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Do we see nipples? It is a POLL!

This is us, working hard at getting him naked. Well we at least got him to open up his shirt a little bit for some scenes.

Watching this can cause some physical discomfort, but your input is desperately needed. Just glance briefly over the candidates and let us know which one got you hot and bothered the most.

We are sorry for any pain caused by this study. Please forgive us!

1) Moonlight’s Mick St John – getting out of the bath and feeling better:

2) Hawaii Five-0’s Steve McGarrett – getting another lecture from Danno about insanity:

3) Three Rivers’ Dr Andy – being rudely awakened by Kuol:

4) Moonlight’s Mick St John – getting out of the shower, just to step back in again:

5) FEED’s Michael Carter – being defiant and oh so cool:

6) The Back-Up Plan’s Stan – wondering why Zoe thought sperm could swim so fast.



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