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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (12 – 18 July 2015)

 Our round-up of life around Alex for the week……

Alex in Sydney - Picture 75% Oldschool site.

Picture from acting school, Seventyfivepercentoldschool.com in Sydney where Alex taught a screen acting masterclass on 25 April 2015

– A big thank you to Alex O’Loughlin’s Place  for the find. 🙂


Life on the Set:

Second week of shooting of Hawaii Five-0 Season 6, and it looks like most of the Ohana are back on the Island. Some pictures from the set have been posted on social media, but unfortunately only 2 of Alex.

Fan Photos:

  • Some fan pictures of Alex taken at an event during hiatus were posted this week on social media, but apparently only one site was good (or worthy) enough for it to be posted there, so we can’t feature it here. 😦


Other News for the week:

  • It looks like the job for Steve’s stunt double is up for grabs again. Paul Lacovara who took over from Alex’s previous stunt double, Justin, at the beginning of this year, tweeted this during the week:

I was going to be on but ended up getting offered a job in Los Angeles, where I can finally work and be home!

  •  We will have to keep and eye out for news of who will replace him to “protect” our man Alex from injuries.

Something Pretty:

  • Beautiful collage posted on  The Five-0 Redux,  made by Angie (Co-admin for the site). Angie makes lots of beautiful collages for Hawaii Five-0 fans every week, but of course we are more interested in the pretty Alex ones. 🙂

Angie’s collage, posted on 15 July

Some fandom laughs of the week:laugh:

Happens when you watch too much AOL on iPhone at the beach

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The words of a fangirl::iminlove:

Some Trivia for the week:

  • It looks like one of the fake Instagram accounts (alexoloughlin_official) who tried to pose as Alex and engage with fans as if it is Alex himself, is gone. Hope it is true and that it stays that way.

 My Pet Peeves: :drama:

(because I’m a grumpy “old” woman 😀 )

  • Fans sharing old pictures of themself with Alex, without giving a date or occasion …. and then just ignoring a friendly question about it.

Next Week:

  • If they work according to normal schedule, filming of episode 6:02 should start this week ….


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