#AlexOLoughlin -A Young Aussie Lad and His Assets

Once again tried to have a short brief glimpse of Jack.

The movie (Oyster Farmer, if there are still fans out there who don´t know Jack), captured me and gave me such a happy feeling, that it was really hard to stop and just capture tiny moments.

I felt almost like a cougar, drooling over this young man (but being only 29, that seems a bit young for a cougar 😉 ) . Oh boy, what a talent in that body…

Jack and his spadeof-strut

Jack in the dog race


Jack getting out of bed


Jack undressing


Jack getting in the shower


Jack carrying some groceries


What makes it even more wonderful, is knowing that Alex actually really wanted this part.

He knew he could be the best Jack there is 😀


Until we meet again Jack…




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27 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin -A Young Aussie Lad and His Assets

  1. lunaterra12

    I love this movie. That gif of him getting into the shower…. UNF


  2. gracenotpark

    Your gifs are true gifts. And what a great subject to focus upon! Most enjoyable!!!!


  3. Paula, I feel a bit cougarish too when I lust over young Jack. “Wakey, wakey, hands off snakey” >> 😆
    I’ve commented before on where his hand goes as he steps into the shower. 😯 I think it’s to keep little Alex from needing screen credit. 😛 I wish the lighting would have been better, but I love the curves of his thighs…unf!! He wasn’t as fit as he is now, but he has always had the MOST AMAZING A$$ and luscious long legs!


  4. AlexNymph

    Oh yeah, thanks, Paula, for the amazing shower gifs. This was my first thought, and then I started reading comments and blanked out for awhile.


  5. And I almost left out the shower scene! Well actually those frames were a mistake, since I forgot to stop the automatic capping,my eyes were focused on the screen, for some odd reason 😉


    • AlexNymph

      WHAT?! 🙂 You could do a whole feature on the shower scene–all his shower scenes, actually. 🙂 But were there only two shower scenes we’ve seen in his career–TOF and Moonlight? What’s wrong with that man–he must get more wet, indoors. This needs some investigating . . .


  6. SueB

    I believe I just fell in love (all over again) with his silhouette! OMG!


  7. buttercup

    I like it when he does the “McG pose” in the last picture, for me it’s so Steve-like 😉 !
    You make me wanna buy that movie and watch it in good quality!


  8. This movie…this perfect little movie. *sigh* I can only nod in agreement with everything said. So much love for JAck.


  9. Paula da5rling
    A mllion thank you’s for these glorious GIFS. I love this film and your {AHEM} exploitation of his gorgeous glutes and adorable appetizing Ass did not BUM me out at all!! In fact I LIKE IT.
    BTW I’m TOAST {Again} With butter. {Again} S&T


  10. visage13

    How did I almost miss this post? Wow, and your comments had me laughing so hard. I am pretty new to this site but I cannot thank you enough for brightening up my day a little, every day. I had no idea who Alex was until 5 0, this year, I know i had a lot of catching up to do on episodes. The episode that hooked me was the camping trip gone wrong with Grace and the troop, I can’t remember what they were called. Anyway, thanks for all you do.


  11. Okay the “load” gif almost did me in!! visage13, I missed it too!! WTH?! These are awesome!! Thanks so much!! 😀


  12. Why did the lighting have to be so bad? The hand action was hot. You forgot the shot of him bending over and showing us his lovely ass in jeans and his tattoo! Another amazing shot. Any one who hasn’t seen this movie needs to! Just more hot and sexy Alex!!


  13. canadagirl66

    I’ve been back to this post several times today…wanting to add a comment….but instead just staring for long periods of time at those two shower gifs. I am so totally entranced by them (him) that I haven’t been able to form any kind of coherent thought…let alone think about words to add here.
    *scrolls back up*
    That may not be the same fit body as S1 McG, but for me it is PERFECT.
    *scrolls back up*
    He looks so HUGE in that doorway. His broad back…his massive thighs…*scrolls back up*…the shape of his ass…*scrolls back up*…
    GODD LORD…that silhouette is SO.FCKNG.HOT…SO.FCKNG.SEXY!!!
    *scrolls back up*
    And if all that hotness wasn’t enough…he puts his hand THERE!! O.M.G.
    I LOVE and ADORE Jack for his sweetness…but I also LUST after him because…well…look at him!!
    Oh…and I may be *cough* a few *cough* years older than Jack….the age difference doesn’t faze me in the least…I would not feel one bit guilty about showing that boy a good time!


  14. Ontlls

    HOLY HANNAH!! 😯 What did I miss!! I um.. WOW!! Okay, I was deciding what to do this afternoon, watch H50 Making of the Pilot or “Oyster Farmer” I got my answer. Thank you!! WOW!!
    Those two into the shower *wipes drool off keyboard* I might be awhile! 😉


    • OF definitely the way to go 🙂 those the making of Pilot has it´s moments too, but OF will perhaps give you a warm nice feeling all over 🙂


      • Ontlls

        Totally agree, Jack is so cute! I love him!!
        Had a tough time understanding some of the Aussie talking, but I could make out Alex’s and Jack Thompson accents no problem, probably cuz I have watched enough of Alex interviews and Jack Thompson movies to understand them.
        Will have to do a re-watch soon.. Very soon. Love the ending!! LOL!!


  15. casi me desmayo al verlo en la ducha !


  16. Streamed this movie during the pandemic. Very, very good movie😁! And I absolutely love the Australian countryside🤗❤! Definitely want to go visit there one day👍😁!

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