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#H50 Season 4 on it´s way – Blessing Ceremony

Well I think Alex is to blame for the blessing being delayed.

Apparently he had just got of the plane.

He said he had been on a trip with his eldest son and hadn´t had time to shave.

Even though I personally don´t like this heavy beard on Alex, DDK seemed to find it extremely sexy 😉


click pic for a link to HNN video, they have the best quality video up from the blessing, they are in 3 different clips.

Sorry the live feed video HNN shot was such poor quality. I don´t get it, with today´s HD cameras, surely they could have used their a-game equipment!

Next year I hope they will allow a fan to come shoot Alex´s unbuttoned-shirt-wonderfulness in HD quality!

But they did fortunately catch some nice moments on the set, let´s enjoy them till new material appears 😀


I think Alex is giving the lady a stink eye after she told him to button up. Bitch!

Alex: "I lost my guns over the hiatus, look how slim my arm is"

Alex: “I lost my guns over the hiatus, look how slim my arm is”

I think this means a new bromance is set up for this season?!

Look out Danny, Chin is already at first base with Steve 😉


Oh Cath, you have lost your man…


Some pics from the blessing, courtesy of HNN



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