Daily Archives: July 4, 2013

Bad a$$

Hi you all

Paula went shopping and she left me here all alone (again). She is staying away way to long, so I decided to send Steve to find her…..

At the first stop she created a diversion and blew things up ….. I think Steve might look a bit pissed off! 😯


At the second stop, she went undercover and he walked right past  her! (Clever girl or maybe she was just scared of the big gun? :grin:)


I might be wrong …….. but he really does not look happy with her at all! Me thinks she better get her ass back home before he drags her here! She will end up on the chair in the blue room! (although that might not be a bad place to be after all – maybe Kevin taught him a few chair tricks!! 😛 )

Enjoy your day! (especially our USA friends who celebrate their Independence day, today)




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