Some Sunday Evening Smiles & Laughs

Just a little something to send you all some good wishes for the week ahead! 🙂

It’s reassuring when you come home and your mates say you haven’t changed much.

Alex O’Loughlin, The Sydney Morning Herald, 23 November 2011


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28 responses to “Some Sunday Evening Smiles & Laughs

  1. Thank you Paula! I love,love,love,this man for his sense of humor and many more things I’m sure you have guessed by now. Since I discovered H50 and Alex mid season S1, I didn’t know much about this “hot guy on Monday nights.” I was so surprised in the DVD extras and gag reel that he was Australian and he had a potty mouth. I am not incredibly fond of vulgarity, but for some reason, when it comes out of Alex’s mouth, I’m turned on! 😕 I guess it’s the closet nympho in me who wants him to say naughty naughty things to me while he’s performing them on me. 😛 l hope this season’s gag reel is better than last years. I have a feeling since Alex was feeling better this year, there will be plenty to work with.
    Those abs and that smile….S&T
    The car scene is classic! It’s hard to not think about it when I watch the episode. 😆
    Microphone up the nose…Damn I love this man!!!


  2. Ontlls

    Love this post.. Thanks for the giggles. Eyes are watering from laughing so hard. Thank you! Thank you!!


  3. LindaSue

    I just loved the season 1 gag reel so much! I have watched it many, many times. In my “fantasy life” I used to want to be the person behind the scenes who fussed with Alex & Scott’s hair, squirt them with a water bottle to make them sweaty, etc. But now after studying your screen shots carefully (the ones where Alex has his shirt raised and is posing) , I now want to be the person who hides the wires and microphones on their bodies!! 😀 😀


  4. Awwww, love these smiles. Thank you Paula.


  5. heymomo

    This is a great way to start a new week!! Thanks gals!!


  6. I love the fact that this man does not take himself seriously! He has managed not to get caught up in the whole celebrity thing. He’s the real deal!


  7. lunaterra12

    What a perfect end to the weekend!


  8. SueB

    Love the gag reel! It shows Alex is just a great guy with a great sense of humor! Thanks so much for reminding me!


  9. buttercup

    Paula, FOYeur and AOL never fail to produce a smile on my face, thanks a lot 😆 ! He’s the real deal for sure, funny, humorous, cheerful and dedicated to all what he’s doing!


  10. canadagirl66

    That man’s smile never fails to bring a smile to my face and warmth to my panties…err…I mean heart!!
    S1 gag reel was the BEST! Hoping we can say the same thing about S3!!
    Oh…and btw…the button fly in those glorious tan cargos in #11 and #12 are KILLING.ME. *THUD*


  11. KarinA

    Sorry todays-planned-work – you just got demoted to another hour/day/whatever! something else came up – get the S1 DVD with the gag reel out of its cover and into the DVDplayer – just wondering when todays work will be done… 🙂


  12. Melissa

    Well, i didn’t see this on sunday, but certainly is making my monday hell yeah! so worth it 🙂


  13. Karen

    What Melissa said. Oh and I need to re-watch the s1 gag reel AGAIN! LOVE!


  14. AlexNymph

    Yes, great Monday, thanks! Look at all the grey in his hair in the last photo. What a sexy goofy beast!


  15. why is this post filed under Oyster farmer?


  16. Sylvie

    Please, I need someone help. I have always wonder what he is saying in the third gif when he has his hands up and he’s in front of the Govenor. I find some translation in French but I’m not very sure of this one. If somebody could write it me his words just thanks a lot.
    I love all his laughing ans jokes.
    I had a look at the gag reel about “Criminals minds”, I enjoy watching this serie but this extra are not enjoying at all. Alex and all the team are the best!!!


  17. Sylvie

    Right FOYeur, thank you so much. So, I understood it in the correct way. May I ask you the second sentence he said just after this one?


  18. Sylvie

    Thanks girls, you’re wonderful!!!!


  19. Sunday AND Smile 🙂 seems like we all need some smiles on Sundays… 🙂
    I love the gag reel. S1 was much better than S2. Just my opinion… Let’s wait and see how S3 gag reel will make us laugh 🙂


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