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It´s almost Mick and Josef.

“Initially, I was concerned about CBS being the snooze station. They’re renowned for putting boring shit on TV. It’s true! I’m talking about the last ten years of CBS. But now Les Moonves is there and things are changing.”

The most unnerved I’ve been in this whole process was when I was at Carnegie Hall by myself on stage. There was the cast of ‘Cane,’ like 10 people on stage, and the cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ and I kind of waddled out there by myself and I was like, ‘Please watch “Moonlight.” Bye.’And I felt like a [jerk] ’cause I didn’t know what was coming. I had lost my entire cast.

One of the errors of my career was doing a vampire show. The fans that I got from that show are very committed. They will never ever see me as anything other than Mick St. John.

“Moonlight will always be the best.”



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