H50 s 5 memories – kevlar hottie part 2

I think the kevlar adds an extra level of hotness. Steve means business when he puts it on. Also that thigh holster and glove completes the serious look. But I do hope that kevlar vest´s little back-pack is ripped off and won´t be there next season. It looks ridiculous. What´s in it anyway? Clean underwear? 😉















Oops. There seems to be a bit of kevlar missing in a couple. Hope you don´t mind. He did look lethal even without it 😉


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15 responses to “H50 s 5 memories – kevlar hottie part 2

  1. The little back-pack contains his cigars and other sex toys – can’t leave it at home, 😦
    I love the bag …. 😛


  2. Brooklyngirl

    I want to know what (other) goodies he has stored in that zipper!! {wiggling brows!}


  3. vanduyn

    You just made my day!! 😀


  4. Magnólia

    Magnífico! Obrigada, Paula!

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  5. He is indeed very sexy!


  6. Colleen

    Oh wow. I need a cold drink. Haha. Thanks for making my day girls.


  7. Hee! 😀 In that first giff …It’s like a dance as Steve sets himself up to kick the door in.
    I love the giffs Paula, they make this site so very special ♥ ((HUGS)) TY!


  8. gracenotpark

    These are awesome, excellent, amazing, grade-A, first-class gifs! Seriously good stuff! 😀

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  9. I love the little backpack thingy. But if he’s gonna lose it, there will still be some velcro strips on his back with no use. And then I’d glue a bunch of velcro on my front and jump jump jump…

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    • To me that bag ruins his profile view. There´s already so much stuff on the front of the vest, really doesn´t need any more in the back.
      But I like your idea, I will be sure to have velcro on my clothes, if I get the chance to visit the set. Then I´m just a hop away from a tight squeeze 😉


      • Teehee… a hop away :-D. Now we are talking. You know these big inflatable walls with velcro all over where you’re put into a coverall full of velcro so you can jump, making loops and then stick to that wall like a fly in a spiderweb? Should we go and practise?

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        • Really need to practise. We´ll only get that one chance with Alex, and then security comes to rip us off him. We must land spot on on the first hop 🙂


  10. Boo to security! But then .. I would be ripped. Finally. Thanks to Alex. 😉

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