#H50 6.03 – #McBeauty and McBedBeast

I couldn´t resist, this beauty was given to us last night in a new promo and I think the majority of AOL fandom thudded and might still be gasping for air 😉

What a smoking hot body! They even made him sweaty smiley-eyes

603 bed beauty








603 promo bed 1

603 bed bw

F*ck all this beauty… 😉


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26 responses to “#H50 6.03 – #McBeauty and McBedBeast

  1. joanie

    I can’t come up with a coherent comment. Just thank you for posting!

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  2. alexsluvjan


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  3. Brooklyngirl

    OMG – hello floor! Cleanup in aisle 1!

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  4. Thanks for posting I can think of nothing else as close to perfection

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  5. Reblogged this on alixia94's Blog and commented:
    Suite…trop sexy 😋

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  6. Colleen

    Oh my god! Any chance of a clear thought just went away. Breathing is actually difficult right now. Thanks ladies!


  7. vanduyn

    I think we’re all speechless and anxiously awaiting this episode. How will we ever survive??


  8. Yes, i’m breathless and drooling but very happy to finally have a scene like this again. Suddenly, it’s hot in here!


  9. What a sexy freaking body! And this face!!! It would be so great to get a glimpse, just a glimpse (It’s still CBS) of what happened before… I want Cath to say: “Oh my God…”. 😉


    I suddenly have a craving for a salty snack!! 👅 His underarms will be the death of me someday. Unf!!
    Thank you Paula for these mouth watering treats. How I am supposed to keep focused the rest of the day is beyond me.


  11. Omg sweat and tears mine lol great post


  12. Is this for tonight?


  13. NKC

    I so envy Malia getting to sleep next to that every night…and not sleep 😉

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  14. Leah

    WOW!!!! What a way to start the day!!!! 😀 I’ll probably have this silly grin on my face all day. Thank you ladies!!!!!


  15. When I saw the video clip yesterday – then I pictured below the sheet. Naughty woman here..lol. But yes hot and sweaty. Your last comment under the last picture was excellent with the F word. I felt so bad for him when I saw the last scene in that clip of him looking at her talking to someone on the phone in Afghani.. This is going to be some show tonight and I’m counting down the hours. Think I may set my PVR to record. What a way to start the morning. Can we save your whole page to our computers…


  16. Oh Paula, you made my night thanks!! Can’t wait for the actual episode now. 🙂


  17. Karen

    OMG!!!!!! OMFG!!! Can’t wait to see this episode. Would love to wake up next to that! 😉


  18. Kath40

    I can’t wait to see this episode. 😀
    I echo NKC’s statement “I so envy Malia” …nuff said. 😉
    I so can’t tear my eyes away for where his hand is resting at his waist…on the sheet…on what is under that sheet. 😛 GOOD GOD I need to repent…naughty, naughty thoughts here. But they are ‘pure’ thoughts…if that can be perceived as redemption?
    Uh yeah…right…pure naughty thoughts.
    *sigh* never mind….
    I’ll just take my reserved seat… way down here… below the gutter…they know me…easier then a speak easy to get in. :ioi:


  19. All men want to have a body like Alex. And his wife is so lucky.


  20. No words to describe this Ladies!!You have said it all.. Hot sweaty and panting ====I mean ME!!!!!!! on the floor moaning !!!!!!!


  21. I enjoyed that episode but must say I was a bit disappointed by the ending…another woman who lied to him…when will it stop. They couldn’t just have her leave they had to UGH (so I don’t spoil it) REALLY?

    Well now he can really move on and I was so thrilled that he stood up for himself. You could see the heartbreak but also I think he had his sense of closure. Very well written.


    • ya barb2137 i agree there aking there characters so ralting to real life situation member danno andss tev talking about as droping h0w any ties has the guy or gal had to justif that one ha ha


  22. Oh my days wouldn’t wouldn’t want to be woken up by a sweaty hot mcgarrett!
    When’s the new season showing in U.K. I need to see this now!


  23. well thnk h looks sxy! my bubba ive nver seen such gorgous abes and that cut belly buttin lent free ha ha ha


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