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#AlexOLoughlin Talks J.Lo’s Butt with Brad Blanks – April 2010

Brad Blanks chats with fellow Aussie Alex O’Loughlin about J Lo’s butt and Hawaii Five-o. Alex stars with Jennifer Lopez in the romantic comedy, The Back Up Plan

Shooting Blanks

Brad: Brad Blanks with Alex O’Loughlin. How are you buddy?

Alex: Good. Thanks mate. How are you?

Brad: Yeah, good mate.

[Clip from movie]

Brad: Jennifer Lopez, in The Back-Up Plan. Pretty impressive that you’re on the big screen with J-Lo.

Alex: Yeah, it is, isn’t it? I’m sort of pinching myself …. a … a … It’s not lost on me, the significance of it. But I sort of can’t think about it too much, because I’ll spin out.

Brad: What about the unbelievable question that I’m about to ask you? What is it like to touch Jennifer Lopez’s butt?

Alex: [Laughs] I was very careful not to, mate. To be honest, you know.

brad b iv 1

Brad: You didn’t glance it in any of those up close personal scenes?

Alex: No I definitely looked at it a lot and she’s got a wonderful bottom, you know. I don’t know what to tell you. It’s just,  I mean … she ensured it once, didn’t she?

Brad: Yeah.

Alex: For a million dollars or something. I never asked her about it. I don’t know if that …. But yeah, it’s as ….. as any healthy young man, you know, we notice girls bottoms. And I did notice hers, but of course I went immediately back to her face and pay attention to what she was saying.

Brad: Good, cause her husband was probably running around on set?

Alex: Cause her husband is a dangerous man from … [laughs] .. who knows a lot of much more dangerous people. And I respect him as well.

brad b iv 2

Brad: How do you go telling your mates back in Australia, that you’re actually on screen with J.Lo? I mean of course they’ve seen you with a few ladies over the years and stuff. But this is Jennifer Lopez. It’s pretty cool.

Alex: No, it is cool actually. I got a lot of …. I remember a text message I got from Steve Curry, my mate back there, you know, in Melbourne. And he was like, Ah, mate, WHAT?”  You know, it’s just …. I mean they can’t believe it. It’s sort of like, “I didn’t know she real … she actually existed. It really is a person. And she is that beautiful. And you’re acting and kissing her and doing love scenes and… But it’s all …. A bit of fun with the boys for a minutes. But then at the end of the day, it’s a job. She’s terrific, you know. She’s a good actor and she’s a mom and you know … she’s terrific.

Brad: Well you’re the straight guy to her, you know, madness.

Alex: Yeah, she’s a … she’s kind of, has difficulty with commitment. She’s constantly …. She’s scared that … you know, she’s always, her character that is. You know, she’s scared that she’s going to be hurt. She’s scared that, you know, everyone who she loves will sort of leave her, and this guys is like, you know, he’s sort … he fronts up when he makes the decision. And he realises that he does love her. He’s like, Look let me show you, you know.

brad b iv 3

Brad: You’ve been on TV for about 4 years in the States, doing films, people are going to notice you a little bit more. How is that going to play with you? Are you fine with that? Will your dance card get filled a bit more? Or have you always done alright?

Alex: {Laughs} I don’t know mate. My dance cards, you know …… It’s pretty empty at the moment. I’m pretty busy, you know. I’m going home to an empty hotel, right after this interview.

brad b iv 4

Brad: It’s a shame.

Alex: Yeah, it’s a shame isn’t it? I mean, it’s the glamour …. the glamour of being a movie star.

Brad: It doesn’t really work …. equate ….. some…

Alex: I don’t know. Maybe, I’ll let you know. Leave your number, I’ll give you a call after the film.

Brad: Yeah, at about 10 pm, if I hear you are at some richie nightclub at the Standard hotel. You met some beautiful young Brazilian dancer. I’m getting a bit …..

Alex: You’re offering one?

brad b iv 5

Brad: I got into that. Didn’t I?

Alex: You can keep going. Sounds good.

Brad: She’s beautiful. She looks like a young J-Lo.

Alex: Oohhh

Brad: Well J-Lo is very good too. Don’t worry about that. But did you think like now housewives are going to sort of going to be throwing underwear at you and stuff? Have you analysed points like that? Or, you know, sort of analyse that you look half decent on the box?


Alex: Ah … I mean, it’s another. I mean, it’s weird doing. It’s weird taking your shirt off in front of the camera, anyway. It’s like, “Oh man, I’m going to come for this” But it’s to think about it, to talk about it, to break it down, you just sort of can’t. You know what I mean. I mean, I love my job. I’m very very lucky to work as much as I have. An hopefully as much as I will. I’m just like a guy. With normal guy stuff.

Brad: When I take my shirt off, I usually pump some push-ups and do some sit-ups and sort of make me look a bit better.

Alex: Are you going to do that during this interview?

Brad: [Laughs}

Alex: Course you can. We’ll just widen out on the camera there ….

brad b iv 6

Brad: I’m trying to put double chin reduction on this.

Alex: [Laughs]


Brad: I’ve seen you and I thought he’s  quite. I’ve seen him on ‘The Shield‘ and he kind of looked a bit chubby at times. But I come here and he’s very slim this fellow.

Alex: [Laughs] It’s cause I am so stressed.

Brad: Don’t worry mate, it’s all gravy from now on.

Alex: Thanks.

Brad: Advice from Brad Blank. Can you believe that?

Alex: I’m going to write a book, “Advice from Brad Blank”

brad b iv 7

Brad: Your final words for the Americans out there. Hawaii Five-0, you are Steve McGarrett. Playing an icon of television. How does that make you feel?

Alex: [Laughs]

Brad: Sorry to put the pressure on you?

Alex: Why are you laughing?

Brad: I’m just giggling at your career, ain’t I?.

Alex: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s a big joke to you mate, isn’t it? …. In all seriousness it’s a … I mean things get remade a lot these days. And, I know there are a lot of true fans out there. And I just hope that … like what we’ve done. We’ve come with truth and integrity, and we’ve really made something special of it. I think we made a contemporary, you know, action packed … fun

brad b iv 8

Brad: Fun.

Alex: It’s fun. It’s a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see the pilot. And I’m not sure what’s going to happen with it. But you know Scott Caan, who’s Danno and myself are … yeah, we had a good time.

Brad: Do you do alright with the  ladies in this one?

Alex: They’ve given me a sort of vague love interest. But I don’t know where she’s going. And so, I don’t know what’s happening. I think I need to sit down with the writers and go, “Listen, we’ve got to talk.”

Brad: I’ve got a good twenty years in Hollywood, I’ve got to start soiling my oats now. Did I say, soiling?

Alex: Soiling my oats?

Brad: Sowing.

Alex: This is getting really weird. ‘Brazilian oats soiling with Brad Blanks’ ….

Brad: It’s great to meet you mate. I think the whole J-Lo thing and you touching her butt just sort of fired me up early.

Alex: And from there, you’re done ….

Brad: She’s a fantastic looking lady. Great to meet you mate.

Alex: See you.

brad b iv 9

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