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#AlexOLoughlin Talks Guest Spots, TV Pilots, and Vampire Smackdowns – April 2009

Moonlight is history, but Alex O’Loughlin is still in demand. The actor, who garnered a huge fan base playing Moonlight’s good guy vampire Mick St. John, returns to TV this week.

O’Loughlin will guest star as a conflicted serial killer on CBS’s Criminal Minds on Wednesday.

Huffpost TV

Mike Moody

28 April 2009

CM 1 criminal minds (17)

For O’Loughlin fans, the guest appearance is only a tease. What they really want to see is their favorite Aussie actor starring in a new weekly series. They might get their wish if CBS picks up Three Rivers, a drama pilot starring O’Loughlin as an organ transplant surgeon.

I got a chance to speak with O’Loughlin this week. We chatted about his new projects, his love for the vampire genre, and how Mick St. John could totally kick Kate Beckinsale’s ass.

Moonlight got the axe, but you’ve landed a high-profile guest spot on CBS’s Criminal Minds and you’re starring in a new pilot for the network, Three Rivers. How does it feel to be so in demand at a major network?

Alex: It feels good, Mike. It feels good. I mean, as an artist, you spend a lot of your life maybe not working and training, reading and really trying to further yourself. And the reality is a lot of us never really get to make a living at it.

So it brings me great joy to be in demand. It’s a lovely feeling. I’ve worked hard for a long time to be able to choose what I want to do … It’s a lovely feeling.

You play a serial killer who’s possibly seeking redemption in Criminal Minds. Can you draw any parallels from that character to Mick St. John from Moonlight, or is this something completely different?

Alex: It’s definitely different, which is what drew me to the part. With Mick St John, the only thing the two have in common is that they are both in control of what they’re doing, but Mick was more in control than this guy.

This character has a crippling case of obsessive-compulsive disorder, which now runs his entire life. He’s had to stop working to maintain his anxiety, and it takes him all day and every moment to control it.

And the killing is part of that as well. It’s a form of control for him, and yes, he is seeking redemption.

CM 1 criminal minds (9)

Did you study the effects of obsessive-compulsive disorder before taking on this role?

Alex: Yeah, I actually had it. I think a lot of us have a certain degree of it, I know I do, but I’m not crippled by it. When I was a young boy in elementary school I was quite a blatant example of a child with OCD, and I remember how it used to make me feel and how difficult it was. I also did a lot of reading and I studied the effects of OCD on children and how it continues from childhood to adulthood if left untreated.

CM 1 criminal minds (14)

Let’s talk about Three Rivers, the CBS pilot you’re starring in. The character you play is based on a remarkable real-life surgeon, Dr. Gonzalo Gonzales-Stawinski. What was it like getting to know the doctor and playing a character based on him?

Alex: Well, I don’t get star struck by many people, but I’m completely star struck by this guy. I love this guy so much. He’s become such a great friend of mine. He’s a rock star, he’s a hero, and he’s so cool.

I spent many hours shoulder to shoulder with him in the operating room, and I’ve never met anyone like him before. I’ve really been affected by him. He’s a great source of inspiration to many people. He gives life to people, and he’s a wonderful, funny guy and really enjoyable to be around.

3 R Alone together (7)

Three Rivers can be called a “show about doctors,” but it seems to be more than that. What’s unique about this project?

Alex: It’s not a show about doctors, it’s about transplant surgery, and it’s called Three Rivers because it takes place where the Allegheny River and Monongahela River meet with the Ohio River in Pittsburgh.

And it’s also called Three Rivers because it’s about three perspectives of transplant surgery: the recipient, the donor and the surgical team. That’s what unique about it.

3 R Alone together (8)

Do you think it will appeal to Moonlight fans?

Alex: I think it’s going to appeal to a lot of people. It’s a different genre. I love the vampire genre, though. I always have.

Actually, I want to recommend a film, Let the Right One In … It’s directed by Tomas Alfredson.

3 R Alone together (9)

I’ve seen it. It’s great.

Alex: You’ve seen it?

Yeah, I liked it.

Alex: Oh, it’s f*ckin’ brilliant. Yeah, I’m a huge vampire fan, but (Three Rivers) is a different show, and I love it. It’s really smart, it’s grown-up, it’s clever, it’s funny and sensitive, it’s got everything.

3 R Alone together (11)

You’ve been involved with a few causes, like the American Red Cross, that seem to stem from the roles you take on. What are your hopes or goals for Three Rivers, not on an entertainment level, but on a social or awareness level?

Alex: My hope is to become involved with Donate Life America or an equally large non-profit organization to educate about organ donation. I want to be in a position where we can leverage the philanthropical aspects of what we do with TV spots, PSA’s and campaigns.

3 R Alone together (2)

You have a few big movies coming up, including White Out with Kate Beckinsale, who was in the Underworld films. Did you two trade vampire stories on the set?

Alex: A little bit, yeah. It was more like,Who was the better vampire? I was the better vampire! No, I was the better vampire! No, I’m a boy, I was better and I’m stronger than you!” (Laughs)

We went back and forth, and I think she finally said,You’re an idiot” and walked away.

But the bottom line is Mick St. John would kill what’s her name, I don’t even remember her name, from the (Underworld) movie! Mick St. John would kill her!

ml 5 b 2

So you’re obviously a big fan of the vampire genre. Is there any chance you’ll return to genre television or maybe do a genre film anytime soon?

Alex: Sure, why not genre film? Why don’t we do a big film? I’d love to do more genre work. I don’t know about anytime soon, but it’s not out of the question for me.

ml 5 b 4

Audiences really responded to your onscreen relationship with Sophia Myles on Moonlight. Any chance you might work with her again?

Alex: Yeah, maybe. There’s nothing set up, but she’s a friend, and you never know. It’s a small world and we have a scarcely small acting fraternity, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened. She’s great.

ml 5 b 1

We look forward to seeing you on Criminal Minds next week. Anything you want to say to your fans about the show?

Alex: Tune in. Come on! Show up! It’s a good episode. I think you’ll like it.

CM criminal minds (24)

My Thoughts

  • Once again a special request: When people sayI actually had it. I think a lot of us have a certain degree of it, I know I do, but I’m not crippled by it– it does not constitute a disorder. Please DON’T take this article or quotes from other articles out of context, and say that Alex suffers from OCD. I find that people throw the term around far to easily without any proper medical diagnosis, especially people trying to describe perfectionists, and or their own little weirdness, without the actual knowledge of the real condition. Self diagosis on any condition is also definitely not recommended. And unless you are a medical practitioner in that field, and with extensive personal knowledge of Alex – don’t even try to go there.
  • Thanks again Paula, for all these gorgeous pictures of Vincent, Dr Andy and Mick. Another great display of Alex’s versatility as an actor


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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (23 – 29 August 2015)

  • Please be aware that some pictures in the post, that came  from the set, may be regarded as spoilers.-

This week started out pretty great with all the fun and celebration around Alex’s birthday on Monday. I actually wish Alex could see how much effort and love so many fans put into cards, posters, wallpapers, video’s & slide shows everywhere for him. Hopefully some of the love and fun actually reached him and showed him how much he is appreciated and loved from all around the world.

Message from the Network on Twitter:

  –  Happy birthday to ‘s Alex O’Loughlin. We hope you’re spending the day doing something fun!
Steve & Chin

cbstvstudios Double Tap if you LOVE #McGarrett! Help us wish #AlexOLoughlin a Happy Birthday! H50

CBS Alex

Life on the Set:

  • Picture from Team H50 on Facebook of the cast jogging.

The team

Some possible definite spoiler alert here:

  • First photos for Season 6 posted by: CBS

Do we recognise that ugly pirate?

  • Then some great BTS pictures from cast and crew posted on the 25th

We made a post of it and you can have a look at it here

  • And on Friday Peter posted a longer version of the “Mud bucket” video
  – Good times on the set – Video
(Thanks to  @H50Cassidy  for reposting the video for easier viewing)

Paula made a collage of the end of the video 😛

Best of the behind

 Alex at Events:

  • One  more picture from the Walk in the Country event that took place earlier posted this week:
Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii –  Mahalo for being a part of the 19th Annual Walk in the Country! Many thanks also to our title sponsor Ko Olina Resort and Marina and the many other generous donors and sponsors. This year’s event set two records with 670 attendees bringing in $500,000 in support of our youth. Your generosity is so greatly appreciated!

Click the link for event photos:

Walk in the country

 News for the week:

  • Posted by Peter on Instagram:


Something Pretty from other fans:

  –  Who better to celebrate with than this dapper dude.
Steve -

Some fandom laughs for the week:laugh:

  • I think it was great of CBS to wish Alex a ‘Happy Birthday’ on Monday – but I could not help laughing at the picture and the caption accompanying it: “Like you have never seen him before” – with a picture that are already 5 years old 😆

CBS Birthday

As so many fangirls keep saying – it is high time for another photoshoot and feature of this gorgeous man!

The words of a fangirl:

– Better don’t say anything if you don’t know what someone is talking about.Be sure.Think twice.Then act

Alex & Friends:

  • From Karen who works as part of the production team on the show:

 simplykaren23  Happy birthday to this handsome mate. Such a hard working,sweet, humble, caring, funny guy. Always a great day when he’s on set. #alexoloughlin #hawaiifive0 #five0ohana

Alex & Karen

  • And also a short video of the team singing to Alex and Scott:

simplykaren23 Happy birthday boys hope you have a great time celebrating. We love ya! #alexoloughlin #scottcaan #hawaiifive0 1

jojo_est.92 Happy belated Birthday to the brother Alex #Hawaii50 #On #Set
Alex & Jojo

Some Trivia for the week:

  Hey fans, check out Google’s homepage today honoring the 125th birthday of Hawaiian legend Duke Kahanamoku

  • Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku was a Kānaka Maoli competition swimmer, who is widely credited with popularizing the ancient Hawaiian sport of surfing. Born: August 24, 1890, Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Of course the trivia part is that this famous Hawaiian shares a birthday with Alex on the 24th

My Pet Peeves: :drama:

  • When CBS post videos that are accessible to USA viewers ONLY. 😦 I know CBS does not care much about international viewers – but please remember, international viewers do care about your shows CBS …….
  • What is it with the ridiculous tagging of everything on Instagram? I am really not interested in seeing heaps of pictures of other actors and/or their pets when I do a search on the #AlexOloughlin tag.

Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • blood clause in alex o’loughlin’s contract


Thought (Tweet) for the week:

  • I am definitely not a prude,  as most of our readers here will know rather well because of what we are comfortable enough to post here on the site – BUT I do not really know what I found more uncomfortable to see on Monday – someone thinking it is a great idea to post an O’caan slash-p0rn fanart drawing on the #H50 tag on Twitter, – or an actual prostitute offering her services with half-naked p0rn pictures of herself on the #AlexOLoughlin tag on Instagram. 😕  It seems that some people do not know the difference between intimacy, nudity and p0rn. There is definitely a time and place for everything. Ask yourself – is posting a drawing on the show´s tag, that clearly shows it is Alex and Scott (concluded because the tattoos that are displayed above the nipples show it is Alex), in the act of having sex with each other, a great mature idea?

Cat_UndecidedI guess I can understand why it is your dream for Alex and Scott to be”doing” one another on the sly, but what does a graphic sex drawing of them (the actors) clearly having sex have to do with the #H50 tag or  the show for that matter? Far be it from me to try and play Twitter police, or to tell anybody how to have fun, but I repeat, there is a time and place for everything .

Many fangirls are naughty and we feel free to express it and play around with our own lusts and loves – we certainly do it here. BUT all of us can choose where and how we do it and where we share it – with respect to those who will read and see what we do write in certain places. AND with some respect to our idols and their colleagues and families. Most fansgirls have the maturity to keep the naughty and the PG 18 thoughts on their own (mostly private) groups, blogs, forums and sites. And they don´t try to sell their adult dreams to the other fans in general on the #H50 tag ……….

This rant has been brewing since Monday and went on a lot longer than I wanted it to – and now it is over!


From Alex on Facebook:

Alex O’Loughlin: –  25 August

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! If you would like to support a Foundation I love for my birthday, please consider giving to Taylor’s Gift Foundation here: As you know, Taylor’s Gift Foundation encourages the importance of organ donation, a cause that is important to me. ‪#‎outliveyourself‬

  Next Week:

  • If they work according to schedule, they should be finishing up with filming episode 606 this week and start with episode 607 in the second half of this week.

302 dl bw n



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Pic for the day – look at that stance

He plays Stan, a cheese-seller. And from the looks of things, Stan is the fittest cheese-seller in history.

Cheese-sellers are pretty big, though – so I went method on this one,” laughs the Australian actor on the phone from Los Angeles, the day after the film’s premiere. He explains he was offered a physical trainer by the filmmakers – but then got a bit carried away.

When I saw it last night, I was like: ‘Dude! You’re too fit! You shouldn’t have got that fit for that movie!”

– The Advertiser, Adelaide, 2010


bts tbup dl dark pose


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Craig Ferguson Talks with the “Very Lovely #AlexOLoughlin” – Sept 2009

This is an extension of yesterday’s post ….

A few comments yesterday where people think that it was a bit of a strange interview. Maybe this will also shed some light on it.

It looks like big parts of what was originally recorded, was never used for the broadcast. It was kind of strange  that the interview was done to promote Three Rivers, but they did not really talk about the show in the clip we saw.

In the clip, he talks about getting sick in Mexico, but I only know of his trip there in May 2008, more than a year previous to the interview, right after Moonlight was canceled. Just to put the timeframe of this in perspective – This interview was done while he was filming Three Rivers. And Three Rivers started shooting the day after he finished filming The Back-Up Plan. And The Back-Up Plan started filming right after he filmed the original pilot for Three Rivers (where he was a bit chubbier, before he trained for TBUP). And that was filmed a month or two after Criminal Minds episode. So what I and trying to say, is that unless he only went to Mexico for a quick weekend and then got sick, he most probably got sick a year before in 2008 already, and that it was not something that happened right before this interview in 2009.

He was actually looking thin here, because of all the hard work and training. 🙂

Mizzoh writes about her experience as an audience member for the taping of the “Late Late Show” interview:

Anyone who has ever been lucky enough to see Alex O’Loughlin in the flesh knows that the very first time is a special experience. Imagine the effect when he’s sitting just 25 ft. away, right in front of you…

Yesterday was the first day of my trip to LA and what a day it was! Approaching the CBS TV studios via Fairfax for the taping of theLate Late Show, we saw various posters for Whiteout as well as a couple of billboards for Three Rivers.

Three Rivers

As the show only has seats for 108 people in the audience, the studio proper is surprisingly small and intimate. The segments aren’t taped in the order that they’re aired. And yesterday, the producers saved the best for last!

When Alex was introduced by Craig and walked in, we stood up and applauded very loudly. I’m not sure he could see us with the spotlights on him, but you can see in the video his cute double take that resulted in a huge smile when it dawned on him.

What you may not see is that Mr. O’Loughlin still gets nervous. There was lots of thumb activity going on, especially in the first minute and he was tapping his right foot to a rhythm that only he could hear. You can see the toe of his boot bobbing up and down on the screen 😉

cg smile

Unfortunately, not everything that was taped for the show was actually aired, so here’s a summary of what you missed:

  • At one point, Alex mentions the tight scrubs in the original pilot for Three Rivers, that he calls “Star Trek-esque” and uncomfortable”.

Dr Andy

  • He also joked about his growing collection of gray hair, mentioning that he was like George Clooney in that context. “The show gave me gray hairs,” he said in reference to Moonlight.
  • While joking about a blood clause in his current contract (he’s referred to it before in other interviews), Craig calls him a real vampire, and then asks for confirmation, “Are you still a vampire?” Alex retorts, “I don’t know, ask the ladies,” indicating his fans in the audience.

cf laugh

He remained seated to chat with Craig when the interview was over. When they were done, Alex stood up, hugged Craig goodbye, and turned and walked off, but not before giving us a two-handed wave first and blowing us a kiss!

I had already been warned by Deb that Alex O’Loughlin is even more enchanting in the flesh.

Truer words were never spoken.

cg laughter 2

My thoughts:

  • Remember that the link to the video of the interview, is in yesterday’s post. And here is the link to the transcript of the 1st interview  Alex did with Craig, in 2007.
  • To all those of you who are lucky enough to attend SOTB this year, in 2 weeks time, and especially those who will be there for the first time – we hope you will have a great experience of seeing Alex in the flesh as well.
  • We are looking forward to see your pictures and to  hear your stories about him.


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#AlexOLoughlin: The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson – 7 Sept 2009

Alex made his second appearance on the Late Late Show, in September 2009 – as a promotion for Three Rivers

Craig: Welcome back. Welcome back. Welcome back everybody, what’s up? My next guest is an actor. He’s in a new series called Three Rivers, which premieres Sunday, October the 4th at Nine O’clock right here on CBS. That’s a coincidence. Take a look at this.

[Clip from Three Rivers]

3r scrubs

Craig: Do you know what I think is inappropriate, that there was someone playing the piano in that hospital room? Don’t you want to say, “Hey buddy, knock it off with the piano, this is a very serious thing happening here”.

[Laughs all around]

Craig: Please welcome the very lovely Alex O’Loughlin, everybody.


[Loud Cheers]

Craig: Welcome Alex.

Alex: Thank you.

Craig: Alex, it is very nice to have you back on the show because I was concerned the last time you were here, because it was the a …. [throws away a paper he was tearing up]

Alex: What’s that?

Craig: That was the questions.

Alex: Oh.

Craig: I was concerned the last time you were here, because you were doing the vampire show. And then the vampire show got cancelled.

Alex: Yeah.

mick upset sad dl bw

Craig: And I thought, well that’s it. It’s over for Alex, I thought.

[Audience Laughs]

Craig: But you’re back. Hooray.

Alex: Yup.

Craig: So hooray. Well done.

Alex: It almost was over.

Craig: No it wasn’t.

Alex: No, it was. I went to Mexico, and a … I got very sick. I got very sick.

Craig: Tequila?

Alex: No. It was after the Tequila. I went into the forest and I got offered a piece of meat.

Craig: Is this a euphemism, or?

Alex: This is true. True story. I was in the forest and I was looking at the pyramids and having a great time. And I was hungry and there was a little stand. And this guy was selling meat.

Craig: Did he have bedazzled boots on?

Alex: I didn’t see his boots. But he had bedazzling eyes. He was a Mayan. You know the Mayan people are very magical. If you ever go down to Yucatan Peninsula, they’re wonderful people.

Chichen-Itza pyramids in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula

Chichen-Itza pyramids in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula

Craig: Right.

Alex: But I ate the meat. And I don’t remember anything beyond then. I think … botulism

Craig: You got botulism?

Alex: Very sick.

Craig: That’s very dangerous.


Alex: Yeah, very.

Craig: Are you alright?

Alex: I am now.

Craig: You probably … you probably want to see a doctor for something like that, won’t you?

Alex: Well I thought …. You know you think, Aussie. I’ve eaten kangaroo. I’ve eaten all sorts of stuff. I can do that.

Craig: Can you get Botulism from a Kangaroo?

Alex: I don’t think so.

Craig: Have you eaten a Kangaroo?

Alex: Yeah. Not in its entirety, but I’ve eaten.

Craig: Did you just run up to one and took a bite? They can be vicious.

Alex: Yeah, they get kicky.

Craig: I’ve seen …. I’ve hugged a Koala bear once.

Alex: I’ve not.

Craig: Have you not?

Alex: No, I’ve sort of …. I’ve touched one.

Craig: There’s a park in Hadley where you can hug the Koala bears.

Alex: No, I haven’t hugged one.

koala hug al dl

Craig: Yeah and it did a poop on my shoe.


Alex: You look great.


Craig: That’s …. I haven’t had botulism. You look great.

Alex: I look …

Craig: And you have had botulism.

Alex: I look thin. That was the botulism.

Craig: Yeah.

Alex: You know what, I thought HD. Craig’s in HD, that’s why he looks …. But no you look … you look …. different.

Craig: Thanks, Alex.

Alex: How do you like my boots?

Craig: No. The ah …. I actually do quite like them.

Alex: Thank you. They’re Aussie RM Williams, from Australia.

RM Williams Boots

Craig: RM Williams.

Alex: I’ll hook you up later.

Craig: I can’t wear boots like that.

Alex: You absolutely can wear boots like that.

Craig: I can’t. I’ll look like Austin Powers.


Alex: You can pull these off.

Craig: No, I couldn’t.

Alex: You’re very tall though.

Craig: I’m very very tall. Yeah, I’m hugely tall. But how tall are you?

Alex: 6–1 and …

Craig: Six and a half ft.

Alex: You know on a good day, I’m 6-1

Craig: Do you change?

Alex: I do. It depends on like … you know some days …

Craig: I stoop a little bit.

Alex: And some days when I try to … that’s a stoop too.

Craig: Yeah, a reverse stoop. I do that.

Alex: I do that too.


Craig: I try to be taller and I end up falling over.

Alex: And you think you’re more …. You know. You’re extenuating your muscles and the whole… but you’re just … sick.

Craig: No you just look like someone who’s forced at gunpoint into a room.

Alex: Yeah.

Craig: Yeah, that happens to me a lot.

Alex: I wanted to talk to you about so much stuff. But I can’t remember ….

Craig: Well come on then.

Alex: Well, I can’t remember.

Craig: Well that’s a dispiritive issue

Alex: Juliette Lewis won’t skydive. I would.

Craig: Would you skydive?

Alex: They won’t let me though.

Craig: Who won’t let you?

Alex: In my contract.

Craig: Australians?

Alex: [Laughs]

Craig: No mate … no skydiving mate, sorry no.

Alex: No planes, in Australia.

Craig: No planes in Australia, really?

Alex: No. [laughs]


Craig: I went there. I can’t remember how I got there. I think it must have been by kangaroo or something.

Alex: Yeah. You should try …. It’s good meat, kangaroo, if it’s cooked right.

Craig: I’ve had kangaroo meat.

Alex: Oh you have.

Craig: Yeah, it tastes like venison.

Alex: It does taste like venison.

Craig: I know, I’ve had it.

Alex: Okay, it really does.

Craig: Yeah, I know

Alex: Have you had crocodile?

Craig: Yes, I have.

Alex: It’s kind of like lobster, you think?

Craig: No, the crocodile I had, was a bit chickeny.

Alex: [Nods]

Craig: Ah, you’re nodding knowingly. Like, Ah yeah, you had chicken flavoured crocodile.

Alex: That would be from way up north.

Craig: No, I never had it in Australia. I had it in Russia.

Alex: Yeah, I didn’t have it in Australia either, I had it somewhere else, I can’t remember where.

Craig: Really.

Alex: You know where I just went? I just got … Just this afternoon I got back from Lake Arrowhead. And I took my boat …

Lake Arrow Head

Craig: That’s where the water is … the a ….

Alex: And you know the tap water up there is actually the …

Craig: Lake Arrow Head, water?

Alex: Yeah. That you get in the store here.

Craig: Living the dream there.

Alex: Yeah, they’re living the dream.

Craig: They can …

Alex: What’s in there?

Craig: This is a … this is a …. Lake Arrowhead water I guess. But not from the tap, from …

Lake Arrowhead water

Alex: You’re going to get free Lake Arrowhead water forever now.

Craig: No.

Alex: They’re going to, just going to deliver …

Craig: Why? You’re presuming that people from Lake Arrowhead watch this show.

Alex: Happy Labour Day.

Craig: Happy Labour Day to you.

Alex: It’s good to be working, isn’t it?

Craig: Oh, it’s the best.

Alex: I feel [laughs] I feel very grateful.

Craig: Are you an American citizen yet?

Alex: No, but what’s that got to do with it?

Craig: Well, it’s an American holiday buddy.

Alex: You know, I think …..

Craig: I’m an American. I …. I should get the day …

Alex: Barely. Barely.

Craig: I at least should get the day off. You’re not even American.

Alex: Has it been a year?

Craig: Yeah.

Alex: Don’t … don’t clap.

Craig: Be attractive as you like. These people are patriots.


Alex: You know what, I will do it.

Craig: Will you really?

Alex: I just keep forgetting to do the process. Cause I get a visa every time I work and that last for 3 years. And then 3 years later. But I want the green card and the passport.

Craig: You want to become a citizen. It’s more than just documents, you know. You get Labour day off sometimes.

Alex: How long … has it been a year for you yet?

Craig: Over a year, now.

Alex: And you’re still working Labour Day?

Craig: Yeah. Well, this is more …. This is more community service than work, really.

Alex: I heard it had something to do with the amount of tax you don’t pay or something. You personally.

Craig: Me personally?

Alex: I heard that .. that’s what they’re saying out there.

Craig: There are tax guys out there?

Alex: I don’t know.

Craig: Through there?

Alex: But that’s the thing you know. I mean, I pay a lot of tax, I thought, maybe I’d get today off.

Craig: Nah …. Nah. It’s got nothing to do with money.

Alex: My …..

Craig: Cheap mattresses. That’s what it’s about. Alex, we’re out of time. Listen, good luck with the big Three Rivers thing.

Alex: Thank you.

Craig: Lovely to see you again.

Alex: Lovely to see you.

Craig: Alex O’Loughlin everybody.


Link to video

Look out for tomorrow’s add-on to this transcript …..


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