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Denby Fawcett: Getting Defensive With #H50 ’s #AlexOLoughlin – May 2015

Since the first one in November 2013, Alex and Egan held two more Self Defence Seminars for Women over the years in order to raise money for the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children.

The second one was in May 2015 and the third and last one was on 1 June 2019.

We have previously done other posts of the events by fans who attended them.

This is a recap of the second one from a journalist in Hawaii.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is seminar-cap-4.jpg

The TV star works up a sweat for two good causes: raising funds for a hospital and helping women learn how to protect themselves.

May 12, 2015·

Honolulu CivilBeat

By Denby Fawcett

All official pictures for the event taken by Kelli Bullock

and by Star Advertiser

I was interested when I heard Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children was offering, for a $300 donation, a women’s self-defense class taught by mixed martial arts champion Egan Inoue and “Hawaii Five-0″ star Alex O’Loughlin.

I signed up, thinking, what a great idea for a column. But then I got flustered. I tend to get unglued around movie stars, especially around ones I admire such as O’Loughlin.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is seminar-cap-3.jpgAlex O’Loughlin, who plays the lead role of Steve McGarrett on “Hawaii Five-0,” turned self-defense instructor to raise money for the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children.

I hoped Civil Beat Editor Patti Epler would talk me out of the story, saying it was too lightweight. Civil Beat prides itself on its hard-core investigative reporting. But Patti liked the idea. And if you think about it, there is nothing lightweight about Inoue and O’Loughlin’s kindness and generosity to want to help Kapiolani Hospital, where hundreds of sick children are cured and 6,200 babies are born each year.

As it turns out, there was nothing to worry about. When I arrived at Inoue’s Moiliili gym for the self-defense class, my concerns flew out the window. The calming factor was O’Loughlin looked different from his “Hawaii Five-0″ Steve McGarrett character. He said he had grown a beard on his recent trip to Australia and spoke to us in his native Australian accent. He warned us he was going to get very sweaty, very messed up.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-sdc-2015.jpg

Instead of his intense TV persona , he was relaxed and funny. His Australian accent made the difference. For instance, when he was talking about potential dangers to women from rapists, in his Aussie-speak, the word rapist was pronounced “rye-pist.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is seminar-cap-11.jpg

I don’t mind telling you, I love “Hawaii Five-0″ with its glamorized island scenery and the high fantasy episodes with O’Loughlin and his crew taking down villains each week.

It was great to see O’Loughlin talking so sincerely to the group of 22 women about the importance of learning to protect themselves. O’Loughlin said he has supported Kapiolani Medical Center for the entire five years he has been on Oahu because the hospital once cared for a friend’s very sick child.

“This is raising money for a great cause but also to teach you something practical if, God forbid, any of you should get into a sticky situation,” he said.

O’Loughlin knows self-defense. When “Hawaii Five-0″ is not in production, Inoue said O’Loughlin comes to the gym to work out with him almost every day. O’Loughlin is a four-stripe blue belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

The first self-defense move Inoue and O’ Loughlin taught us was how to break free when an attacker grabs you by the arm. It was called a wrist escape. 

The women in the class partnered up to learn how to break free with one woman in the pair being the attacker, the other the victim.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is seminar-attack.gif

Inoue emphasized that the goal of women’s self-defense is to escape rather than trying to pulverize the attacker with the type of complicated karate moves favored by Kono Kalakaua, the female cop on “Hawaii Five-0.”

“It is not about eye gouging or kicking someone in the groin. You want to get away from your assailant,” said Inoue.

If you are difficult to control, your attacker will give up and go after someone else who’s easier to pin down, said Inoue.

O’Loughlin and Inoue walked around the room correcting us as we practiced our wrist escapes.

Afterwards, O’Loughlin tested each of us as he played the rapist role, grabbing each of us tightly by the arm, forcing us to break free.

The next move we learned was how to get up and get away after an attacker has thrown you on the ground.   

Usually a person tries to get up by leaning forward. In this case, that would be dangerously closer to the attacker. Instead, Inoue showed us how to get up while moving backwards to get up and run away from the attacker.

My partner for the exercises was Kapiolani Medical Center’s chief operating officer, Martha Smith.

Smith said Inoue and O’Loughlin’s self-defense class is a wonderful fundraiser for Kapiolani because it tends to attract many women who might never have donated to the hospital before. This would be a different crowd from the gala ball, silent auction set.

“It’s a chance to learn something useful and get a good workout as you get to spend time with a celebrity like Alex,” said Smith

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-sdc-2015-2.jpg

There were some military wives in the class and one woman had come to Honolulu all the way from Italy to attend. She said she planned her vacation around it.

The final self-defense move we learned was called  “a simple sweep.” It is a move for a woman to use when she is on the ground on her back, face up, with her attacker choking her as he straddles her body — one of the most vulnerable situations possible.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is seminar-move.gif

With your attacker already on top, you lift up your thigh, bend your knee and then press your bent knee between you and your assailant’s torso and use your leg strength to scissor him off, throwing the attacker face down on his stomach. Then, of course, you jump to your feet to run away.

Inoue told me after the class that one of his self-defense students used this move on an ex-boyfriend after he broke into her apartment and climbed into bed with her.

“She did a simple sweep, getting her ex-boyfriend off her and then pressing him into an armlock so hard she broke his arm. While her ex lay on the ground writhing in pain, she called the police,” said Inoue.

Hey, I thought you said self-defense was about getting away, not about hurting someone.

Inoue said, “She was so angry at what her ex-boyfriend for what he did, she wanted to hurt him. In the end you do what you have to do.

This is true. You never know what you will do when you are threatened. I found that out a long time ago when I faced a dangerous situation.

It happened when I was living on the West Side of New York while attending Columbia University. One Sunday night, a man broke into the living room of my apartment, entering through French doors off my roof garden.

Instead, of locking my bedroom door and hiding quietly as I had always planned in my rehearsals for possible break-ins, I burst out of the bedroom and ran directly at the intruder, yelling “What are you doing here? Get out.” Luckily, he turned and ran out the doors to the garden where he climbed over to the next brownstone building to get away.   

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is seminar-cap-9.jpg

Just as Inoue said, “You never know. You do what you have to do.”

It is not always easy to escape a violent attack or intrusion. And sometimes, there is no escape for a woman.

After the 90-minute session, each of us got a certificate, a T-shirt and a chance to have our picture taken with Inoue and O’Loughlin.

The event raised $14,800 for the hospital. Last year, it raised  $10,500.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is seminar-check.jpg

O’Loughlin also donates time to the Boys and Girls Club, Donate Life America and Taylor’s Gift.

“It’s important to me,” he said. “Life is only worth what you give back. I have been very lucky. It is my responsibility to help.”

O’Loughlin follows a tradition of charitable acts that began most generously by actor Jack Lord, who played McGarrett in the original 1968-80 “Hawaii Five-0″ series.

Lord and his wife, Marie left their entire $40 million estate to be divided among 12 Hawaii non-profits

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-and-egan-press.jpg



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McGarrett and I – August 2012 (A Picture with #AlexOLoughlin)

One of the people who got a moment in time with Alex – something that so many of us wish for ……

Photographer Jeff Fujimoto found Alex enjoying a cigar break on his doorstep on 20 August 2012.

j e f f f u j i m o t o

He was having a cigar on my workplace’s front doorstep. Had to investigate the flowery language and Australian accent that I heard through the door. Nice guy. He bolted after this.

I’m not a fan but he’s famous so I felt obligated to snap.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is jeff-fujimoto-mcgarrett-i.jpg

Question: I’m rather curious about the “flowery language” bit

Jeff: I don’t want to incriminate the poor fella, he didn’t say anything I wouldn’t say, just with a solid Ozzie accent. Tho’ I doubt you would hear it on a prime time show.

He was talking to a burly red-bearded handler draped with com-cords lanyard IDs.

McGarrett complimented me on my uniform, boardshorts and a t-shirt. Lol!

 Alex crossing someone’s path while shooting Hawaii Five-0.


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#AlexOLoughlin And His Custom-Built Bikes

The other day I saw a comment by somebody who said they have never seen this pictures of Alex working on his motorbike at Cro Customs before.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-working-at-cro-customs-2.jpg

I realised that we have never actually posted the stories of Alex’s motorbikes here.

Unfortunately some of the old original posts are gone, but at least they have been waiting in a draft here for years. 😀

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-2007.jpg

(Picture of Alex in 2006)

I loved motorbikes since I was a kid.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a deep fascination with engines and a longing for danger.

– Alex O’Loughlin, Live Chat with Alex, 1 October 2009

We know from numerous interviews that Alex has been driving motorcycles for many years.

 I’ve had a couple motorcycle accidents.

– Alex O’Loughlin, TimeOut New York, September 2009

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-oloughlin-hawaii-feels-like-australia-to-me-04.jpg

Although Alex has been driving them for a long time before, this story starts in 2009 …..

Yeah. I’m crazy for motorcycles. I just finished building my first Harley.

My last four bikes have been Ducatis and I’ve got a Triumph now.

Alex O’Loughlin,TV Guide, August 2009

The Evo Sporty

  • Posted by Cro Customs

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Alex O, stops by

I few months back I get a call from some Ausie cat digging on my bikes. Next thing I know he is sitting in my shop with this ugly evo sporty with shitty overseas parts on it.

Long story short, he talks me in to putting a runner together for him. I have to admit, I wasn’t really in to it. First it was a sporty, second it was an evo and third, the cat is an actor. What the hell am I getting myself in to?

As it turns out, of course with JDs help, I am actually digging the bike. Simple clean runner with some cool one off do dads, and Alex turns out to be a pretty cool dude, for an Ausie actorThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex1.jpg

Monday he stopped by to check the scoot. He ended up hanging for a few hours and got his hands dirty.

Any dude that can hang in the man cave, get his hands dirty and tell jokes and stories about shooting a film with J Lo is alright in my book.

Don’t worry Alex, I won’t call TMZ.

  • And another post by Cro Customs.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Alex O’s New Seat

The sporty was pulling Alex off the seat, so JD whipped up a new killer one!

  • From Cro Customs.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Saturday Scoot and Burger with Alex O

Alex stopped by the shop Saturday to have a few things tweaked on the scoot. After we finished adjusting a few things on his bike we rode down in to Playa and Alex was kind enough to buy us lunch.

The night before was the premier of his new movie Whiteout starring Kate Beckinsale.

Alex gave us a blow by blow of the premier mayhem over a burger and was appreciative to have some time to ride a bit.

Rocking the Biltwell Lid

  • From Cro Customs

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Book em AlexO!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alex-picking-up-the-finished-evo-sporty.jpg

For the Alex O fans out there. Alex taking delivery of the newly painted sportster.

  • From Cro Customs

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Steve McGarrett’s Chop at BF3

Last year we built a nice simple 1200 sporty chop for Alex O’Loughlin, soon after he was cast as Steve McGarrett in the new Hawaii 5.0 on CBS. I think the chop had something to do with it. HA!
Alex has agreed to let me take the chop to BF3, so we’ll have it at the Cro Customs headquarters , so come on out and check it out.
  • From Cro Customs

18 July 2011

Alex O’s Sporty 1200 Chop FOR SALE!!!

This bike was built at Cro Customs a couple years ago. It is a 1999 evo sporty in a Paucgho rigid frame. This is a perfect example of a clean , no frills, fast chop that rips up the road. I recently cleaned and tuned the bike after it sat for some time. It runs phenomenal. Lots of very nice custom work. Details below. Featured on Chop Cult. HERE  While the bike is custom, there is still plenty of room to bake it your own.
  • From Chop Cult


When Caleb shared the identity of the Cro customer who commissioned this bike, I was shocked. When it comes to motorcycles, hunky Hollywood types aren’t known for their sense of understatement.

Nevertheless, Alex O’Loughlin of the cop drama Hawaii 5-0 paid Caleb to execute the mild tweaks and rigid re-frame seen here, and the finished bike strikes me as the kind of machine any ChopCult reader would be happy to have in his garage.

I don’t know what’s more refreshing: that there’s a guy in Hollywood who doesn’t parade his ego on an 80-grand theme bike, or that builders like Caleb are comfortable enough in their own skin to massage nondescript XL’s for friends and happy customers. Frankly, both facts say much about the positive direction modern motorcycling is headed, and for that I am grateful.

Here’s the specs and back story on Steve McGarrett’s XL as told by its builder, Caleb Owens:

Owner: Alex O’Loughlin

Shop: Cro Customs

Year make model of donor bike: ’99 1200 Sportster, Fork mods, if any: lowered a bit, Suspension/frame mods, if any: Paughco rigid frame, stock, List of hand-fabbed parts: Narrowed and Friscoed Sporty tank, shaped rear fender, spun brass foot pegs, fender struts, chopped window bars, modified early shovelhead oil tank. Custom seat pan and leatherwork, exhaust pipes, coil mount, rear brake mount, tag mount, Front wheel size and tire specs: 21″ H-D, Rear wheel size and tire specs: 16″ H-D Dunlop, Seat: custom spring seat by JD of Flying Monkey Fabrication


I got a random call from some dude with a thick Australian accent. “Hey mate, I fookin’ love your bikes.” So that chatter went on for a few weeks. He said he scored this Sportster from a mate that owed him cash or something. He asked if I would take a look and see if we could put together a simple runner out of his pile of parts.

I don’t build a lot of Sportsters, and this was the first one I messed with. Add the fact that this Evo was owned by an actor and you can see why I wasn’t jumping through hoops on this one. After several phone calls and feeling this Aussie out, he sounded like he was into two wheels for all the right reasons and that made me feel a lot better, so I said, “Why not?”

We cut a deal to just build a runner: no frills, nothing crazy; just a solid runner with a few nice custom bits to get it on the road. I recruited my good buddy and collaborator JD of Flying Monkey Fab to help out on this build. The initial pile of parts included an ugly stretched Paughco frame and DNA springer with ape hangers. That got sold off in exchange for a stock rigid frame, early Sporty front forks, and a nice set of wheels pulled from the pile of parts scrapped from the BS1 project. The rest of the parts were basically things laying around the shop.

Once the bare bones version was together I had Kiyo work his zen magic and do the electrics for me. JD got on the bike and that damn thing almost pulled him off. This scoot has some major balls. Super FAST! Right then and there we were sold on the concept of a bare bones chopper out of a Sporty.

Apparently Alex O’Loughlin new something I didn’t. He wanted a hard runner and no flashy shit—not a common request from a Hollywood celebrity. When all was said and done JD did a ton of work on the bike and T. Markus came through on the back end for a stellar paint job.

Alex spent a bulk of his time last year thrashing around Hollywood on this bike before landing the leading roll in CBS’s Hawaii 5.0.

Alex hasn’t taken his LA bike to Hawaii yet, so it sits in my shop until he decides what kind of motorcycle is right for the Big Island.

  •  From Cro Customs 

 24 September 2012

Alex O’s Sporty 1200 Chop SOLD’

The Yang

In 2012 Alex got another custom build bike from Cro Customs.

  • From Cro Customs

24 November 2012

Alex O’loughlin Get’s Yang’d

The final trip to Yang Yang’s new home was via the Pacific. I flew to Hawaii to meet Yang on arrival and take deliver to it’s new owner. My trip was a whirlwind. I arrived on a Tuesday night, checked in the hotel, passed out.
Wednesday morning Alex picked me up and we rolled over to the ship yard to get Yang. After some photo ops with locals we trucked the crated bike to Alex’s home and unwrapped her. I went through Yang one last time, took one last ride before passing the beast over to Alex.
The timing was perfect, Alex had a day off from his crazy schedule, so I had time to go through the bike with him, have some lunch and catch up a bit. I also new this was his only day off in a while so I wanted to get what I needed done and get out of his hair so he could enjoy time with his family and his new boy.
Late in the afternoon we said our goodbyes. I had a big pina colada and took a dip in the ocean. It was all very fitting.
Alex is beyond stoked with the bike and rode it to work the very next day.
I didn’t set out to build this bike for Alex, but it all seemed meant to be, as cheesy as that is.  Guys that build know that building a bike for someone and or selling a custom build to someone can be a very personal thing. 9 times out of 10, the customers become friends, as it should be I guess.
I was proud to see the bike go to such good hands and know it will be taken care of and more importantly ridden!

Comments: 1. WhitelinePsycho: Glad it’s found a deserving home, he should be a super stoked fella, new bub, new scoot, giddy up !!

Reply:  Yes Alex does have a busy schedule new son to look after he has a teenage son also his girlfriend has a 3 and a half year old son also 16 hour days on the set and himself to look after. Man this guy can’t stop! His bike looks awesome love it! Love the pic of his dog Dusty also 

Alex liked Yang so much he drove it to the set the next day.

Luckily the Yang was not home when Alex’s Garage caught fire in January 2014

  • From Cro Customs on IG

 crocustoms Damn!!! Alex’s garage went up in flames Monday. So glad no one was hurt. Yang could have been up in flames too, but thankfully it wasn’t home

From what we could see, Alex did not drive if for long before it was seen at the Cro Customs shows on the mainland.

The 2014 Harley-Davidson Deluxe.

  • From ‘DNA Specialty INC‘  on  Facebook

16 June 2014

DNA Specialty INC: Alex O’Loughlin ( Steve McGarrett Hawaii Five-O) with 2014 Deluxe, Mammoth spoke rims, rotors and pulley

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 10406877_574701362642591_3695526641725001941_n.jpg

  • From Rippin Ronnie of Facebook (with the bike before modifications were made)

Ronnie: Congrats to Alex, you guys might know him, on the purchase of his new 2014 Harley-Davidson Deluxe.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 050814_fb_rippinronnie_newharley.jpg

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is may-2014.jpg

We asked DNA Specialty INC  and they confirmed that they did some modifications on the bike for Alex:

DNA Specialty INC: this is his bike with our custom wheels and other accessories.

From what we could gather, it seems that at the end of 2015 the Deluxe found a new home with one of Alex’s old friends in Australia and it is now roaming the streets of Sydney.
Although none of these bikes are still in Alex’s possession, we know that his passion for motorcycles will always be there. 


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#H50 Filming at Joint Base Pearl Harbor – Hickam (2010, 2011 & 2013)

Today is Veterans Day (also Remembrance day) and we thought it might be good to remember some of the times when the military participated with the filming of Hawaii Five-0 .….


Season 1 Episode 9


Col. Sam Barrett, Commander, 15th Wing, hands a coin to Hawaii Five-0 star Alex O’Loughlin during a break in the filming of a scene at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. Col. Barrett presented coins to the hit show’s cast and crew. (U.S. Air Force Photo/Master Sgt. Jeffrey Allen)


C-17 makes cameo in Hawaii Five-0

JOINT BASE PEARL HARBOR-HICKAM, Hawaii — One of the stars in the hearts and minds of the men and women at the 15th Wing made its first cameo in T.V.’s hottest new television show, Hawaii Five-0.

Film crews for Hawaii Five-0 teamed up Oct. 11 with Airmen at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam to film scenes for the Nov. 15 airing of the television episode. Though the C-17 wasn’t the star, its commanding presence wasn’t missed during scenes filmed on location at Hickam’s flightline. Airmen worked alongside the stars of the show and the film crew.

“It was exciting for the H50 crew to work alongside such amazing technology and equipment on this historic and active base,” said Brad Turner, Hawaii Five-0 director. “The cooperation from the crew members on the plane and the ground crew was great. We couldn’t ask for a better day.”

Episode 9, “Po’ipu,” a Hawaiian word meaning “The Siege,” involves the Five-0 team trying to unfold the details of an assassination attempt of a ruthless dictator during his visit to the Islands for an aid summit. From his arrival on a C-17, the Five-0 team must protect the dictator and his family, uncover the assassination plot and investigate the murder of a security detail member involved with the visit who knew details of the planned assassination.

The Air Force plane’s role was minimal in the script, but it was a key piece in the story and allowed the writers and the director to get the main antagonist of the story in and out of Hawaii. According to the filming crew, the C-17 had a huge presence in the filming of the scene in the episode and the authenticity is second to none.

“First and foremost, it creates an environment that exceeds anything we could manufacture or create on a sound stage or inactive base on location,” the director said. “In any film and television project, you strive for an authentic look. The opportunities that we have working with the military at this level — and being invited onto Hickam makes our job so much easier and pays homage to the men and women who are involved in real situations every day.”

“What a great opportunity to highlight the dynamic mission and selfless service of our Air Force Airmen stationed in the great state of Hawaii,” said Col. Sam Barrett, 15th Wing commander. “Any chance we have to share even a glimpse of what our Airmen do every day, especially to an international audience, is something special.”

Colonel Barrett said he is proud to lead a group of Airmen in a strategic location in the Pacific region operating an Air Force weapon system that fits in the personality of a high-octane television series.

“Day and night, the C-17 delivers personnel and supplies in support of humanitarian, peace keeping and wartime contingencies to every land mass on the globe,” the wing commander said. “What a fitting weapon system to feature on an internationally watched TV show.”

“It’s always great to participate in a new series and get the Air Force involved early, not only from a storyline perspective but also from a partnership perspective,”said Lt. Col. Francisco Hamm, U.S. Air Force Entertainment Liaison Office director. “In this case, having a lead character who is a Reserve Navy officer in Hawaii, coupled with the key location of the show, lends itself to Air Force involvement within the series.”

According to Colonel Hamm, whose recent Hollywood projects involving the Air Force include advising Transformers 3, having the creative minds and vision of the film industry provides the Air Force an opportunity to be positively portrayed to a wide audience.

“The Air Force has a ton of real-world cool, riveting, emotional, uplifting and dramatic stories to share and these entertainment opportunities allow the Air Force to have a voice,” Colonel Hamm said. “I think in this day and age of the 24-hour news cycle being very crowded, it’s refreshing to have another strategic outlet for Air Force stories that can rise above the noise and be able to educate, inform and entertain, not only the American public, but many times to a worldwide audience as well.”

Filming of Hawaii Five-0 on Hickam was a win-win situation for many. It was a wing for the Air Force by showcasing America’s Airmen and the technology they employ everyday and a win for the show’s pursuit of authenticity. The director explained that working with Hickam Airmen was nothing short of a pleasurable experience and said the Airmen are “amazing professionals.”

“When we had issues with sound and the engines due to the wind, the ground and air crew worked creative solutions to stop the noise,”Mr. Turner said. “This helped us complete our mission to get clear sound and when we finished post production we realized that the noise had cleared and no ADR (replacing location sound with sound from the sound booth) was necessary. This was due to the efforts of our Air Force crew.”

Filming on the flightline might have only been a one day event, but the experience will not be forgotten any time soon for those involved.

“We hope that this was the first of many opportunities we have to showcase Hickam,”Mr. Turner said.

Season 2 Episode 4

Inside 15th Wing

18 August 2011

 Actors from “Hawaii Five-0” pose for a photograph with Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Air Force honor guard and the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command honor guard Aug. 17. The crew filmed a portion of an upcoming episode on the Hickam Field flightline. More than 30 Airmen, Sailors, Marines and Soldiers were selected to participate in the shoot. This is the second year that the hit CBS show has filmed on JBPHH.

Ten airmen from the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam participated in a scene for an episode of Hawaii Five-0(probably 2.01) involving Terry O’Quinn and Scott Caan at the base. You can read about it here and don’t forget to check out the photos!


Season 3 Episode 20

“Hawaii Five-0” films aboard a Hickam C-17

February 26, 2013

A camera crew from “Hawaii Five-0” prepares to film a scene aboard a C-17 Globemaster III at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Feb. 21, 2013. The crew and cast were on scene to shoot a portion of an upcoming episode. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Jerome S. Tayborn)


Hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane


“Thank You For Your Service”


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#H50 6.06 – #SteveMcGarrett killed Frankenstein

Apart from a couple of scenes (hello from babyhater 😉 ), this epi was pretty enjoyable. Great faces by Alex, thanks to Max and D´s nephew 😀 and I really liked Steve´s new shirt and tight pants 😉 But the scene with Max in the end was pure gold!







Such perfection!



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