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Looking at the story of Alex O’Loughlin — Through the eyes of a fangirl (Part1)

I’m a working class kid. My appreciation for what I have in my life is great.

— Alex O’Loughlin, TV Guide, April 2009


I sometimes question myself, asking what is it about Alex O’Loughlin that makes me a sighing, drooling fangirl? (Yes, somehow I’ve never been able to squeee….who knows, maybe one of these days). But here I am, a grown woman, with a real life and real life obligations, yet I am in front of my computer each day, checking Twitter, Facebook and all the fan sites, hoping for some new pictures…..a few words of news or maybe something from his own mouth….any little titbit will do. Is he like a drug?

Why do I know more about his teeth than those of my last boyfriend? (Well maybe because I actually kissed the boyfriend and did not stare rudely into his mouth for long periods at a time. :grin:) My 21-year-old niece just shakes her head and laughs at me, forever asking me how long this “thing” is going to last. My behaviour leads me to question my sanity some times.

Why does Alex O’Loughlin fascinate me? Why do I come back day after day to find new news, read old stories and watch his work over and over? Before Alex I’d never felt the need to watch a silly rom com 87 times. Is there really something “that” special about him? Is it just the hype the other fans create around him? Do we drive each other on day by day with OOOOOO’s and AHHHHHH’s and Afjgkshdlisjdl’s? Somebody told me I have I joined the Borg. I didn’t even know what it meant and had to look it up. Is it true? Did the ” hive mentality” overcome me?

Then a day like the Hawaii Five-0, 3rd season ‘Blessing ceremony’ happens and me questioning my sanity will be sated for a while, because I got my answer yet again.

There I was, watching it happening live, together with online friends from around the world. One of the ladies mentioned that it feels kind of dorky doing something like this. I looked at the names of the rest of the ladies, and to me they are all part of the “cool kids table”. So my response was that I feel “in” by doing it.

It was a good experience, as usual, as with everything when Alex is involved. Him stepping up to the plate, taking his place as number #1 on the call sheet. Embracing the moment, even welcoming the rain that came down as a blessing from above (I can just imagine how many times  the rain has hampered a shooting day for them – so I presume it’s not always that welcome to them). He was there, without overdoing anything, just being himself. Not trying to pose to show his best side for the cameras. He was just being serious when needed, smiling when things got funny, and enjoying life.

After the ceremony, when he did his interview (something he has done so many times before) he still looked kind of shy. At times looking just like a little boy who got something new to play with. Then there was also excitement about shooting the first new scenes with his “mother”. It was really good to see him like that – enthusiastic! I for one can’t wait to see those scenes, now that I have seen how exited he was to do them.

After the ceremony so many pictures were published, all of them showing how he was interacting with everyone. Joking, goofing around, hugging the man who did the blessing, goggling at a little baby girl. All these things just made me realize something all over again. Alex has got that something SPECIAL. He is putting himself apart by NOT putting himself apart. He doesn’t play the “diva”. He is just a man doing his job, embracing life, and in the course of it all, entertaining us with his work and just being himself. At the end of the day he is just Alex, he isn’t trying to be “Alex O’Loughlin, star of Hawaii 5-0”.

I want to tell you his story as I have experienced it so far. Some of you may feel a kindred spirit. Others might totally disagree, but hopefully you all will learn something new about him from my story. Something new to fuel your own fascination and will keep you wanting more Alex. Something to keep you cheering for him as an actor and as a man.

It would be so easy for him to get stuck where he is today and be remembered as just being that guy who played Steve McGarrett for a while….not reaching the true potensial that his talent has to offer. I definitely want to see him bring many more characters to life. May there be a very long and satisfying career for him (and for us to enjoy!).

I will be posting a few chapters and will be taking a look at his life of the past 36years, as seen through my eyes as fangirl.

.…….to be continued

Whether I was working on a building site or auditioning or moving to the US, I’ve always done it with all of my heart. I don’t know how to do it any other way.

— Alex O’Loughlin,  GQ Australia, November 2011

Special thanks to Justine for her help on this, to organise my thoughts!



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