Remembering the #H50 Blessings with #AlexOLoughlin

Later today we will hopefully see some footage of the Blessing Ceremony for Season 6. I for one, hope it will be a better day and experience for me than last year. 😀

According to this report from Hawaii New Now, they will live stream the event again this year and they predict that it would start at 6:30 am Hawaiian time. This is the direct link for the live stream  here. We also have a permanent link available at the right corner of the blog. Remember to make sure you can connect before the ceremony. And always make sure to refresh if you loose visual. 

We have compiled this recap of all the Blessings over the years with some pictures and also links to all the Alex interviews. Enjoy while you wait for today’s blessing to start ……


Season 1 Blessing:

– 15 July 2010 –


 Click on the link to see our recap and transcript of interviews of the

1st Blessing

Season 2 Blessing:

– 11 July 2011 –

Click on the link to see our recap and transcript of  the Alex interview of the

2nd Blessing

Season 3 Blessing:

– 11 July 2012 –

Click on the link to see our recap and Alex interview of the 3rd Blessing

Click on the link to see our transcript of the Alex interview

Season 4 Blessing:

– 10 July 2013 –

Click on the link to see our recap and transcripts interviews of the

4th Blessing

Season 5 Blessing:

 – 8 July 2014 –

Click on the link to see our recap 5th Blessing

and the link to the full transcript of the Alex interviews

Hope you enjoy the day! We will post some of the footage as it becomes available.

In advance: Thank you to everybody in the Alex & H50 fandom, because working together and sharing the events, make this day a lot of fun!



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6 responses to “Remembering the #H50 Blessings with #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Is it too much to ask if we can get a live shaving this year? 😉 I want to see it when Steve McGarrett will be born. And I’ll never forget the scratching sound in the episode with Odell. Sigh…


  2. gracenotpark

    Woo hoo! Y’all keep me organized! Now I’m all ready for this year’s blessing, having caught up with our guy and his POV since S1!!! Will he show up bearded or shorn? Cannot wait to see his interview, tho with Tannya gone, who will do it? And will HNN even send a reporter to speak with him? I surely do hope so!!! I will not be able to watch live, but I know you guys got my back, as always…thanks so much for all you do for us fans. Fans of Show, and fans of Intense Study. 😀


  3. Thanks for showing really very kind of you!


  4. They only showed a bit of it. I want to see the whole thing. Waiting patiently for you to have it on here.


  5. Betsy craig

    Can’t wait for S6. If I send a stamped addressed envelope can I get an autograph of AOL, I will make a donation of his choice?


    • Hi Betsy
      Lots of fans have been lucky and received back autographed pictures from Alex. We are not experts of it at all, but I think your best bet would be to actually send a picture to be autographed. And of course with the self-addressed stamped envelope to get it back – But I do not think there are guarantees for it.
      If you really want to make donations for the causes he support – you can look into ‘Donate Life’ or ‘Taylor’s gift’ (Both of course involved with organ donation)
      Or you can maybe support the Jones family (Alex’s in-laws), by sponsoring them in the upcoming ‘Walk to Defeat ALS’, in Hawaii in September – we will post some details about it a bit closer to the event.
      However a donation will not guarantee you any reply back from Alex and Alex also do not expect any favours from us to actually give his signature in return to fans.
      Like I said we do not really have first-hand knowledge about how it works, but hope the reply helps you. 🙂


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