#AlexOLoughlin on Marriage – ‘Guys tell all’ on the Today Show, 2010

Today is 17 April, and one year ago we got the reports of Alex’s wedding to Malia Jones. Since then the wedding band that we always see on his ring-finger and the tan line from the ring on that finger while he is Steve McGarrett, reminds us of the commitment he made to his partner and mother of his second child, last year. We hope that his future with his family only brings him even more happiness in the years to come.

We thought it might be fun to see what Alex had to say about marriage in 2010 – five years ago. At that time while promotingThe Back-Up Plan‘, he appeared on the ‘Today Show’ on 15 April 2010. He was part of theGuys Tell All panel, as a stand-in guest. They answered viewers’ questions about sex and romance.

(This transcript is only of the parts that Alex got to answer)

Viewer: Why do men think that saying, “Hey Baby”, entices us?

Presenter: Let’s hear from you, our new Aussie friend.

Alex: Yeah, hi.

Presenter: Hello – Welcome.

Alex: Hey, Baby.


Presenter: Why do women, she’s asking, think that we would like that?

Alex: I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve ever said that in my life, unless I’ve known the person for a long time. But it’s like …

Presenter: What do you say?

Alex: I don’t really … I sort of stumble, you know I’m like, “Um …, excuse me.” And by that time they’re like “What?” and I am like, “Nothing”.


Presenter: Are you married Alex?

Alex: No, I’m not married actually. But I’ve been told that if I, instead of Hey Baby”, if I just say, “Gooday to ladies, I’d be married within ….


Presenter: Can you change the way you kiss?

Alex: I don’t think so…. I think you should … you had a great point before …

Andrew: Research actually shows that men like deeper, wetter kisses than women do.

Alex: That’s not the point I wanted to make. We were discussing this earlier … This is important. You know, it’s that today … we didn’t use to bathe as much. And now we bathe so much and we put on perfume and stuff. And our natural pheromones are sort of disguised. And so in the kiss, that’s really the most organic place that chemical transfer can happen.


Viewer: Why is it that men never stop to ask for directions, even if we are lost?

 Alex: The thing is …. the other thing is …. we know where we’re going.


Viewer: Why do men feel like they have to buy expensive toys, like speedboats and fancy cars?

Alex: I mean the other thing is, if you are in a position to have nice stuff that you like. I mean …. can you imagine if I had a rocket ship? We could just like go into space for the day, I mean. It’s like ….

Presenter: You’d have a lot of company.

Alex: I’d have a lot of company, you know what I mean. I think the other thing is people like ….. I mean it’s a reward as well. Especially when men get into relationships and get married and have kids, I mean. A lot of men feel stifled by that. I’m not married, but I know a lot of men who are …. I’m sitting with 3 …

Presenter: Do you want to be married?

Alex: Do I want to be married?

Presenter: Yeah.

Alex: Um.

[Laughs all around]


Alex: I don’t wanna be … I don’t want to not be married.

Presenter: Oh that’s not an answer.

Alex: Statistically you look at marriage and half of them don’t work so. But what I think the word marriage is, is … is more about like finding some … one person who wants to be with me…

Chuck: Own a rocket ship.


Alex: Who wants me to sell all my toys and have a really miserable time. So yeah, I do want that.


Viewer: What are 3 things that most attracts you to a girl?

Alex: Yeah, I mean, attractive, smart and funny too. I mean … but it’s a sense of humour that’s so important for me, because life gets sort of so serious. You have to … I have to have someone I can laugh with. And someone who gets …. I mean there’s nothing like being with someone who gets your sense of humour. And something will happen and all you need to do is shoot each other a look, and you’re rolling with laughter. I mean that stuff is important.


Presenter: Gentlemen, you have been awesome. Yes, and you held your own like crazy Alex..

Alex: What did you think I was going to do?

Presenter: We had no idea. We really didn’t know.

Alex: Sit here and crumble under the pressure?

Presenter: We just wanted to look at you. We didn’t care what you’d say.


Presenter: You will be with us tomorrow. So we’ll see you tomorrow to talk about your movie.

Alex: I’m coming back tomorrow? Okay, good.

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27 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin on Marriage – ‘Guys tell all’ on the Today Show, 2010

  1. tracey

    He was easy pray and shes cheap and easy


    • Tracey we all know the hatred that you spew against Malia on every site that you visit. It just says a lot about YOU and your character as a fellow countyman of Alex and what kind of a person you are and any loyalty to him. More than it could ever say about Alex’s wife and his choices in life..
      Sorry, but nobody held a gun to Alex’s head and force him into anything. And he took his time to make his decission to get married and did not rush into anything.
      If you are a true fan of Alex you will also accept his judgement as a grown man for the things he do in his personal life. It is clearly not any of our business as fans, to judge his personal life.
      We can just be happy that he found a place in life to be happy in, and he clearly looks happy.


      • Very well said FOYeur! Thank you. ❤


      • gracenotpark

        LOL!! I thought the mean chick was talking about CathyLee Gifford and how she fawned over Alex in the interview…didn’t realize she was expressing jealousy of Malia until I read your response, Foyeur. Duh! Hee!


      • Yikes! I was catching up on this post, expecting light and cheery comments, and was going to make a joke about the line in the interview where Kathy Lee said, “We just wanted to look at you. We didn’t care what you’d say.” <—-My thoughts EXACTLY when the H50 mythology and COTW don't make sense to me…
        Then I saw that a hater troll dropped by. So sorry that you had to deal with this, FOYeur. I ALL CAPS AGREE with your response! And I'd like to add: Trolls gotta troll, troll, troll, troll, troll, troll. They've gotta go, go, go, go, go, go. Let's all shake 'em off, shake 'em off! Uh oh!


    • Serai

      That’s more than a little nasty. Jealous much?


  2. He is so right!!! Humor is the most important thing, if you can’t laugh together don’t bother.
    I am pretty sure Alex and Malia share the same sense of humor. Seeing them together you can feel the love and the laughter. A beautiful couple inside and out.
    AOL is a happily married man now, he radiates happiness ever since, he found his perfect place!


  3. He does seem very happy, he looks fabulously fit and it is refreshing to see him with his family and they are all smiling. 🙂 Also, that he still has a lot of fun outside of the family (i.e. with Enson and the hula hoop). Unf!
    From the video: He description of a deep, wet kiss…holy smokes…I’d let him suck my tonsils out of my throat if I had a chance. 😛 He talks about the pheromones and how we cover them with perfumes and soaps. I love the scent of a man! I think that is why I have a fascination with his arm pits. I’d love to snuggle in close and breathe in the musky heat. Sorry, I hope I didn’t weird anyone out. 😳


    • Serai

      You’re not weirding me out, honey. I agree with both of you 100%. The miasma of artificial smells people wrap themselves in can make me ill, it can get so strong. But when I look at a beautiful man like Alex sweating and exuding scent, I get crazy. What was it that girl in Pulp Fiction said? “I like your stink.” Yeah, that’s me.

      About the kiss, though: oddly enough, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen him kiss a woman like that. I keep looking for it, but it doesn’t happen. He never seems to want to open his mouth when he kisses, and I keep wondering, “Does he kiss his wife like that?” Because I’d have slapped some sense into him long ago if I were her, lol. (Or perhaps he saves those kisses for her, which would be nice, but wouldn’t explain why he didn’t do it before he met her.)


      • But Alex did kiss his co-stars in his early movies with open mouth. But he changed it since and I think he did so to keep the real kisses for his personal RL. To me it doesn´t really portray passion on screen with closed mouths, but I think CBS is not allowing it anyway. Apart from 1.05 McRoll “neck-dive” kissing, I can´t remember any steamy scenes with Steve and Cath. What a waste…


  4. I’m so happy for Alex that he truly found his place in life and a person he could totally commit to. A person he could not only fall in love with, but also obviously loves deeply. That is not a given today. Really happy for them both and for their families. I hope they will lead a very happy long life.


  5. karen

    The way he looked while he was kissing Malia goodbye at the last SOTB says it all for me. The man has it bad.


  6. They are happy and she is beautiful and kind.I KNOW. I have net them both together and they were a true couple Thank you dear ladies who jumped to Malia;s defense.. Tracey’s comment was one of the nastiest I have read. and I bet she has never met Malia and she is certainly no TRUE FAN of Alex’s to talk about his wife. the mother of his beautiful youngest son
    We do not need her ugly vibes here on this loving site-or come ti think of it anywhere!!
    A special THANK YOU and a BIG HUG to FOYeur.


    • Serai

      I hope this isn’t the same Tracey that used to run roughshod through Keanu fandom. That comment really does look like one of hers.


  7. Kath40

    I had to pop in at the last minute and wish Alex and Malia a Happy Anniversary! I hope they have lifetime of happiness together. ♥
    Alex took his time finding the right woman for himself whom he was willing to “sell all his toys” for. 😉 May they buy that “rocket ship” together and “fly into space” as often as they like. ♥

    JMO: “Does he kiss his wife like that?” I think the kisses we see on TV are staged as you don’t kiss your co-star like you would kiss your wife. Alex is also a very private man so even a public kiss has it’s restraints. The kisses at home I’m sure are a whole other experience for Malia as we are not privy to view. Have you not seen enough of what this man can do with his tongue just licking his lips preparing to say his next line on H50? Let alone what he as Mick did to Simone’s wrist just for a blood test. *THUD*


    • Serai

      Hm. Staged or not, a good actor doesn’t balk at doing what’s called for in a role. I certainly wouldn’t think Alex would refuse to do something as simple as this, when pretty much every other actor wouldn’t think twice about it. And no, it bothers me to see something so common missing in his performances – it stands out like a sore thumb, frankly. It’s just plain *odd*, and I’m naturally curious about it. He’s an actor putting out work for public consumption, so why shouldn’t something unusual about it be questioned?


  8. Kath40

    Oh wait, have you checked out his kiss in Mary Bryant. Now that was an open mouth kiss, no tongue, but hot none the less. *Kath fans herself* 🙂


  9. Tina Dray

    I am a big fan of Alex O’Loughlin and I only wish him the best!
    I have an article about my Dad who was an organ donor recipient and I would love to send it to Alex, just need to know where to send it to.


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