#H50 7.22 – Steve McGarrett

What plot 

Back to action and red face paint 😉

Alex is just getting better and better looking. How is that possible… So much eyecandy again 


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13 responses to “#H50 7.22 – Steve McGarrett

  1. Majbritt

    eyecandy, ohhhhh yes.😍


  2. Magnólia

    Magnífico ❣🎶🎸


  3. Ocean

    This is my favorite episode of the season!


  4. DoubleL

    I got a laugh out of Steve’s ever changing scruff length in this episode. The fight scene was way too gruesome, but I think it was the best ep of the season so far. There was some McGarrett family history, a bank robbery, a car crash some stuff got blown up, a shootout in the middle of the street, an ass kicking fight, an ariel view of the punchbowl, Steve in dress whites, a Pearl Harbor tribute, and we finally got a glimpse of McGrandma!

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    • ITA DoubleL You summed it all up for me. Best episode this season. ♥
      Yes Paula I don’t know how he dose it he’s it. He just keeps getting better.
      Thanks for the Eyecandy gifs. Nommy Nom Nom Nom 😛 ♥♥♥


    • Ally

      Loved the scruff. Especially the amount that shows his gray. I loved this episode. Thanks so much for the pics!


  5. vanduyn

    All so beautiful!! Thanks so much 🙂


  6. He is definately what I would want to find in my Easter basket


  7. Oh my…
    Amazing gifs from an amazing episode.
    Did anybody notice that Alex had a little booboo at his throat as he was talking to the girl the first time? You can see it in Paula’s gif #2 a little bit. I thought – as they don’t film chronologically – it is maybe from the fight? From plastic wrap or the iron bar? So intense. Respect.


    • DoubleL

      I noticed the scratch or cut on his throat and I thought he looked kinda banged up in several scenes. If they filmed the fight scene first, that would make sense. If that was really him and not the stunt double in the fight, then whatever was wrong with his back must be cured! 😉


  8. Lulu

    Excellent episode. Lots of McG showing many different emotions. I’m glad you included the strut scene in the diner, and the last one in his dress whites.
    Thank you for all the great gifs!


  9. joyfuljaj

    so many amazing shots. I had wondered about when they decide to have McScruffy vs. McBabyface. I like both.
    That fight scene was definitely the most intense work since 5.07. Since he had two brushes with death in this episode, I can’t help but wonder if part of Steve’s expression at the end of the fights was wondering how many more times will he make it out on the good side of the fights. Also, wow, the team never got to him at the end of his last fight!
    I never really glanced the stunt double in the fights – only in the running through the woods shots. I guess maybe he takes it day by day. Maybe they just manage to edit better some days than others.
    Oh, that strut into the diner…..


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