#AlexOLoughlin: Burning Desire, Driving Mick to His Demise

A love story

Was it destiny that drove him mad?

Was it pure love that spur him on?

Was it lust for something outside his reach?

Did she lure him in with pure vampire appeal?

Was he drawn in like a moth to a flame?

Was it the animal from within, that would not be tamed?

Was he just a poor sod that fell for the oldest trick in the book….

a woman playing hard to get.

A love story that ended in a nightmare.

A big thanks to Foyeur for the help with the questions



Filed under Mick wants to kiss you gently with his fangs.

7 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin: Burning Desire, Driving Mick to His Demise

  1. you should see what I have in my draft folder on this EXACT SAME TOPIC!! The Mick/Coraline relationship is certainly intriguing.


  2. OOOOHH YES !! I love the Mick/Coraline thing. I think SHE fell MADLY in love with him afterTHIS night and wanted him with her forever , just as young . beautiful and sexy as he was then. WOULDN’T YOU GIVEN THE CHANCE???? But I DO think she should have asked him first before making that irreversable decsion for him.


    • FOYeur

      Pommienana, I also think he sealed the deal that night!! He must have made quite an impression on Coraline that night that drove her to some madness herself!! {{shudder}}


    • FOYeur

      And what a waste for womenkind that he decided to let all that passion, that could stir Coraline so much, go for so long!!


  3. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    Poor Mick………he picked the wrong chick!


  4. Wouldn´t it be great to have this kind of passion from a guy. I love how Coraline plays him in this scene. Mick´s tiny smile in bottom duo gif, on the left, so cute and also indicating he won´t take no for an answer any more.


  5. Reblogged this on My daily dose of Alex O and commented:
    I’m feeling a bit of that “burning desire” myself Mick!


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