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Most favorite fun moment of H50 so 3 – it is a POLL!

Let´s take a look back into so 3 highlights (according to us obv). With so many small scenes bringing smiles and laughters and all around good feelings, it was hard to decide which scenes to include in this poll. But after a couple of minutes of sweating in agony, decided that these are the favorites 😀

1. Not that watching someone injecting themselves is fun. But something about the close-up just warms your insides, and such a nice clean shave too 😉304-injection

2. Letting the hand in slow-mo do the talking…not a dry spot on the sofa anymore…304-slow-hand

3. Messing with Steve´s sister. We want more of dirrrty Morty with Mary. Give us that face again please!307-morty

4. A fearless navy Seal finally met his living nightmare, a naked man…309-tackle

5. Life lessons taught on Steve´s bootcamp. We are all ears (with legs clenching together)…310-very-important

6. Every girl dreams of their prince McCarming to come to carry her off in his arms. OMG! Did it really happen?!


7. Beers and buddies go together like a horse and carriage?


8. We finally found out what turns Steve on. Just the thought of his girl in camo made him crazy with desire, or was it a little something extra in his cantine 😉316-foxhole-fantasy

9. You can be a tough Navy Seal, in a frkn ninja outfit, but magic tricks will bring out the little boy 😀323-magic-breath

Ok. Your turn, chose the moment you found the most fun/lovely/thrilling/exciting in so 3!


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