A hairy monster, or a sexy beast?

“I didn´t realize how hairy I looked.”

“There are two sides to me, the angelic side and the truth.”

  • “I think the person you´re with, makes you feel sexy. Like my gf. Being adored by someone else, makes you feel sexy.”

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27 responses to “A hairy monster, or a sexy beast?

  1. Definitely Sexy beast! No question about it

  2. FOYeur

    Angelic side….haven’t seen that side before….. :lol: Maybe in his dreams? :razz:
    Sexy, Hairy Monster Beast for me thank you. All of it works!!

  3. alexsluvjan

    SEXY DEFINITELY YES, Hairy ,I wish he looked like this all the time, (Love his long hair and beard), Monster & Beast in bed….hehehehehe!!!

  4. JDD

    “A hairy monster, or a sexy beast?” A hairy sexy beast! #teamnomanscaping

  5. When did Alex say he didn’t realize how hairy he looked??? We need to talk to him about this, right away! LOL

  6. Jill VanDuyn

    Sexy Beast for sure! Thanks for the link to the vid! I had forgotten that one.

  7. Sexy ,hairy dosn’t matter Sexy beast he is .OH MY!!!

  8. Andrea_Briz

    So unMcG-like here, isn’t he? The man is a total chameleon. And sexy of course. #goeswithoutsaying

  9. Does anybody remrmber which GF he was talking about in this quote ?? I know it was way before Malia!!!!!

  10. canadagirl66

    “Chameleon”…great word to describe him Andrea!! I have a very hard time reconciling the fact that this ‘sexy beast’ is the same ‘sexy beast’ on H50!! LOVE thes gifs…I can’t stop looking at the second to last one…so mesmerizing…so effortlessly sexual!!! I love the long, messy hair…prob because it looks like he just rolled out of bed!!!”

  11. I love with or with out hair it just so Hot” sexie want more can a woman’ ask for’

  12. i love him with or with out hair want more can a woman ask for but more sexie “

  13. I could watch these gifs all day….

  14. vids 3 and 4.. what was after that?? rolling up the shirt sleeve! um.. *wipes chin*

  15. gracenotpark

    Awesome photo shoot, awesome gifs, awesome post! Very happy seeing this today. :D

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