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Modelling cargos POLL, choose the best fit!

The day Steve modelled cargos.

We are handling the wardrobe department for an upcoming action show.  They asked us to do some test shots of the leading man´s pants. Because we can’t really afford to pay a real model that can fill Steve’s (the star of the show) pants as well as he does, we begged our friend, Alex, to model the cargos for us. But what a struggle it was to get those pants on him! He prefers his boardies and he never leaves the house without his “willy-warmer” (there was a tragic accident on his skiing trip, to the Alps last X-mas, and it seems he likes to keep “things” covered)!

Yes…that is a sock

But he suddenly got cold feet  and we had to chase him down to get him ready. Trying to get that “sock” off him, didn´t go smoothly. After a brief struggle, where he sustained some small cuts (that we happily attended to), we finally gave up on removing the sock (surely it wouldn´t make any difference under the cargos).

Oh, poor baby got hurt!

With all the hassle, he was so stressed, that we allowed him his morning run to calm down. He loves his view from the mountain top (as do we).

When he came back, all relaxed, it was finally time for him to put on  those cargos and model them for us. But now we are so indecisive and need your help.

Help us choose which cargos fit him the best.

and that´s all for this perving session.

Thank you for participating!



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Our little prayers will be answered

He promised shirtless and pantless so 3! And he said he´s happy to do it. Let´s all just sigh in relief, Steve answering our prayers. (should we be worried about that tongue in cheek?)

What will Mom McG think about son´s pantslesness?

Side note: by the fresh 301 teaser, looks like Danny will not like Mom McG too much. Mom and Steve are now both apparently getting on his nerves.


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