A hairy monster, or a sexy beast?

“I didn´t realize how hairy I looked.”


“There are two sides to me, the angelic side and the truth.”






  • “I think the person you´re with, makes you feel sexy. Like my gf. Being adored by someone else, makes you feel sexy.”



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40 responses to “A hairy monster, or a sexy beast?

  1. Definitely Sexy beast! No question about it

  2. FOYeur

    Angelic side….haven’t seen that side before….. 😆 Maybe in his dreams? 😛
    Sexy, Hairy Monster Beast for me thank you. All of it works!!

    • Serai

      Yes, oh yes. Choice? I kinda thought, “Why? Why not both?” Because for me, all that hair MAKES him a sexy beast! There’s no match for the sensation of long, soft hair brushing and tickling against…*ahem*…intimate places. Plus, to quote Lord Flashheart, it gives me something to hang onto!

  3. alexsluvjan

    SEXY DEFINITELY YES, Hairy ,I wish he looked like this all the time, (Love his long hair and beard), Monster & Beast in bed….hehehehehe!!!

  4. JDD

    “A hairy monster, or a sexy beast?” A hairy sexy beast! #teamnomanscaping

  5. When did Alex say he didn’t realize how hairy he looked??? We need to talk to him about this, right away! LOL

  6. Jill VanDuyn

    Sexy Beast for sure! Thanks for the link to the vid! I had forgotten that one.

  7. Sexy ,hairy dosn’t matter Sexy beast he is .OH MY!!!

  8. Andrea_Briz

    So unMcG-like here, isn’t he? The man is a total chameleon. And sexy of course. #goeswithoutsaying

  9. Does anybody remrmber which GF he was talking about in this quote ?? I know it was way before Malia!!!!!

  10. canadagirl66

    “Chameleon”…great word to describe him Andrea!! I have a very hard time reconciling the fact that this ‘sexy beast’ is the same ‘sexy beast’ on H50!! LOVE thes gifs…I can’t stop looking at the second to last one…so mesmerizing…so effortlessly sexual!!! I love the long, messy hair…prob because it looks like he just rolled out of bed!!!”

  11. I love with or with out hair it just so Hot” sexie want more can a woman’ ask for’

  12. i love him with or with out hair want more can a woman ask for but more sexie “

  13. I could watch these gifs all day….

  14. vids 3 and 4.. what was after that?? rolling up the shirt sleeve! um.. *wipes chin*

  15. gracenotpark

    Awesome photo shoot, awesome gifs, awesome post! Very happy seeing this today. 😀

  16. Serai

    So yeah, very late comment here. (But hey, I just got here!) So I don’t know if I’ll get any answer or not. Here goes…

    These are my FAVORITE PICS of him. I came of age in the 70’s, so to me, THIS IS A MAN. I could eat him with a spork, seriously. (One of the pics in this session made me yell out loud the first time I saw it. Just sayin’.) So my question is: WHAT video are these gifs from, and where can I see it?

    Gonna hope for an answer so I don’t have to rip my own lungs out from frustration. (Kinda hyperbolic there, but you know…maybe not.)

    • Here is the link to that BTS video of Alex: https://youtu.be/MCbzexXBFqU
      Hope it works

      • Serai

        Ah, yeah. It works. Does it ever. And now I’m sitting on a whole plate of sliced tomatoes. Thanks ever so much….

        …I’ll be in my bunk.

      • Serai

        One more question – I’ve seen these shots around the web, but the scans haven’t been that great. Any idea where they come from, so I can give a whack at better results? (I’m pretty good at that, if I do say so myself. I used to run a scanned-picture club in a previous fandom, sending out scans I made myself.)

        • I have gathered this hairy monster 😉 photoshoot pics on our flickr album https://www.flickr.com/photos/127233784@N08/sets/72157647786494382/ many of them still have the watermark on. I never had the energy to start fixing all of those pics. But I tried to find the best pics out there, so if you want to start fixing them, I suggest to download the pics from our album. They are open for anyone to use 🙂
          Ps please send us a link when you post your fixed pics, I would love to see them, as I am the photo editor on this blog (self acclaimed 😉 )

        • Forgot to say, that the bad quality pics online are because no one has access to originals, very few of them ever popped out. Some pics are just stills from the video, and unfortunately no one seems to have original video anymore. If only such could be bought from TV Guide….

          • Serai

            Thank you, Paula! I’ll take a stab at cleaning some of these up. I have done a couple already to make wallpapers. I’ll put those up this week on my LJ and leave the link so you can take a look, and when I get to the others, I’ll let you know.

            It’s too bad there’s so little out there. When I was doing that picture club, I think I must have scanned at least 600 to 700 hundred pics (that may be a low estimate), much of the material being from Japan where they REALLY know how to create physical media. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a Japanese movie magazine, but they put the rest of the world to shame. They’re practically art books, the stuff is so well-produced. And I had a good-paying job at the time, so eBay was my oyster (and Little Tokyo here has a great bookstore as well). Still can’t believe how nuts I went, but a lot of people got to see a lot of very pretty images, so it’s all good. If things go better for me, you may see a lot more work out of me! 😉

          • Serai

            P.S. “Hairy monster photoshoot”, LOL. Personally, I call this the “manwhore” session, since he looks like the tastiest slut ever. Makes me want to climb on top of him, tuck a C-note into his back pocket and go to town. *licks the screen and whimpers*

          • Serai

            Hi, Paula!

            Here’s my post with the wallpapers I’ve made:

            I can send you the pics themselves if you like, but you can just cut them out of the wallpapers if you want. I managed to get them looking pretty good, I think. (I’m working on one now that is taking a LOT of work – thank the Goddess the original pic is really big, because that helps.)

            My journal is set up for anonymous posting, so you don’t have to have an account to post a comment. Leave me a note there so I know you saw the pics, and add your email addy, ok? (You can choose to screen the comment if you don’t want your email visible to anyone else.) That way we can communicate directly, and I can send you pics when I have more of them cleaned up.

            Enjoy! 😉

  17. Jocilene Alves

    Well then, Alex will be sexy for life than relying on me … Cute!

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