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A Month of Mick (#28) – Act you age!

We know that the vampires don’t age. They stay at a certain age and they look that age forever. The big question is about the age of the mind and at the time of being turned how will ‘mind’ age affect each vampires behaviour as time goes by. The main question for this always arises from Moonlight, Episode 5 – Arrested Development , where we have a teenage vampire who are killing woman – mainly prostitutes it seem.

To be stuck with raging hormones that you don’t know what to do with, for eternity, must be hard.

Our young vampire seems to kill his “potential” love interests, because of differences in what they want from  each other –  or maybe because of his hate for the prostitute that turned him. The only thing that I can think of as being worse than to be a teenager for eternity, would be to be menopausal for eternity 😀 Not that I know what it feels like to be menopausal -#notthereyet 😛

The main question is – Up until what age will the body have such an influence on you that it will affect you behaviour so much? Most often the theory would be that as we age, we acquire wisdom. But how does a vampires body being turned at a certain age, mess with this ‘wisdom’?

This episode suggests the theory that a child will always have a child’s mentality, just as a teenager will always have a teenage mentality. But how does our body’s age affect us once we become adults? Will a 25-year-old act the same way as a 30-year-old or a 40-year-old?

(Okay I admit, this post it is actually mostly about the pretty……but it would be interesting to hear what others have to say about the age thing. 😛 )

The workload and the pressure are quite challenging. I’ve come to the conclusion that I will never work harder than this as an actor – unless I’m doing a war film for Oliver Stone somewhere in the Vietnamese jungle, it’s boot camp and he’s making me sleep in the trees and not allowing me to eat at all.

— Alex O’Loughlin, Starlog, March 2008



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A Month of Mick (#27) – Enjoy the pretty – HApPY BiRThDAY ELLeN

Yey! Another party day, another bottle of beer or champagne! Smiley (we might just as well call August, the month of parties and drinking from now on! *hick*)


Before we start our final weekend of Mick……

ml1-attractiveWe go back to the beginning…….

ml1-fountainRemembering that first hello……


Remembering times of Mick just being Mick….ml1-driving…….and sometimes when love just hurts 😀


There were even times of nearly dying…


and the past came back to haunt us just a little…


Sometimes real life  just silently creeps up on you…..


But we believe there can be happy endings……

bday-ellenWe hope you and everybody else have been enjoying our month of Mick till now!

Happy Birthday Ellen S (@ess270 )


From Paula & FOYeur


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A Month of Mick – A study in black and white (# 26) – The Cast of Moonlight

They really were a wonderful cast……

It takes a while to climb the greasy pole of Hollywood, as they say. You get up a bit and then you slip back down, that’s what it’s like. You take two steps forward, three steps back. But you just chip away until you get there

– Alex O’Loughlin, News Weekly, 8 March 2008


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Mini Andy checking on you

So many feelings on dat Face…





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A Month of Mick (#25) – It is my fantasy and I am sticking to it…..

How do you tell a man twice your age that you are his father?

You don’t!

– Mick St John, Moonlight, Episode 15

For so many reason, Episode 15 – ‘What’s left behind’, of Moonlight has got a special place in my heart. One of them is the warm fuzzy feeling in my heart whenever we get to see Alex interact with children. His tenderness and ease with them always astounds me. He just has this ability to let the child actors shine and be the best at whatever they need to be…..

Another reason of course is the warm fuzzy feeling I get in “other” parts whenever he is afforded the chance for some romance and love. Oh boy, we are getting far to little of that in his career!! (and somehow when we do, people find reasons to complain about it 😕 )

The other wonderful thing about this episode, is that we meet “normal” Mick. I guy who was born just before and grew up during the great depression years. A guy who grew up in a normal middle class American home. Mick St John, the shy man, who went to war for his country. And suffered in the trenches in the snow, during the “Battle of the Bulge”…..


We meet Mick, who just like many men of that time, not only got injured in the war himself, but came back, having lost his dearest friend as well. A friends who’s dying words were, take care of my wife. And that is exactly what he did. But in the process of looking after her and maybe as they were both grieving for somebody they love, they fell in love with each other. Was it true love or just consoling each other. I guess we and they would never know.




What we do know, is that a half paralyzed Ray came back and 7 months later a very large prem baby was born. Is this all a coincidence or not? The odds are definitely in the favor of a healthy Mick, to be the father of a child that was not actually born prematurely.

We have to realise that Mick knew the consequences of having a human family in his life. He told Beth in Episode 3, that he had to give up his family. Even if he did get involved with Robert and Jacob, how would he be able to explain to them as the years go by, that he is not aging. For vampires the only way they could be with humans and be safe, is for the human to know the truth. How will Mick be able to explain the truth to Robert?

From there my belief that Mick made a conscious decision at that very moment, that Robert and Jacob can’t be part of his undead life. For me he actually shows his love towards them for putting their feelings and safety before his own need of family. Also as he receives the results, he says “Good for you Ray” – for me that was his way of saying – Good for you Ray, you raised our son well and you took him as your own. You might have come back from the war as a cripple, but I gave you a son and you took my gift without contempt. Good for you for doing that! This is the way it was supposed to be. Thank you my friend, I will honour you and not disrupt their lives with my own need for a family…….





A lot of the arguments against my view, are that most believe Mick would not lie to Beth. But there are so many things that Mick were withholding from Beth and not sharing with her, because of her being human. He was most probably also thinking of her feelings and the fact that they could never have children, but that he now has got offspring of his own. Something that might somewhere down the line, become an issue between the two of them…..

So all in all I want to stand by my fantasy that Mick indeed had a family, with some potential of stories yet to come……

My first question is: ‘Can I shine in this role?’ Do I have a comprehensive understanding of this character? Do I also have an inherent, instinctual understanding of how I’m going play this character, does this character live within me already on some level? Am I going to be able to authentically bring honesty, integrity and life to this character and, defend this character with all my might? And so that’s our job as actors

– Alex O’Loughlin, Vampires & Slayers, November 2008


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