#AlexOLoughlin – If you could choose?! It’s a double poll….

At the moment I can’t imagine working any longer than tomorrow. Because there’s just so much work. But we’ll see, we’ll see. I want to do other things sooner rather than later.

– Alex O’Loughlin, AIF Awards, 24 October 2013

As we can see in this quote from Alex, he is really looking forward to sinking his teeth into something new. I think as creative people, true actors always want to be challenged to become new characters.

Let’s see what you all think he should be doing next, in a few year’s time, when Hawaii Five-0 comes to an end?

Question 1:

From a fangirls point of view what would you choose for Alex to do?:


If Alex decides to do another Television series, we can see him for anything from 12 to 24 episodes each year (depending on the type of show).

2. Movies

On the big screen, we will only be seeing him maybe once or twice (maybe more) a year.

Will that be enough for us?

3. Stage


Fans will have to travel all the way to the one location to see him perform. It will not be possible for many to experience, but it will be live and a thrill to see him perform in person and react with the audience!

Question 2

What type of character or genre do you think will suit Alex best?:

1. Lawyer


To see him wear a suit all the time…….. for me, that will be a dream come true!! 😀

2. Doctor


For me Dr Andy was simply gorgeous and I think we did not see enough of Alex as a doctor yet!

3. Vampire


Alex himself said, that he thinks he will never play another vampire again. Wonder if the fangirls like that statement?

4. Period Drama


There are so many types of shows in this genre. Do you think Alex will be good playing a timeless hero maybe?

5. Cowboy /Western


I struggle to breath when I think about this option……. 😛

6. Military


Roles in the military have a lot of options – combat, being a doctor, being a lawyer, etc.

7. Romance


Our leading man romancing his lady, showing the gentle, romantic side of him. Sweet kisses and perhaps even some hot, “between the sheets” action. With romance, we can have a comedy or drama – which would you prefer?

8. Comedy


His face is hilarious, with so little effort. Do you think he should have the opportunity to make us laugh? 😀

9. A Wiseguy


Will we be able to handle him on the wrong side of the law – being the bad boy? 👿

10. Other

What have we missed? Do you think there are other, better options that should be explored? Tell us what you think…

Once you’ve done a couple of films, I think the whole idea of being a movie star — well I don’t know about the ’star’ thing — but the idea of working regularly in feature films, that’s my dream.

To go from one character to the next and get to tell a million different stories, that would be wonderful; I’d love to be able to do that

– Alex O’Loughlin, theTVAddict.com, 29 April 2009

Please remember this is just us, having some fun……….. 😀


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59 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – If you could choose?! It’s a double poll….

  1. Vixhen

    Now that’s a tough question! I love the way he looks as McG, so if he could look like McG (that strut and all that vein porn is to die for) and be a wise-cracking, romantic vampire who happens to be in the military, I’m all in…just tell me what channel and what time!


  2. Really is a tough choice for a genre. I want to see him do all of those 😀
    In the end had to chose comedy. I want to laugh with him 🙂


  3. gracenotpark

    I picked movies and wise guy…cos I think it’s what he might pick, just to do something different from his last several characters. Plus he plays a bad ass bad guy.

    But whatever he picks after 5-0, I’ll be watching.


    • Miek

      Exactly what I chose.
      Movies because I want him to do what he likes best and wiseguy because I love the tough on the outside kind of man, especially combined with the family first type that goes with wiseguy action.
      Of course I still think the people of 007 should be calling him back for another try.


  4. Sonja

    It’s difficult to choose … I’d love for him to make blockbuster movies but from a fangirls sight I voted for TV … I NEED him to be on my TV screen every week!!


    • Have the same problem as you – the need to see him regularly vs mega movie oppotunities.
      Maybe if he got a series with less episodes per season, there will be some time to do a movie or 2 during hiatus. That might be the best of both worlds for us fangirls! 🙂


      • Yes but then people will complain wont they, like they do about Scott 😦


        • I do not mind Scott getting some free time to do other stuff (and the complaining frustrates me), but I somehow think it is unfair to his loyal fans when he is not in a show that he signed on for. There is a difference in doing other stuff when you are on hiatus and doing stuff while your show is filming.
          I must say although I would love to see Alex in a movie again or having some personal time off, to me as a fan, I will feel cheated if he is not in the show that I started to follow because of him. It is like breaking a contract with your loyal followers and the show.
          To be honest, I also support women in entertainment to have time for their babies, but even Grace should have thought about that before she signed on for 7yrs as Kono – she was already married and knew her childbearing days are numbered.
          This is just some honest feelings from me and no real judgement about it at all. 😀


        • No because some TV series only film shortened seasons now on cable so that would work. And then he could do movies too.
          I don’t like Scott not being on 50 because it takes away from the core 4 and with Grace on maternity leave, it is not as good with only two and then they bring in Grover instead of featuring Chin.

          And what Foyeur said sums it up perfectly.


  5. venia

    Good choices here. If Ihad it may way I love to see Alex a a vampire again. I know he may not want to do that , but since moonlight was so short I think he should get another chance at being a vampire. Either in a movie or tv show. If is a tv show I hope the show is on a cable channel instead of a network, so he can get better writing and maybe show a little skin more , and shoot a less schedulge but still pack more in.

    If he were do to another tv show I would like to see him on a cable show, like a breaking bad, or Walking dead, or even a HOMELAND kind of show. NOw these are shows that I watch so that is what I know but i think alex would be great on a show like Homeland a goverment agen or even a spy.

    If he wanted to go on stage I would say stay in touch with Scott Cann. Scott does a lot of stage work, and has written plays and taken some shots as a director, plus he works so well with Scott who knows maybe one day they couyld do a play together, I would love to see those two act on stage in any way.

    Last but not least the role I would love to see Alex play is 007 himself James bond! that’s right when Daniel Craig say has had enough please give Alex a call.


  6. Anwyn

    Really difficult choice. First I want his dream to come true to play millions of characters in A-Movies. As a selfish fangirl I want it all, as the rest of you 🙂 I think a good mixture would be good. Finish Hawaii 5-0 after S4, make one or two blockbuster movies – I would love to see him as James Bond or a starship commander – and then perform a bit on stage perhaps, not too long of course, followed by a series with less episodes and then do some blockbuster movies. I think he could play any role and he already proved this, but most of all I like him manly, funny and romantic with a touch of drama here and there.


  7. Manu

    I would love to see him in movies but i would def miss seeing him more regularly as in tv series.
    i have always had a thing for cowboys so that’s my dream role to see Alex into 🙂
    Loved this poll, had fun in thinking about all the different possibilities.


  8. barbara2167

    First off, I don’t want H50 to end anytime soon…why assumes? He has stated in interviews that he loves the show, the group and the character. I hope the show will last a few more seasons.

    About a dream role…no offense, but all those roles have been done before (from the movies listed). If he were to re-create the role someone else did I personally wouldn’t watch. I think Alex needs to be in something completely different. James Bond? Maybe. A superhero from Marvel (or the other “brand”) maybe? I think with the range of skills Alex has he is able to do pretty much anything. We as fans, can vote all we want, but our ultimate “goal” is to support him in any role he takes on.


    • Hi Barb
      Thanks for the comment
      * We are just having fun here – not assuming anything!!!!!!
      * If you read what we wrote, you will see, I said in a few years time when H5-0 ends – I have written many times on here that for now Alex is happy in Hawaii and what he wants is best for him!
      * How is James Bond different from anything anybody else has ever done – don’t follow your line of thought there – there are just so many genres – all have basically been done, but not all by Alex…
      (we just showed with the pictures of the movies and the TV series, what Alex has already done – we try to pretty up all our posts with pictures and gifs)
      * Superhero is a good suggestion – but they have all been done also. Any suggestion of which one you think will fit Alex? – just for fun 😀
      * If you follow our blog and read all that we have done here, you will know that we fully support Alex in anything he does – this is just fun to see what we as fangirls think and would love to see him do! 🙂


    • Agree on the NO to James Bond. That ship sailed and they missed the opportunity. I’d rather see Alex do something more inspired…but then Bond never appealed to me. Yawn.


  9. I think lawyer would be perfect for Alex… remember, he once told that when he’s through with one role, he will never do that again – and he still didn’t play lawyer…
    as for movies, I would love to see him in something like Dirty dancing (music, dance, having fun) – that would be something new for him, too…


  10. vanduyn

    As much as I love seeing Alex every week for 24 weeks on my TV, I really miss seeing him do a movie. And my ultimate fantasy would be to see Alex have the starring role as a bad guy (wiseguy, etc) I know I’m alone here but I would love to see Alex do a Tarantino or Guy Ritchie film. It would be like seeing a rogue Steve. Be a bamf complete with murder and cursing! I know, I’m kinda twisted 😛


  11. I’d love to see Alex do whatever is his passion whether it be TV or movies. Sure I would miss seeing him every week but would LOVE to see him on the big movie screen *sigh* and I have all my DVDs to keep me company during those lonely Alex free weeks he wasn’t on 😀


  12. I voted for TV selfishly so I could see him more. With cable shows you can film less episodes leaving more times for movies then we get the best of both worlds.

    And I voted for wiseguy because I want to see a different side of his acting. He generally plays good guys so a real bad guy would be fun.


  13. Linda E.

    As much as I’d miss seeing Alex each week on television, I voted for movies, because I think that’s what Alex would want. I don’t care what genre, as long as he’s given the chance to show his talent. I don’t care if it’s a small role to begin with. I’m waiting for Alex to get his ‘Brad Pitt’ moment. No on knew him before ‘Thelma and Louise’. OTOH, if Alex started off big, that would be great, too !!
    A lot of actors have three or four movies out each year. I could live with that !!
    Later on, if he got the opportunity to do stage work, I’d definitely fly to see him in LA or NY.
    I know Alex is happy to be working, but I feel bad for him, because I think he’s feeling a bit stuck, and missing out on other opportunities.


  14. Really I don’t mind so long as I get to see him Least one would be theatre


  15. Marnov

    That’s a great poll, FOYeur, beautifully assembled and well thought over! I voted as most others did – TV and a wise guy type 😛 , I’m so predictable.


    • WHAT SHE SAID!!!
      Marnov, that’s lovely comment .
      I went with films ,as well, and as Alex himself said that is what He wants and he has certainly proved himself in television. I am sure we can all agree on that!!! I also would LOVE to see Alex on stage


  16. I need my constant fix so a series for me is best. Doctor Andy I think. We was a little bad yet he was going for the romance too which was great. Plus I love the medical stuff and his caring manor. McG second if they would give him more romance. Why can’t he have romance??? Momma issues and Navy Seal pffft. Kissy kissy and all that please. But since it won’t go backwards, keep H50 on please.

    Lots of please today. LOL.


  17. First, i’m sorry for being away these two and half weeks, but was a intensive hard work and training that keep away from all the fun here. Back to join you on one of the most hardest polls to vote on this blog. If you want to watch him more often is TV; if you want to watch him develop a role that give us a great performance to easier achieve an award is Film/Movie (and we all now that it’s what he wants). And i have the dream/wish to see him on stage at least once. Theater is where we as viewers, true witness the excellence of an actor’s performance, and we have a clear idea the diference of average and great actor. Alex has the skills to all. He just need to have the chance/oportunity to shine in a way that his pairs will recognise his value and art.
    Foyeur, i didn’t vote yet, but definitly a role that he needs to turn physically or psychologically, to challenge him to create a character that doesn’t make anyone indifferent. Alex can do it all, it’s only a matter of time. Yes, we are fans with good vibes.


    • welcome back Marta 🙂
      I love that so many of us wants what we think he wants too. To challenge himself with a character different from his own persona and of course in movies. Poor thing has mentioned a few times now that 24 episodes of TV is too much.
      I guess when they signed up for 7 years, they never thought it might actually come to that.
      Anyway, I am confident he will shine in whatever he sinks his teeth into after Steve 🙂


  18. I had a hard time choosing between TV, movies and theater because it would be perfect for him to be able to do everything. Quite some great British actors manage that (even Tom ‘Loki’ Hiddleston is doing Shakespeare on stage again this winter). Problem is that with these 22-24 episode-long series, there really isn’t much time to do anything else.
    So I went with movies because I’d like him to explore many different characters. Plus, if you stay too long on TV, it’s pretty hard to get out, even if you’re as talented and good-looking as he is. Think of David Duchovny!
    I’m rooting for his villains, so I’d like to see more of those. As much as I love his smile and charm, I’m not really interested in seeing him in romantic comedies – I’m still recovering from the awful flick with J.Lo… (although he clearly is the best thing about it). I would love to see him in such diverse roles as Michael Fassbender, for instance, who gets to play in blockbusters like “X-Men”, but also in smaller, less mainstream movies like “Shame” (Oh, yeah, wouldn’t we want Alex to play a sex-addict?!! ;)).


  19. I’ve been thinking….and I had to separate what I would love to see him doing as a fangirl and what would be the best for him as an actor…..As a fangirl, I NEED to see him every week on my TV screen, as I need to breath, eat or sleep, is a vital need in my life, really…. and H50 let him, as we have already seen, to develop a beautiful Steve character that I’m sure the first Steve didn’t show….but I know he wants to do more movies and Alex is such a great actor that deserves the recognition from this industry and explore all the power of his performance, I know, we’re gonna miss him so badly but I would be happy seeing him growing and growing and becoming a legend as Anthony Hopkins for example. So I chose movies.
    About the characters…..Alex would play all of them perfectly but again what I want as a fangirl is seeing him as a vampire again, as a military ( he does it heavenly <3!), as a cowboy…..but his potential is endless and what I want less is that he could be classified like "the vampire guy….or the guy who only play militaries, so I chose more drama and also comedy because.
    It was difficult to decide….but once I focused on him ….it was a little bit easier


  20. Also separated my fangirl wish from the realistic wish and what is possible best for him. I voted movie so he could work less and enjoy his family more and get to play different characters.

    I chose “other” as I want to see him play a bad guy or at least the non-hero. I’d be ok never seeing him play military again, though he does it so well, after H50 that’s pretty much a been there and done thing. When he answered my Q on the Q&A he said as he gets older he is interested in playing characters with less redeeming qualities (I was thinking of Vincent when I asked that).. as Vincent is still my favorite role he’s ever done, I’m hoping to see him play something completely psychological, he has the presence and the nuance and talent to do it. Then again, I truly believe he can do it all…


  21. I had to choose #1 Movies, and #2 Other. As a FUCUP, I am compelled to think of “Other” roles such as Stripper, Nud!st, Man whose clothes are stolen, etc. It is my sworn duty to wish for this…. LOL


  22. I took awhile to decide, but ended up with many of you, picking movies and wiseguy. I however, would love him to land a role on a cable network series and do movies also.
    If you ask me the Gods Honest Truth, I would like to move to Hawaii, move in next door to him and would be perfectly content to watch him hang with his family as my entertainment. Hmmm…I would most likely end up in jail, so I guess I’ll be happy to see him in whatever he thinks is best for his career. I think if he wishes to stay in Hawaii, he will have to due film, so he will only be gone for short periods of time. I don’t ever see him moving back to LA.
    I love the wiseguy character because he can be bad ass, naughty and sexy at the same time. I’d hate for him to play a rapist or another serial killer, but a bad ass, “wrong side of the tracks” type of character would allow Alex to still be appealing, but not so gruesome I wouldn’t want to see him in it. FEED had enough of that for me. I think a mixture of cowboy/wiseguy would be pretty hot! That man on a horse always makes me weak in the knees. I can’t imagine seeing him riding on the big screen. GUH! I know I am in the minority, but I think the photo shoots of him smoking are so freaking hot!! I guess I really love him looking like a bad boy. RRARR!
    ACA Vanduyn! There must be sex! Lots of SEX!


  23. Loved all the comments. I was fortunate to have a mum in England who adored films and Taught me to love them. One of her favorites was called THE THIN MAN starring two BIG STARS at that time William Powell and Myrna Loy as a husband and wife Detective team who live in a gorgeous apartment with their adorable Terrier dog.. It has all the emotions and the LEAAAD is a combination of a Cary Grant type and James Bond. Alex would be Incredible in a remake of this or something similar


  24. I went with movies because I think that is what he wants to do in his future. And he could spend more time with his beautiful family. As a fangirl I’ve got enough DVDs and bluRays to make it through a dry spell. But if he would choose to make a TV show again, I’m all in (of course 😉 ). I am impressed how he was able to develop the McGarrett-character over the seasons. And he did it in little believable steps. In season 1 you could see the little cracks in Steves character and emotions, and look at Steve now… The cracks? That’s where the light came in. And you cannot as easily develop a character in such a way in a movie.
    As for his role… *cough* … I cheated. I voted for wiseguy at first, but I had to click ‘other’ after thinking about it too. Because I want him to play a wiseguy-villain, if there is something like that. All ‘his’ villains – as different as they were – he portrayed them in an amazing way. Vincent was outstanding, so was Michael, Marcus was imho the best thing in that movie, so was Russell. Don’t know if everybody saw him as Luke Anderson in Black Jack Sweet Science (there is a video here isn’t it?)? He was great! Combine that with a little nerdy Mr.Knowitall, I say YES!
    Comedy would also be okay, we all know he has a great timing, but he has to choose wisely. So many horrible “funny” movies out there… The Cary Grant comparison is so true, I always thought about him as a CG type! Arsenic and old lace? Bringing up baby? Would be so much fun!


    • I think it really says something about us, Alex’s fans, that so many of us want to see him as a wiseguy and/or villain. It shows that with all the drooling and obsessing over the pics and gifs we get presented here we really acknowledge his “inner qualities” (i.e. his acting skills, which go beyond merely looking good and jumping over cars and such…). I’m proud of us! 😉


  25. Hello iam from brazil ,nice to meet you
    i like your blog,i like alex .


  26. tanja

    Well in the end, if all doesn’t work out maybe he can do some adult movies?


  27. Tanya

    I loved him as Commander Steve McGarrett. I’m sorry and I know he said he don’t go back and do character. Maybe Doctor or Television?


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