and finds nothing.

Day 2: He gets fired. After talking to Jerry again and gaining knowledge about the previous owner and a missing wife, he sets a trap for the guy.

Night 2: He stakes out and follows the suspect to the site. He also saw him place a shovel from the trunk of his car before he left home.

Day 3: He reports to Kono and the team only after their big gunfight (not first thing in the morning or over breakfast that morning). Why wait until the murderer can get away with evidence before he tells Kono?

Why am I telling you all this? Well if you look closely the team members are all still wearing the clothes that they wore the second day of their storyline – so their case only spanned over 2 days. Unless they all sat around in the office again that whole night, or if they just constantly walk around with the same clothes every day. Although it is Adam’s 3rd day in his story, when he arrives, they are all dressed in the same clothes as the day before. Specifically Jerry who actually came in contact with Adam on the second day is now still wearing the clothes from that day.

And here lies one of my big problem with these split storylines during one episode. The timelines do not always match. And the other problem I have, why give a part-time character like Adam this separate storyline of playing detective all on his own, yet they do not spare the time to make something more of grandpa McGarrett’s story and therefore give us more of Steve’s story?

Koala Smartass:

I guess we have to be grateful that after all this time, we are once again reminded that Steve is a soldier. Once again treated with him in uniform. But really all that trouble to get him to shave and dress up, and after 65 episodes  we see him in uniform again, but we only get a headshot of him in that uniform? REALLY?

With my next comment, I know many will say, “What are you talking about?“, but I feel they really just go a bit over the top to show how badass and how much of a superhero Steve is. They make it look like he can do it all on his own? I know he is our hero and I like it when they show his skills and competence, but really he is still human after all.

My main gripe is that they go to extremes. The one day you wonder where he got his training from, when they make him do stupid stuff, and the next day he can just do it all on his own and take it all and even recover from it without many physical and apparently no emotional scars.

I guess you  might think I am therefore asking for him to be mediocre. No, not at all. For me it means, just don’t write him as incompetent on one day whenever the story needs it, just to make him superhuman the next time to show how great he is ….. (if that make any sense at all)

Having said all that, I actually regard this episode as one of the better ones for this season. Lots of action and human drama provided us with lots of entertainment to enjoy. And of course once again during this whole episode Alex displayed his versatility as an actor. Playing all the finer nuances of what is happening with his character throughout the episode so masterfully. Compassion when needed, leadership when asked, playing it cool when he does not want to alarm his team, etc.

His reaction after his fight to the death with Lee, is spot on. Not only the relief of being the survivor, but also the horror of the moment, can be seen on his face. He gives Steve so much depth. But unfortunately he makes it look so easy and hardly ever gets a mention for it by those who I feel should acknowledge him for it. He just IS Steve McGarrett ……

And that was Steve’s  story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 7:22

Waimaka ‘Ele’ele
(Black Tears)

Written by: David Wolkove

Directed byBryan Spicer

(14 April 2017)


Watch the Slide show of screencaps from the episode here:


To be continued …….



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26 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 165 (Epi 7:22)

  1. DoubleL

    I loved the episode, but I agree that a scene of Steve with the veterans would have been nice. With no scene with Alex or any of the regulars, they wasted Hal Holbrook. Guess he got a free trip to Hawaii out of it, though. 😉
    Anybody else think they are setting up for Adam to work for 5-0 in some capacity?


  2. Kimphin1

    The catfight emoji made me laugh!!

    I’m with you 100% about wanting more substance for Steve’s story. IT’s all so superficial and I find myself craving something, anything deep for him to experience and actually have it PLAY OUT onscreen. Alex is so good with that kind of depth, yet SHOW never goes there. It’s like, they set up all of this wonderful possibility and then trip and fall on their faces before the finish line. It’s getting tiresome.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Terry

    I agree with you 100%. Thanks for your site I enjoy it very much.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kathysr

    I love this episode for the following reasons. (1) The entire Five-O unit works together as a team against an extremely dangerous and deadly group of skilled adversaries with equal military training and cunning. (2) Kono’s back in full bad ass mode, font and center, with the whole team. (3) Steve’s back in full SEAL mode, commanding his team on a dangerous raid and then a crazy shootout. He takes a bullet, kills one bad guy and then engages in a wild shootout in the streets of Honolulu before running off to capture/kill the leader of the gang. I yelled at the television screen “STOP IT!” as the bad guy beat the sh*t out of Steve and then tried to suffocate him. That was an incredibly intense fight scene, brilliantly choreographed and beautifully executed. I was afraid that Steve could die in that scene. I wasn’t sure he could out-fight that bad guy. It was intense and very real. And Steve’s reaction when he finally realized that the guy was dead, was powerful. Bloodied, injured, dazed, totally exhausted, Steve just collapsed on the ground. And agreed, where the heck was his team when he needed them the most? Sauntering around? “Hey Steve, where are you?”

    Nitpicks – (1) The Pearl Harbor part of the episode was too short. It could have given us more storyline for McGarrett. (2) Hal Holbrook had a really small role in this episode, one scene? Well, two when you count the video that Steve watched in his office. (3) The continuity for Steve’s injuries from the fight were inconsistent. In the very next scene, when he’s at headquarters and has the conversation with the granddaughter, there were no scars, cuts or scratches on his face, but he bled like crazy from multiple cuts in the fight scene. Later when he’s looking in his grandfather’s trunk, we see marks on his face. You put all that injury make-up on the guy, and then you don’t show any cuts, bruises or scars? (4) Can we please see McGarrett in his Navy dress whites and dress blues for longer than a few seconds? The man is stunning in a uniform, and we haven’t seen much of that in the past few years. I really miss uber gorgeous Navy SEAL Steve McGarrett in uniform.

    I’ve visited the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. In the fly over scene of the episode, you can see the outline of the USS Arizona on the bottom of the harbor, directly underneath the Memorial. It’s a powerful, emotional, somber, quiet, reflective place. You’re silent as you read the wall with the names of the brave men who lost their lives on that day. People speak softly or in whispers, full of reverence for where you are. You’re in a holy, consecrated place, a cathedral. You’re visiting the watery graves of 1,177 men who lost their lives that day. It’s incredibly powerful and emotional. You’re feeling and experiencing history, lying in quiet repose, right beneath your feet.


    • DoubleL

      As long as we’re being nitpicky, my nitpick with this episode is Steve’s uniform. Isn’t Steve a full Commander now? Yet his shoulder boards still have Lieutenant Commander stripes. He has introduced himself as Commander McGarrett for at least 2 seasons. Assuming he’s still in the reserves, he would have been promoted to full Commander around season 3 and would be getting pretty close to Captain by now.


      • Kathysr

        Steve’s title and status have been unclear to me since episode 4.19, when Steve accompanied Catherine to Afghanistan and was almost killed trying to help her rescue the missing son of the family who had saved her life. When he was laying in the field hospital, two military officers told him that his rogue, off-the-books secret mission days were over and that if he ever showed up there again, he’d be court-martialed. At that point, I didn’t know what status Steve was. Was he in the reserves? Had he totally mustered out of the SEALS? He wasn’t active duty anymore. He had to quit active duty to become head of Five-O.

        So, do you continue to move up the ranks if you’re in the reserves? Or does that only happen when you’re 100% on active duty? I have no idea. Maybe his promotions stopped at Lieutenant Commander? Interesting question, huh? lol, do you think the writers could ever actually research this and find out the correct answer? And if Steve somehow did get promoted to Full Commander, then why didn’t we see it? Another opportunity to see him in dress whites, be still my heart.


        • dq

          I completely agree with you wondering what his military status is. Don’t know either. It’s not my job to know. And if you think the writers are going to research this, come on. Continuity is not their strong suit. They can’t even be consistant with wardrobe issues. Steve’s military background is too important of an issue in the show to be thrown under the bus like they do. I mean, he still has access to military transport planes whenever he feels the need to fly off to the middle east or Columbia on personal rescues. Who knows, maybe he is a general by now. There should be some sort of military consultant on staff to keep the writers on their toes. A law enforcement consultant would be a good idea also. Most of the cop shoot out scenes are just plain silly.

          Liked by 1 person

          • kathysr

            lol, I agree with you on the need for the military consultant and the need for a law enforcement consultant. Steve’s military service is a core aspect of his character. That aspect of the character has faded into the background. And I totally agree on the shootouts. When hundreds of rounds of bullets are flying around and you hear them bouncing off all the cars and trucks, all I can think of is “those cars have tons of bullet holes in them! Who pays for all that body repair work, or do Steve/Danny just get an entirely new body on their car after each shootout?!!” Seriously, those suckers are full of bullet holes. And with all those rounds flying around, more people would be hurt or killed in real life.


        • DoubleL

          Yes, you continue to get promotions as long as you fulfill your reserve obligations. This writers and producers should look this stuff up. It only takes a 10 second google search! The thing is, they have done it before. Steve’s ribbon rack (not the one for from the pilot, it was way too thin!) is pretty accurate for a SEAL in current wars/conflicts. I really want to know how he got the Humanitarian Service ribbon.


          • kathysr

            Wow, DoubleL, you’re really knowledgeable about Steve’s ribbon rack. Sometime give us a complete list of all the ribbons shown. You have eagle eyes! Thank you for information which I would never have known. You must freeze frame a lot to see all those ribbons. We should write a letter to the writers and producers and prod them to do an episode on how Steve got the Humanitarian Service ribbon. It could make a great story, and then maybe we could see him getting the ribbon.


            • DoubleL

              Well, I didn’t do the freeze framing; but I found this on pinterest a while back:
              Sometime between making the pilot and making episode 2, they realized they had short changed Steve. Comparing Steve’s rack to the real SEALs that have been in the news in recent years, I think his current one is pretty realistic.
              I’m no expert on the Navy, but I was a huge fan of JAG back in the day. I watched it again last year and I was amazed at how easy the internet has made it to get answers to questions i had when the show was in first run.


      • I am not an expert of the US Navy, but I am kind of sure you won’t move up the ranks if you are not in active duty anymore. I think in the early ranks, college education can advance you, but not sure about the higher ranks, when you are in the reserves.
        Also, they have been calling him commander from the start, I think it is practice to leave the ‘Lieutenant’ part when you address a Lieutenant Commander.
        Maybe somebody with better knowledge about it can answer that better, but that is how I see it.


  5. Ally

    I agree with everything you stated! I don’t know why, but it really bothered me that Hal Holbrook’s character lived through Pearl Harbor and survived into his 90’s only to be killed by people committing a foolish criminal act, regardless of their reasons. I also thought they could have made the ages of his granddaughter and Steve more age generation relatable. I know that sounds silly, but I couldn’t understand why they didn’t just call her his great granddaughter. I thought it was too much of a generation gap. I’m sorry to be so nitpicky. I also agree about the writing for Steve being inconsistent. One episode he doesn’t know how to do something a mere amateur can do and the next he’s Super SEAL Steve. However, I will always love that Alex is Super SEAL Steve, with a heart of gold and insecurities underneath all the armor. I love strong imperfect characters and he is excellent at conveying this.

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    • SanDee

      I agree with you about the granddaughter. She was far too young to have been the granddaughter of a PH survivor. My dad was a Marine in WW II, and he didn’t marry until his late 30’s, and I was born in 1965! That girl was young enough to be MY daughter, making her the old man’s great-granddaughter. That jumped out at me because of my personal experience.

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  6. Steve’s SEAL-ness has certainly faded out season after season. His immunity, too. A pity, as that made him the unique cop we loved so much.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Where there inconsistencies in the storyline(s)? Yes.
    Was Adam’s storyline lame, boring, stupid and predictable? Yes.
    Was this episode amazing? Hell, YES!
    I love it. I was at the edge of my seat, biting my nails as I was watching at my computer and didn’t notice hubby coming in the office. He asked me something and I shrieked, jumping out off my chair nearly hitting him. That will cost me years of my life, I’m sure. Geez, my heart. This episode was so intriguing, Alex was intriguing. His acting was superb, he showed such a variation of excellence here. You said it so well FOYeur! ITA! Lots of people were praising his acting, but nothing from a special someone. Nothing. No tweet, no re-tweet. No nothing. Makes me really angry. But back to the show.
    While Steve was going from empathic, emotional supporter, caring, leading, jumping, running, being badass, being an incredible BAMF, showing respect, remembering history, Adam was digging in the dirt and lying to his wife again. Again! Boo!
    I too was a little bit disappointed that there was no further connection with Steve’s grandfather. A missed opportunity. But I take what I get and Alex reaction was awesome, saying so much with one single look. The fight was incredible and I am loving the moment when Steve stared in the eyes of the dying man. And his acting after that was superb, the hurt, the pain, the exhaustion. Wow!
    Re.: the bullet. I thought it hid his chest and then dropped behind the ammo pack? I never thought about it being odd and was astonished so many people were wondering about it, lol.
    This episode goes right into my all time favorites.


    • “nothing from a special someone” <<< would not really call him special. For me he is just a 'specific' someone. I read his timeline again and interesting to see what actually get RT's and mentions and what not. And also Ian got a special mention again.

      The bullet was a big issue for me, because I saw how great the moment was and what was happening and it was bugging me that it was not real.

      For me it will take a lot to make anything after Season 4, any of my all time favourites. Maybe I should watch them all from the start again 🙂


      • Specific is better, you’re right.
        But nothing after S4? Not even 5.07 or 5.19? That makes me sad! 100. will be forever my number one! Perfect acting is perfect.


        • Both of those – 5.07 and 5.19 were wonderful Alex episodes. He did an fantastic job in them. I think 5:07 might be in the top 10 – most probably. I will have to actually look at the list again.
          About 100: I know I am very much alone in saying this (And I know Alex also wanted an end to the WoFat story), and it was very well done – BUT I did not like the fact that WoFat got killed. For me a big part of the Steve McGarrett story died that day.
          I know it was very well executed and the alternative universe was a great idea, but I feel that the torture was without real motivation (Why would Steve know stuff about the missing Fat father that Doris did not tell WoFat?)
          I think for me there’s been masterfully acted episodes by Alex after Season 4, but the story lost its luster – if that makes sense. Great potential for story arcs lost, because one loose interest if they take so long to get addressed again, and then also without any REAL answers at all.


        • And I forgot to mention, I had to actually check what 5:19 was about.


  8. KarenJ

    Hi FOYeur, I’m from the UK and although one of our TV channel broadcasts Hawaii 5.0 it’s not one that I subscribe to, so I have to wait until the DVD gets released and then I watch in earnest. But by reading your reviews and Paula’s on this site, about Alex and the show, I can get a brilliant insight into what exciting things are coming. I get to see all the lovely screenshots beforehand, and read all the comments, so please keep the reviews and pics coming as they are most welcome over the pond!! 😎


  9. Hi Karen. Thanks.
    Glad you enjoy Alex with us!


  10. Magnólia

    Obrigada, Foyeur e Paula por tudo!
    Há muito tempo que sinto que o talento de Alex não é valorizado e reconhecido nesta série.
    Gostava que o ano 8 fosse o último.
    Penso que vai encontrar um trabalho onde será possível mostrar o talento em plenitude 🎼🎶🎸🍀


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