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365 days of fun – We Are ONE !

Today a year ago, after a month of heavy pregnancy (from FOYeur) and hard labor (from Paula), this site went live. We have had 365 days of fun and laughter.


Some days with less laughter and others with more naughty….. 😛 – but it has never been boring (not for us in any case).  We always aimed to post something from everything Alex has done, and that has happened. We know the blog is heavy with Steve (we are not calling him fat! 😯 ), but with Hawaii Five-0, S4 starting soon, there is more of Steve to come…


Mick always keeps our interest, but with only 16 episodes, well…sometimes we need to let Mick rest for a while. But he will never leave us for too long. ♥



Alex´s early career had so much variety and we do hope he gets to explore his acting skills after CBS is done with Hawaii Five-0. He has served us with such true gems, only leaving us wanting for more.


Many of us are probably wishing for  baddie parts for Alex – he seems to do those so well (and it doesn´t hurt to have a sexy crook 😈 ). But seeing his lovable Andy, well, he just melts our heart troubles away. ♥♥♥♥♥


We thought it might be a nice time to give you a summary of our experiences over the past year! And also to give you some pointers of how to enjoy what we have to offer you on here to the fullest……

This will be our 439th post and although we did not have something new every day we at least offered more than a years worth of goodies. (these posts containing a massive 4500 picture and gifs – not bad for one year, taking into account that it does not include the ones we posted on FB and Twitter! Paula needs a good round of applause from all of us for all her hard work creating them!!)

Let us look at some of the post worth mentioning……

(Remember when you click on the underlined names, the link will take you to the post – most underlined words in our posts are links 😀 )



The most popular post:

Alex O’Loughlin’s Tattoos (Part 1) – What is real and what is not?

Alex and his tattoos still seem to be the most popular subject, if we look at views per day and also internet searches that land at our site. This tells me that our first instinct to do a story about his tattoos for our very first research post, has been validated. It kind of breaks our hearts that whenever you search the internet, there are still so many sites our there with outdated information on the tattoos.



The funniest post:

Buddies looking confused


The prettiest post:

William Bryant in love



The naughtiest post:

Alex O’Loughlin – You searched for him and you got us (Part 2)


The most controversial post: 😥

Alex O’Loughlin ……Is the real man good enough for you?

Dear Fellow fans

Sad to say, but because of the don’t care attitude of so many of Alex’s fans, these picture with Alex’s head photoshopped into it, along with a few other fake pictures, just get repinned on Pinterest over and over and over again, all with Alex O’Loughlin’s name boldly attached to it – with captions like “OMG let us just take a minute to thank his parents

I know I have a problem about something that should not bother me this much, but I can’t help crying about it! It is becoming so bad, that every time I have PMS, I ponder the idea of deleting my Pinterest account for good, just to keep my sanity and peace of mind! 😥

I do not want to fight with people over it, but the rudeness I have encountered for telling people (“fans”) that they are attaching Alex’s name to a fake picture has really been heartbreaking …. Thank you to those who have removed it. ♥

My original message stay the same – please mark fake pictures as manipulated pictures if you like them so much or remove them. And don’t steal other people’s artwork or pictures and claim them as your own, because that is how the original thought behind the pictures get lost.




Some guidelines on how to use the tools we provide you with, to find all the treats we have to offer here:

From the top on the left hand side of the site:

  1. A button to follow the blog via email
  2. A link to the page with Alex quotes.
  3. Under “Recent posts“, links to the last 20 post we have done
  4. A link to our gallery of Twitter pictures
  5. Under “Pages”, the links to all the links of everything we have (the names on there kind of explain themselves and they can also be found on top of the site above the header)
  6. A link to our Twitter
  7. Under “Archive”, you can find a drop down menu to do searches by month
  8. Under “Categories”, you can find a drop down menu to do searches according to categories (we might need to refine that more 😳 )
  9. Under “Looking 4 something” you can type in your own search words, to try to find something

From the top on the right hand side of the site:

  1. Under “Comments“, the latest 15 comments made
  2. Sometimes you will find a countdown to a special occasion here
  3. A link to our Facebook page photo albums
  4. A calendar with links to every day
  5. Under “Top posts” you will find the links to the 10 posts that got the most views for the past week
  6. You can also click on tag names to find specific subjects (of course Paula ignores tagging usually, sorry about that…)
  7. Sites to visit” will take you to other blogs where you might find interesting info about Alex  (there are a couple of blogs currently on hiatus 😦 )
  8. Under “For your ears”, you will find a playlist of some music you can play while roaming around (which is meant to be updated every now and then)


The regular posts about specific subjects:

  • Alex O’Loughlin – You search for him and you got uswith them we have some fun with all the search terms that brought people to us)
  • Undressing Stevewe have some fangirl fun with Steve’s wardrobe
  • Pollsevery now and then we give you the chance to vote for the pretty
  • Birthdays and other occasions – we like to celebrate things (any excuse to drink! )
  • Most of Season 3 episodes of Hawaii Five-0 displayed in gifsPaula works hard the day after each episode to summarizes the pretty of it in beautiful and sometimes naughty gifs (S4 on Friday nights will cause us serious problems as Paula work most weekends 😦 )


The most memorable post:

Alex O’Loughlin is having a Day of Birth.


Last year with Alex’s birthday, we made this little fun post taking a look at all the “births” he experienced in his career. It was nearly midnight in our timezone and we wanted to publish it at that time. Then the news of Alex and Malia expecting Lion came through. I wanted to insert the link to the news story in there, but I was to dumb at the time, to know how to do it. The news fit so nicely in with our last words in the post, we just had to do it.

I tried to get a hold of Paula, who was at work at the time, so that she can help me with it, also having to cope with distractions of my own at home. Paula’s computer at work was giving her trouble and as she put it, “she hit the keyboard so hard to get it to respond, that you could see sparks flying”. Well at the end we got it done and what a moment to remember.

We would like to remind you that Alex O’Loughlin Fans for Donate Life provides you with an opportunity to participate in signing a “Group Birthday card” for Alex with a personal note from yourself – You can find it here.  You can also participate by making a donation here


We ourselves thought it might be a fun idea to give other fans who are creating something special to celebrate Alex’s birthday, the chance to advertise their creation to other fans, here. We are planning to create a page on the day, to provide links to those creations.

All you have to do, is to send us the link to your video, slide show or whatever you have created and the information about yourself, you would like to share next to your creation. We will add links at any stage before or on the day of his birthday – as long as we are awake (remember in Oz his birthday starts long before the USA)

Even if you have your own site and are doing something special that you want to promote, you can let us now and we will add the link to your celebration post. If nobody wants to share their fun on here with us, Paula will just have to work that much harder to create something beautiful for us to celebrate on our own 😆 (Please people! Help me out!-love Paula 😀 )


Let us finish off with links to some of our favorite posts…….

FOYeur’s favorite post: :mrgreen:

Alex O’Loughlin – A special report on why ‘Oyster Farmer’ is my p0rn


Paula’s favorite post:

Celebrating with Steve and Danny


The best post EVER (for reasons 😛 ):

We think a lot of readers missed out on the goodies this post has to offer. If you know where to look, some hidden treasure can be found! 😛

Be my Valentine!



We hope all of this will help you to enjoy all the past and present fun here even better. Thank you so much to everybody that visit us regularly and also those who share and RT our posts.

A special thanks to those who participate with comments of their own – you are all a lot of fun! 


Let us raise our glasses to another year of sharing all the Alex fun with our fellow fans!

With lots of Love

Paula and FOYeur


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