#AlexOLoughlin is Living it Up, in Mick’s Moonlight body.

I myself get very nude and kill people in every episode and have absolutely no issue.

— Alex O’Loughlin, PinkRayGun.com, September 2007

Warning: If you are squeamish about bodily functions, please don’t read this article. 🙂

(Writer’s note: My knowledge about vampire mythologies are limited and I have never studied any of the other vampire stories and their mythology. I am only using what we see and hear in Moonlight and from that together with physiological facts, I make conclusions.

I did this Moonlight study, only because of Alex and his wonderful character Mick St John that fascinates me endlessly, nothing else)

Why do vampire stories need mythology and why do we need to know something about it when we watch a story? It is very simple. It is not real. It is like a game or a sport. It needs rules to function; otherwise you can’t play it or enjoy it. I find that the games and sports where I know the rules the best, I enjoy the most. Every vampire story is a different game and we can enjoy the game better if we know it´s rules.

Vampires call themselves “undead”. For all intents and purposes their human bodies died when they were turned. So what still function in their bodies and what does not? We will take a closer look at different systems and processes in the body to clear up some of these questions.

First we must understand that their bodies are in a constant process of decay and recovery. Heat, oxygen and moisture will speed up the process of decay and therefore they will avoid it at all cost. On the other hand, blood as food and the cooling down of the body helps with recovery and they need it desperately to survive.

But I’ll tell you, mate, once I put those teeth and eyes in, it’s like I’m wearing a mask. It completely shifts me away from who I am. Mick St. John as a normal guy, before he vamps, is one character, but Mick St. John in full vamp is another beast altogether!

— Alex O’Loughlin, Starlog, March 2008

Every time I watch Moonlight, I find something new and this is what I have learned so far. If anybody have read or seen any other explanations please comment and we can discuss. I am making a lot of conclusions from what we see and nothing is really based on facts that I have read or seen anywhere else. It is also a very long time since I have studied physiology so we focus on the simple processes and not really doing an in-depth study of it at all (If we do, we might find to many loopholes :wink:).

1) Do the Moonlight vampires feel pain and do their senses work?  – In other words does their Nervous system work?

The Nervous system is involved with senses. Pain will go hand in hand with the ability to experience touch.

Touch (and pain):

According to Mick in Episode 812:04 am, yes they do feel pain – he says that these old wounds still ache sometimes. We can also see when they are stabbed, staked and shot, how it hurts them.  Josef also shows his pain and talks about his experience of pain with Mick when he is removing bullets from his back in Episode 10Sleeping Beauty.

Therefor I conclude that their Nervous system functions and can send those impulses of pain to the brain. They can also see, hear, smell and taste rather well, which also indicates that those waves and impulses are being sent across the Nervous system – even beyond normal levels of intensity.

It also make sense if you think of them as intelligent creatures with a brain that function and that they are still able to think, speak and experience emotions. It is all impulses throughout the Nervous system that makes it possible – otherwise they would have just been mindless zombies.


One thing that Mick uses a lot, is his exceptional sense of smell, especially when it comes to blood……he is even able to determine that the blood found in a vile, belongs to a specific person. In Episode 1There is no such thing as Vampires, he only needed a whiff of the professor’s freshly spilled blood to recognize it.

In Episode 812:04am he even talks about the smell of fear in the blood of the person that was slain. In Episode 7The Ringer he went looking for the burned body of a dead woman, in the building that was destroyed by a fire.


In Episode 1There’s no such thing as Vampires, Mick talks about hearing things a hundred yards away. He can even hear heartbeat (also of an unborn child) as described in Episode 4 Fever. And in Episode 9Fleur de Lis, he could actually hear things a microphone could not pick up.


In Episode 8 12:04 am Mick talks about their visual perception that is off the charts, when he has to look at surveillance footage at the jail.

We also see in Episode 15 What’s left behind, that he can see in the dark.


Their taste however is limited to blood only, it seems. But it is so enhanced and refined, they can even taste blood types. In Episode 16Sonata, Josef let Mick taste Simone’s blood, to verify that it was not her blood found at the crime scene.

2) Do the Moonlight vampires have a heartbeat?  – In other words does their blood move around in their bodies and does their Circulatory System or Cardiovascular System work?

Their hearts beat …… we see that with the vampire that is executed in Episode 8 12:04am. (Yes he was already a vampire then). We also hear it with Coraline in Episode 10  – Sleeping Beautyher heart beats until she escapes, otherwise the hospital personnel would have picked up her lack of vital signs. It all makes sense, because the beating of the heart is derived from an electrical impulse that keeps it going and we have already established that their Nervous System works.

It would seem that the circulation of blood through their bodies is what makes it possible for vampires to move around and function ….. when they get staked in the heart, they are paralyzed because their blood can’t move around any more.

A question that has been asked, is whether the vampire, Donovan Shepherd in 12:04am, in fact died when he was executed?

My explanation for it is, no he did not die but was paralyzed in the same way as when a vampire gets staked. I would call it being “chemically staked”. With execution they normally would inject three different substances. One of them actually blocks the electrical impulse in the heart (It would be the same substance that Dr. Andy from Three Rivers would use to stop his patient’s heart from beating, when he wants to operate on it).

After they then pronounced him dead and while he was tugged away in his freezer in the morgue, the chemicals would get eliminated from his body over time and he would become “un-paralyzed” and very much “alive” again  – well vampire undead, if  you like. 🙂

I will revisit the whole blood and sensation thing later on, because it is important for other systems.

3) Do the Moonlight vampires eat and drink?

That brings us to the Digestive System (Gastrointestinal system). There are two functions involved here. One is of food physically passing through the system and the second is of food actually being broken down (digested) and then being used as fuel for a normal human body. The second function is not needed and their bodies can’t digest food, because we know vampires only live on blood – Mick tells us that in Episode 13Fated to Pretend.

The undigested blood from other living creatures that the vampires drink, gets transferred into their own blood stream, where it does its work of recovery and helping the body to function.

In theory all fluids should then be able to pass into the Circulatory System. From there the drinking of the alcohol. Alcohol will help with preservation of the undead body, but any other fluids will just speed up the decay. My theory is that they can’t really taste the alcohol, but they can get inebriated from it – because it works on the Nervous System.

Therefor they drink to get drunk and not for the taste – If they want taste, they add some blood to it, as we see Josef do on some occasions.

Solid food will just go through the system untouched , because it can’t be digested – marshmallow in marshmallow out. This is why vampires don’t eat …. it is all for nothing. They can’t taste the food and they can’t digest it, so why would they.

Mick enjoying life as a human!

If the vampires don’t eat they do not need a toilet. This brings us to the next question.

4) Do the Moonlight vampires use the toilet and for what purpose? – This question because of the urinal in Mick’s bathroom next to his freezer.

Why would the vampires need their Renal System (Urinary tract) to work and therefore use an urinal …… because they do, otherwise they would not have gone to all the trouble to put one in Mick’s bathroom for us to see.

The kidneys are just a filter that cleans the blood. Blood passes through it and the impurities that are inside the blood are eliminated through the bladder. There are no chemical processes happening here, it is just filtration. In other words, it is for cleaning of the blood and getting rid of excess fluids in the system. A function that vampires will need because blood is so important in their existence.

5) Do the Moonlight vampires breathe and for what purpose? Does their lungs function like humans – in other words exchange Oxygen (O2) & Carbon dioxide (CO2)?

The Respiratory System is the one that are the most difficult to interpret, because nothing specific is said about it. I have however picked up a few clues on it.

I think that the vampires only use their lungs to take in air and pass out that same air (like a bellows – thank you SJ for this one) No exchange of Oxygen (O2) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the lungs happen. Therefor I say that they only imitate the breathing proses for two main reasons. 1) To actually look human and 2) to have air that can pass over their voice boxes, so that they can speak. (And it can also help with good posture :smile:)

Reasons why I say their lungs don’t perform as normal human beings:

1) Vampires will avoid anything that can enhance decay – O2 is one of the main causes of decay. It gives life to the living, but it helps to speed up the rotting process in the dead (look at any fruit after it has been plucked – if you can keep it away from heat, moisture and O2, it will keep longer)

2) The process of O2 being converted into CO2 actually gives off heat – Vampires have no heat signature as been discussed in Episode 10 Sleeping Beauty.

3) If they needed O2 to live as undead, they would not have been able to survive, sleeping in airtight freezers.

4) In Episode 7 The Ringer we see that Hank Matola while fighting with Mick, shoves his head under water. He opens his mouth but he doesn’t drown or inhale water – something that would have happened if he needed the air and opened his mouth like that under water.

There are however some questions to be asked:

  • When Mick wakes up in his freezer he gives a big yawn. Is he yawning like we do from lack of O2?

I believe he is actually just filling his lungs up with air again.

  • Another incident that happens in Episode 7 –  The Ringer, is Mick taking fingerprints from the door in Coraline’s apartment. He blows onto the door. Is it warm air or cold air? If it was warm air like normal humans will exhale, the door or the air around it must then be very cold to produce that effect of frosting on the door.

Therefor I conclude that it is actually cold air that he blows onto the door that shows the finger prints. Cold air could only come from cold lungs and not from lungs where any process of O2 and CO2 exchange actually took place.

6) Are the Moonlight vampires cold?

Next we move on to the skin. Most vampires stories specifically state that the vampires feel cold when touched and it is kind of logical. They do not have processes that generate heat and it is specifically stated that they don’t have a heat signature.

In Moonlight, none of the humans that ever touches Mick says anything about him feeling cold. Either the creators just ignored this because they found it too difficult to work with or they were thinking of some other explanation.

My theory is that the vampires actually take on some of the heat from the air around them and even start to decay a little every day outside of their freezers and that makes them warm to touch. What happens to meat outside the freezer? It becomes warm and then start to decay (Thanks Alicia for that one).

7) Do the Moonlight vampires sweat?

In Episode 10Sleeping Beauty Mick tells us that vampires don’t give off heat signatures and that is why Josef has cameras up as security, that can tell him what kind of visitors he is getting. Humans sweat to cool them down and if vampires don’t need cooling down, they won’t sweat.

But we see Mick sweat and burn up in Episode 4 Fever and also in other episodes when his body is under severe stress. How do we explain that then?

We are told that vampires can be killed by decapitation and being burned, but they can also die a very slow and painful death by rotting away when exposed to heat and the sun for too long (like the meat outside of the freezer, that I talked about earlier).

So in fact Mick is rotting to death in Fever. What happens when something rots – it gives off moisture and heat. From there I came up with a theory that Mick is not sweating like us to cool down, but he is oozing moisture and giving off heat from his decay while he is exposed to the sun and heat for so long.

My apologies to everyone that loves this episode so much (myself included) – nasty to think the delicate flower was actually rotting. 😀

8) Can Moonlight vampires have sex and do they enjoy it?

Josef and Mick talks about it a few times and also of the fact that there is no problem for vampires and humans to have sex. To explain how it is possible we need to think of what we actually need to have sex and to enjoy it – sensation and circulation. Sensation we get through out Nervous system. Touch, feeling and thoughts are the things we need to get stimulated and it happens as impulses move along the Nervous system. Circulation is needed to move blood to the parts of our bodies that need to function during the whole exhilarating encounter. Without those two ingredients, no enjoyment I am afraid.

Lucky for our Moonlight vampires, they have both those systems functioning and even in heightened form, so they should have a more enhanced sexual experiences than we as mere mortals.

My study is far from complete and nothing is cast in stone, because it is all speculation ……. I think it will take me many more years of many more Moonlight re-watches to figure it all out.

I loved Mick more than anybody. I had to live in his skin every day and every night for a long time.

— Alex O’Loughlin, Boston Herald, 1 October 2009

And lastly, any advice for the vampire wannabees out there?

Goodbye girls……any Freshie volunteers out there?

This is dedicated to Spursy for all the many questions she always ask about Mick’s vampire body. And a special thanks to SJ and everybody that participated in our last Moonlight re-watch on The Junk Drawer.



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45 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin is Living it Up, in Mick’s Moonlight body.

  1. A great study Foyeur! Wish we had been given more material on the vampire sexting habbits 😉 what a shame no such scene was shown to us! I will now go and cry myself to sleep 😦


  2. Alicia

    Nicely done! (and thanks for the namecheck *mwah*)

    Can we say the delicate little flower was wilting instead of rotting? He revived a bit after he was put in water for a while and given some… plant food? No, I’ve lost control of that analogy, haven’t I….


  3. FOYeur, this is terrific stuff. I am full of admiration for your ‘intense’ study. Thanks for sharing and especially for including the pics of Alex being transformed into vampire Mick.


    • FOYeur

      Thanks Andrea. As usual Paula did most of the choices of artwork that we used. She tells my stories so much better than I would have even been able to do with just the written word…….


  4. spurschick

    OMG! Dedicated to me?! I’m not worthy!!! The work that went into this… I am overwhelmed that you would think of me to do this kind of research around my obsession with vampire bodily functions. This was such a fun rewatch and I shouldn’t get so caught up in the minutia, but every little detail is so juicy that it is hard not to question “why.” One thing is for sure… Moonlight vamps may be able to walk a bit in the sunlight, but they DO NOT SPARKLE! None of that bullsh/t for our Mooney vamps!

    Big hugs to Foyeur and S to the J for feeding my Moonlight cravings! It means more to me than you know. =)


    • FOYeur

      Spursy, one thing this study showed me again, is that the Moonlight creators really did a fantastic job.
      They did not have carte blanche like the other stories to just think up any stupid stuff to allocate to their vamps. They had to stick to things as close to the human body as possible
      The further I looked into it the more they impressed me.
      It truly was/is a fantastic show…..worth every re-watch


  5. Thank you so much for this great study. What a fun but still ‘scientific’ insight into how Mick’s body works. Loved it.

    And of course you’re right. Moonlight is more than worthy of re-watching it at least once a year. Such a great show. And that from someone who is not into vampires at all. But Moonlight was so very different. And so good.


    • FOYeur

      Thanks Sam. I am glad you had some fun with it.
      I am planning a study on why so many people that are not really vampire fans, loved this show so much!
      I am afraid once a year re-watch might not be good enough for me….I only got my dvd’s a year ago and I am not able to count how many times I have already watched it by now… 🙂


  6. Melissa

    I have something to add about the “taste” in 1)…. but before that let me say:
    CONGRATULATIONS on this study 🙂 i love it, very deep and well substained. (I got my DVD one year ago too and i still can’t get enough) 😛
    and also my sister insist with the question about if vampires are death why they can have erections and sex…. anyway she likes more Twilight than Moonling (we are nothing alike).

    Back to the “taste” issue: just right on the first episode, at the interview Mick says “Garlic is tasty on pizza” and then i have to remember when they are in the car (can’t remember which episode, has to be 3 i guess) Beth offers chips to Mick, and he say it would be ok if he could only eat food. Once again, is not about the taste is about the digest, like you say.

    I’ve always wondered if this all Mick thing would be true and i can get to be his girlfriend 😛 … would i like to stay as his freeshie or would i like to be turned? all my (self) answers lead me to sex and then questioning myself again: would i like to be the delicate flower and he get all rough on me or would i like to get rough on him too?…… (too far again, i know).

    I enjoy this very much, and now all my work is in stand by all over the desk…


    • FOYeur

      Melissa, I am glad you like the study.
      Now you can tell you sister, you know how a vampire can get an erection …he has got all he needs for it – circulation and sensation. 🙂
      On the taste issue….I think that episode 1 statement was just made so that we know he is not affraid of garlic like some of the other vampire stories.
      In episode 13 when he is human and on his way to the beach, he spesifically state that vampires can’t TASTE or digest…..so I take that as the truth.
      I think that is always the big question…..what is better, being a Freshie or being a vampire girlfriend?
      I myself would like to stay a Freshie….then I will always have something he wants and needs…my BLOOD (I even have the right type A+)…and he won’t go elsewhere for it. 😀
      And he will always protect me……any woman’s dream… 😉
      Hope you catch up on your work!!


      • Melissa

        OMG wish there could be a Moonlight marathon at the cinema, so we all can gather together and comment all this issues we are so worry about :p yeah! but then there is always the issue: WHERE :p


        • FOYeur

          We can always try some place in the middle of the ocean!!
          Oh yes….I think they call it Hawaii. 🙂
          Far away from all of us….but always in our dreams……..


  7. I’m overwhelm with your writing and research of Moonlight. I’ve watch the dvd several times, and the summation you wrote has put all the questions I had to rest. Good series.
    Why did Mick wear a coat all the time?

    Alex stated he was sorry he made the series. This is how he started as a lead in a TV series. Many Actors are not happy about roles they played, but that is what being in the business is about. This role led to other roles, and many, many people would give there ….. to have this chance.

    The writing on this series made several of the episodes really good.

    I’ve recognized several of the names in the crew, and they worked on other show’s, and were excellence.

    Writing and crew will make, or break a show. As always CBS has the last word.


    • FOYeur

      Hi EYoung,thanks
      “Why did Mick wear a coat all the time? ”
      To protect himself from warming up. To insulate himself and not let the heat from the world around him get to his body to quickly and warm it up. If you have ever been without a cooler bag and had to travel with something that needed to be kept cold, you will know that wrapping it in a blanket, some newspapers or anything to help keep the cold inside will work.

      “Alex stated he was sorry he made the series. ”
      I have never taken that statement of Alex seriously, as a regret or that he was not happy about his role.
      Then we would have to think he has always been a very big liar, to say that he loved Mick, that he gave his everything for the role etc.
      Someone that want to state that they regret taking a role, would normally do that while doing it of right after it…..not suddenly decide many years later, that it was a mistake….that is totally rediculous!! 🙄
      I am fairly sure it was taken out of context. And Alex referred to people that would not let it go and give him a chance to move on to other roles. It is a cutthroat business. Even good Actors stuggle to find jobs and they always have to move on. Some people don’t seem to understand that……and loved Moonlight and Mick so much, they wanted Alex to do that forever……that is also totally rediculous! 🙄
      The worst thing that can happen to a serious actor is being typecast and people only seeing them as that one thing!! 😡
      Alex loved and portrayed Mick so well that people already type casted him after only 16 Episodes…..In my opinion that must be horrible to him 😥


    • This really was a good study on Mick´s vamp physiology. Not a lot of loop holes to be found 😉
      Taken out of context, Alex´s quote about regretting doing this show, sounded horrible! But as soon as you heard he said it with tongue in cheek, you are again reminded how funny this guy is.
      Maybe these 16 episodes of ML is why we don´t get tired of wathing them over and over again. Had we gotten more seasons, there might have been issues with a few episodes. You are bound to dislike a few in the long run. This is not to say, I wouldn´t have loved to have at least 20 more with Mick 🙂

      Ps Years ago, on holiday in Marocco, we were laughing in disbelief, when the locals wore big thick winter coats in the hot sun. We were told they believed it insulated them from the heat of the sun?!
      Now I know where the vampires live today 😉


  8. FOYeur & paula thank you for the info on Mick wearing a coat.
    DDK tweet info from Alex “there two sides of me Angelic & Truth”
    I guess we all have are tongue in cheek moments of being funny


    • FOYeur

      Think you are so right EYoung. And I think almost everything Alex says, is with a tongue in the cheek!!
      And DDK’s tweets are all there for the fun and entertainment of the fans. 🙂


  9. I just watched the Moonlight’s Original Pilot on You Tube. This was with Alex, but a different cast and script. The one aired on CBS with the new cast and script was better. Glad the kept Alex.


    • FOYeur

      Yes, there is a lot of things from that Original Pilot that they changed and I think they were all changes for the better.
      And they really did keep the best “thing” from it…..Alex!! And as you say we are all glad about that. 🙂


  10. Answers from Trevor Munson (Moonlight’s creator) re Moonlight Vamps and digestion, Vamps impregnanting humans (from a Q&A I did with him last year)

    Mick says he doesn’t eat, but in Dr. Feelgood the newly turned vamp says “Your food has no taste”. So do they not eat because it has no taste, or will their bodies reject the food? Perhaps an indelicate but still unanswered question is: Do vamps use the bathroom (other than to bathe)? If the diet is solely blood, is there no waste? And what of wine and liquor, if they can ingest these substances, wouldn’t they be processed differently than blood?

    Trevor – Good question! The mythology is a little different between the show and the book, but in general in my mind, vampires can ingest food early on, but it gets harder and harder for their bodies to process, until eventually they just reject food.

    As for liquids, I think that they continue to need to use the bathroom in that capacity, as testified by the fact that Mick had a strange little public bathroom-style urinal in his freezer room.


    If Mick could get more of the Cure, would he be able to impregnate Beth?

    Trevor – Although I’m not sure what we decided on in the end, my general theory for vampires was going to be that the male was able to reproduce, but the female vampire was barren. Hence Coraline’s need to procure a child in Beth… I don’t recall if that’s what we ended up going with for the show, but yes, if Mick were on ‘The Cure’ I think he’s most definitely be able to reproduce…


    I know that vampires are dead and blood and cold staves off decay, and you can tell the age of the vamp by the smell (I’m assuming humans can’t smell it) but to what level of decay can they go? Is smell the only indicator of their decay?

    Trevor: Yes, that is one thing that many people don’t really seem to pick up on. I never intended for the human population to be able to detect the scent of decomposition in vampires. In my mind it was just something they were aware of between themselves, however, perhaps in very late states of decay, as with a character like Brasher (Angel of Vengeance novel), a human might be able to pick up on it.


    What is the skin temperature of the Moonlight vampires? Unlike other vampire lore, which mention the “cold/cool skin,” Moonlight vampire skin temperature seems to not be an issue for humans, so I’m wondering–after they emerge from the freezer, maybe take a warm shower, have a glass of blood (which “warms and thrills,” as I recall) do they kind of get to close to 98.6F? If they only warm up to room temperature, they’d still feel quite cold to the touch, and I don’t recall Beth EVER saying–“Mick! Your skin is so cold! What’s the matter?” (She’d have made an issue of it, I’m sure.) So the QUESTION: Do they feel human to humans as far as skin temperature? And how do they get there from freezing?

    Trevor: It’s a good question. In the book of course, Mick’s cool texture is commented on by Reesa, but the issue was never really addressed in the show, which would seem to indicate that vamps have a more normal temperature. I don’t think it was an intentional decision, however, early-on we decided that although vampires don’t need to have heartbeats, or respirate they do so in order to better blend in amongst the humans. So, logistically, perhaps this is just one more example of that…


    • FOYeur

      Emerald, thank you for posting your Q & A with Trevor.
      It more or less confirm a lot of things of my “study” about what we saw in Moonlight and the physiological facts of the body in general.
      At least I am on the right track. 🙂


      • You’re welcome 🙂 It was done as an exclusive for the Moonlight VampSister’s Messageboard, I’ll see if I can get permission from the other mods and admins (and from Trevor) for you to reprint the entire Q&A in full – it’s in 4 parts, questions on Moonlight, questions about Angel of Vengeance (the novel that inspired Moonlight), Fanfic related questions (Trevor is really supportive of fan fic) & questions in general. 🙂


        • FOYeur

          An interesting fact about the physiology of reproduction that people might not know in general – Is that in a woman’s body the potential eggs are already formed even before her birth and she carries it with her her whole life. They only get released on a monthly basis and with mothers of non identical twins, two on a montly basis.
          While sperm are produced an a daily basis in men
          Maybe this can then be seen as once the eggs in a vampire woman dies when she is turned, they can not be “revived”, But the men once they took the cure can start reproducing again…..


        • Wow. I read the Q&A above, and with all my faith in Foyeur´s analytical thinking, Trevor seems to prove, she got pretty much everything right 😀 I would love to read more of that. I hope, Emerald, you get the green light to share more of what was spoken. Very interesting. Thank you so much for letting us know 🙂


  11. The Vampires in Moonlight actually have more in common with their 19th century counterparts, than they do with the modern day mythologies. Vampires burning up in sunlight wasn’t really established until 1922 with FW Murnau’s film ‘Nosferatu’, and that’s mainly because they were trying to get round copyright on Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Stakes as well, historically speaking, were generally used to pin a Vampire to one spot (paraylse them) so they could be killed some other way – so staking a Vamp and turning them to insta-dust was also a much later development. If you read James Malcom Rymer’s penny dreadful novel from circa 1845-47, Varney the Vampire, as well, you’ll see a lot of similarities between the character of Sir Francis Varney & Mick St John.


  12. I just finished watching Moonlight episodes this weekend.. OY!! Might have to go back and watch again, but I can’t that last episode gets me every time. That head hitting the wall!!
    If I ever get to Hawaii and see him, I think it’s a Mick picture he is signing!! but that is only in my dreams for now!


  13. OH, dear Lord ,girls!! Every time I come here I get such an emotional/sensual overload , that I can barely leave a comment….That was one great analysis and you brought up so many memories as well!!!


    • FOYeur

      Glad you enjoyed it!
      I just loved the whole idea of putting old knowledge to use with my “new” passion (of what ever Alex does) and together with it find some answers about our ML vampires!


  14. Helloeeze

    What a thorough and entertaining essay on Mick’s senses!! I don’t think you missed anything! All explanations were totally credible with each picture you posted. I do think Mick had a heartbeat because we saw his carotid vein on his neck pulsating during the re-turning scene. Obviously vampires have a heart because that’s where the stake needs to be inserted. I think vampires would need a heartbeat also to pump blood during the “exilarating encounter” so you aptly described.

    As far as liquids, I never saw Mick drink water, only whiskey or brandy, so he liked the hard stuff perhaps because it takes more alcohol to get effect than humans.

    Thank you so much for all the research on our beloved Mick.


  15. gracenotpark

    This. Is. Awesome! Utterly entertainling and most gratifying to learn how their mythology actually made a bit of biological sense. Thanks to Helloeeze for stirring up this post!

    What a thorough job and what a sensible case you made. Makes me appreciate what the initial creators of ML were trying to do. I like that these vamps were an homage to the earliest vamp stories. Makes much more sense than the later but more well known Hollywood myths ever did!

    ML sometimes got busted on for deviating from Bella Lagosi et al., accused of ignoring the well established vamp rules and taking the easy way out, so reading this is particularly gratifying. They knew what they were doing, after all. 🙂


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