#AlexOLoughlin Reading “Hello Lamb” by Jane Cabrera ….

…and  killing the weakest in fandom 😛

In case there are still fans not aware of what made us squee with joy last night. You missed one of the most cutest videos of Alex.

He read a book for CBS Watch Magazine, making animal sounds.

So much fun to watch 😀

Ps this is what the author said about the video

janecabreraillustration This guy… #alexoloughlin reading my book! Apparently he’s on the new #hawaiifive0 . He’s a beautiful Mooer! Hope he didn’t get paid per word!

Now someone needs to get him to read some adult stories, we would pay big money to listen to his voice 😀

P.p.s A friend on FB just noticed a cute detail that slipped many of us. At the beginning of the video you can see Alex´s shining knee, he is wearing ripped jeans 😀

And also worth mentioning, the video has been posted on youtube in full HD



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27 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin Reading “Hello Lamb” by Jane Cabrera ….

  1. Lulu

    How adorable is this! He can come to my house anytime and read me a bedtime story.


  2. cokie316

    he could read the phone book and I would listen…

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  3. Regina Filange

    If he does start to read adult books you can be damn sure they’ll be best sellers. With that voice he’s bound to drop some panties! Give him fifty shades to read and I’ll be hanging on his every word🔥😜


  4. Karen

    Oh thank you so much for doing the gifs to Alex reading. That was the must cutest think I have ever seen.

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  5. Ally

    Too cute! Absolutely adorable!

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  6. Amanda

    oh my… I’d seriously pay good money to hear him read 50 shades of grey to me… thud


  7. gracenotpark

    I have no idea why Watch magazine would hook him up reading a kid’s book, but damn! He rocked it, didn’t he? Hells yeah!

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  8. Do you have any freaking idea how many times I’ve watched this little video yesterday? Had me grinning like an idiot for hours. I even showed it hubby and he was smiling and laughing too. And now with these gifs I’ll get nothing done. Can’t stop staring. Thank god it’s a week off.

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  9. Magnólia



  10. I’m a sensible, level-headed woman, and yet this man has only to say baaa or mooo to make me melt like a baby. Thanks for the treat, Paula!

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  11. so A D O R A B L E
    and YES I would pay any amount to listen to hear him BAAA in my ear// 😉


  12. I am so giddy with pleasure listening to him read this with his Aussie accent.
    I’ve re-watched this so many times I’ve lost count. ♥ Mooooo, Baaaa, woof woof, ribbit ribbit,. cheep cheep, Oink and buzz buzz never sounded more alluring. His impression of “twitch twitch” ♥ *THUD* ♥ like the baby: I’m now a piddle of GOO GOO. 😀

    Thank you Paula for the gifs of his adorable animal impressions. ♥

    Can’t believe the author is only just now discovering our Alex. :O All I can say is the line is long and she needs to take a #….no cutseeez . LOL


  13. Kathysr

    I absolutely love adorable Alex reading this book! The author’s a little ditzy; she has no idea who he is, and she’s kinda rude in her comments about him. Hey, lady, he’s making your little book world famous!!! He looks like he’s having a wonderful time doing this. lol, he’s been reading a lot of stories like this the past few years.


  14. Oh btw, Detective Steve McGarrett, Watch? Detective??? Geeez….


  15. And yes, I am not ashamed to confess that I am sitting in my car, waiting for hubby AND I WATCHED IT AGAIN!


  16. Lulu

    I am ending up watching this video several times a day. Love the Aussie accent and Alex looks so hot! Can hardly wait for the Watch magazine to come out.


  17. vanduyn

    Are there enough words to describe my feelings about this??


  18. Twitch twitch! Happy Easter!

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