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#AlexOLoughlin Reading “Hello Lamb” by Jane Cabrera ….

…and  killing the weakest in fandom 😛

In case there are still fans not aware of what made us squee with joy last night. You missed one of the most cutest videos of Alex.

He read a book for CBS Watch Magazine, making animal sounds.

So much fun to watch 😀

Ps this is what the author said about the video

janecabreraillustration This guy… #alexoloughlin reading my book! Apparently he’s on the new #hawaiifive0 . He’s a beautiful Mooer! Hope he didn’t get paid per word!

Now someone needs to get him to read some adult stories, we would pay big money to listen to his voice 😀

P.p.s A friend on FB just noticed a cute detail that slipped many of us. At the beginning of the video you can see Alex´s shining knee, he is wearing ripped jeans 😀

And also worth mentioning, the video has been posted on youtube in full HD



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