Do we see nipples? It is a POLL!

This is us, working hard at getting him naked. Well we at least got him to open up his shirt a little bit for some scenes.

Watching this can cause some physical discomfort, but your input is desperately needed. Just glance briefly over the candidates and let us know which one got you hot and bothered the most.

We are sorry for any pain caused by this study. Please forgive us!

1) Moonlight’s Mick St John – getting out of the bath and feeling better:

2) Hawaii Five-0’s Steve McGarrett – getting another lecture from Danno about insanity:

3) Three Rivers’ Dr Andy – being rudely awakened by Kuol:

4) Moonlight’s Mick St John – getting out of the shower, just to step back in again:

5) FEED’s Michael Carter – being defiant and oh so cool:

6) The Back-Up Plan’s Stan – wondering why Zoe thought sperm could swim so fast.


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60 responses to “Do we see nipples? It is a POLL!

  1. amberrocks

    This poll is genius! But I’m getting dizzy scrolling up and down, up and down, so that I can keep with the staring. LOL

    side note – can’t help but wonder about Mick’s shoes in #1. I wonder if they were supposed to be in the shot?


  2. Shoes??? what shoes? I never make it past his thighs.


  3. I thought for sure I would have to vote for Mick, I mean, I always do, but Steve won me over this time. There’s just something about that scene. He looks extra hot even in that shirt. Stan and Mick, and Mick again, would have been tied for me after Steve. Can I just have them all?


  4. Stan´s abs have a nice hick-up motion 😉


  5. mickmcgarrett

    You really need an “all of the above” option. Sucker for anything from 2.01 so Steve wins.


  6. ess270

    I am soooo predictable. But I’m loving these polls. I could just let you write my comments for me. My struggle Mick vs McG. Story of my life lol. And in the end it’s always


    turn me babe 🙂


    • FOYeur

      ess270…..did you see what the message of that gif is? If you haven’t, remember all the gifs have a message that you can read by hovering with your mouse on it. 😀
      It reads: “Was it as good for you as it was for me?”


  7. Michael’s nips look so lonely without the lush chesthair, but at least the gecko is freed!


  8. karin@notmcnerd

    Have to go with Stan. His heavy breathing causing the abs to ripple (sigh) and I can’t help diverting my attention momentarily to his lovely smile.
    Steve in the plaid is my second choice but “all of the above” works, too.

    Thanks for so cleverly feeding my obsession, Paula.


  9. Cat

    I chose Mick coming out of the shower, not only for the open shirt but also for that look in his eyes, sigh…


  10. Mary Jane

    choose.Can’t choose. They all demand my attention.


  11. All above lol.But i picked Steve chest and toung!


  12. Reblogged this on gem1n12505 luvs H50 cast and crew and commented:
    the more nekkid Alex is the better


  13. All of these I wanted to pick cus anytime Alex takes his shirt off is a beautiful sight. Mmm, such a shame we don’t get to see him fully naked. Would love to see him in a wet suit like Scotty Caan then stripping out of it


  14. AnnieOakley

    Wow, these polls are KILLER – so hard to choose a single one. I chose Stan, for the total package (no pun intended) – a little out of breath, with that just-f/cked expression and his pants are still unbuttoned (oh my). But then there’s Dr. Andy and those adorable pajama bottoms (not unlike the pj bottoms in ML).


  15. Gina

    Oh!!! I just noticed Stan’s pants are UNBUTTONED! Thud………….


  16. Andrea_Briz

    Paula, another great poll. I bet it was tough wading through all the material to pick the ones for the poll 🙂 Last time, the best kiss poll, I think I voted for how I feel about the relationships rather than the actual kiss. So this time I am voting purely on what I see before me (and be still my beating heart…). My vote goes to Stan – lots to see there, plus the cute smile and the expression on his FAAAACE. Close second Steve for rocking the chest and looking hot even in that terrible shirt. Oh, and also because Steve+chest+getting hell from Danno=sexy.


  17. imfriggingud

    Sh*t you know how to get the blood racing… so I voted Stan, for that ripple effect (& that was just his abs!!!) followed by Steve, I’d volunteer to draw tattoo’s anywhere on that body (plus it shows he can wear anything and still be so f*ucking sexy… mind is playing tricks can see him wearing a paper bag and still doing it for me)… then lastly Michael, for some reason helping me to find the perfect Christian Grey character (who would be the perfect ‘Control Freak’)


    • Glad to see you got multiple choices 😉
      I was happy to read so many others not liking that plaid shirt. In my eyes it really is awful! But this is the only way he should have worn it in this episode. OPEN!


  18. alexsluvjan

    I must say .. I loved all his roles and especially Michael in Feed cause we got to see him nakkie..But here I had to vote for Stan showing those ribbed abs and his pants being unbottoned..But my fav characters are Mick and Steve!!!♥ I must agree with Donna too, Alex doesnt need any clothes..


  19. I.. um.. What?? *wipes drool from chin* Um.. Can’t get past Mick coming out of the bathroom!!


  20. Karen

    OMG!! This is so hard to decide!!! Too bad you didn’t put an “All of above” choice.


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