Vote for the best of the best – Find Your Favorite #AlexOLoughlin Screen Kiss!

It´s time to cast your vote on our latest poll.

Here is some of  Alex’s on-screen kisses to choose from (sadly no real life material available).

Please vote for the moment of passion, your fantasy world loves best (well we know it´s hard to choose just one, when you probably took part in every single one of them).

1) Will and Mary Bryant:

Mary Bryant

By the time they shared this kiss, they had been locked up with lots of other inmates, in a ship´s hull for months. He had seen her giving birth and they had just married. No wonder there is such passion behind it!

2) Steve McGarrett and Catherine Rollins:

Hawaii Five-0

These two really look hungry……for each other that is.

3) Mick St John and Beth Turner


Just get a room and get it over with…pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!

4) Mick and  Coraline St John


The passion that blinded, consumed and haunted him……and drove her mad!

5) Jack and Pearl:

Oyster Farmer

At last we found the perfect spot……. 😀

6) Dr Andy Yablonski and Dr Lisa Reed:

Three Rivers

In your arms I will find comfort… are kissing all the pain away!

7) Stan and Zoe:

The Back-Up Plan

I know I will be your best kiss ever…..I just know it!



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73 responses to “Vote for the best of the best – Find Your Favorite #AlexOLoughlin Screen Kiss!

  1. McGarrett….lips down…


  2. OMG am I loving this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t vote, can’t decide !!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. alavenia



  4. Darn you Paula. I was getting work done today!!


  5. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    I can’t vote for Will….because of the lack of toothpaste & toothbrush
    I can’t vote for Stan…because gag, JLo is on the receiving end
    I can’t vote for Coraline….cos’ she’s a crazy bee-atch
    I voted for Jack & Pearl…..cos he was naked and they were on a dock.


  6. rita

    Mick and Beth for me but McGarrett was very close


  7. Melissa

    ooooh!! what my pooor mind have to go through to pick one :S oh my! oh my! almost have a brain shock!!! in all scenes they are in the context of sex, except with Beth and Coraline, and since i totally agree with “LaHagela (The Tinkler)” Coraline is a bee-atch…….. vote for Beth and Mick’s.

    i longing to Mick kiss me the same way 😛


  8. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    I just came to post the same thing Melissa!!
    I am taking back my vote and voting for Kevin Hiatt and that hoochie in the kitchen chair!! Screw romance…..lets go for hot sweaty sex!!!


  9. janamakena

    how can i decide? am i voting for my favorite character or really the best kiss? Ugh!!!!! so many serious decisons!


  10. janamakena

    okay narrowed down to andy/lisa and stan/zoe. andy cause there clothes came off so damn fast after that kiss, and stan because his body was amazing. yea i’m going w andy/lisa it was more unexpected and hot.


    • Andy and Lisa is hot, but also a bit strange, knowing their real life relationship. The moment Andy pushes Lisa to the wall, makes me squee….I´m sure there was the real passion involved in the moment.


  11. AnnieOakley

    I’m going to have to study this in some depth (oops, there’s an unintentional play on words). How soon do you have to know? I’ll get back to you once I’ve studied each one over and over and over and over and over…..


  12. spurschick

    Not sure I can vote. These gifs are making my eyes water.


  13. spurschick

    Okay… I got over it. And I’m proud to say that I’m one of the 3 people that voted for Mick/Coraline!

    Never saw Mary Bryant, so I don’t have any feelings there.

    Now that I know that MBorth smoked a cig and AOL had a tuna fish sandwich before that scene, it takes some of the sexy out for me. Not all of it, but some.

    Mick and Beth. Sigh. It just took too long to get there.

    Haven’t seen Oyster Farmer, but I don’t find her that attractive. So that takes away some of the hotness.

    I didn’t get very far in watching Three Rivers, but I didn’t like her from the start, so I’m not all that impressed that they hooked up later.

    JLo makes me want to hurl, so I’m sad that AOL had to kiss her.

    TEAM CORALINE!! Sometimes, crazy is okay. =)


    • FOYeur

      No surprise on your choice……
      Oh, if only we had the chance to see in what way she would have come back for her man!!


    • You have to give credit to Coraline, she stopped at nothing to get her man. That was some serious passionate love. She had obv waited for the right guy to come along for over 300 years. Who´s gonna take no for an answer, after all that waiting.
      I didn´t know about Alex having a tuna sandwich and Borth a cigar before that kiss. Were they trying to beat each others with the most disgusting kissy flavors? That really de-romanticises that moment for me too.


      • spurschick

        MBorth said that it was their v v first scene together and it was less awkward by the fact that she smoked a cigarette (he hates the smell of cigarette smoke) and he ate a tuna fish sandwich (she hates fish). Kinda hard to get your s/x on with that kind of combo. 😛


    • karin@notmcnerd

      Coraline was a close second for me but had to go with Will. I’ve always loved that scene and them as a couple. I really don’t think there are any bad choices here. How can there be with Alex involved?
      Very well done, Paula & FOYeur! Love your work!


      • I see myself in every scene with Alex, well in this kissy ones anyway 😉
        Alex looked incredibly hot in this shower scene with Coraline. Probably my favorite moment to watch, I´m just that shallow 😀


      • FOYeur

        I really wish they did show more of the passion between Will and Mary. I think they dropped the ball on that one…. 😆


  14. heymomo



  15. Ok, even tougher than the best bromance poll, Paula. Have to say first up that I had just as much fun reading everyone’s comments as I did trying to decide on my answer. LaHagela, love your reasoning BTW!

    OK, so I voted for Mick/Beth.

    Why? Like LaHagela, can’t vote for Stan/Zoe as I can’t stomach JLo even though Alex was adorable in that movie. Can’t vote for Mick/Coraline for same reason as LaHagela. I saw MB and TOF when they first came out (2005?) and am ashamed to say I haven’t seen them again since (although am going in search of DVD copies asap) so even though I was tempted with one or both for reasons outlined above, still couldn’t hit the button on the poll. Since Oz tv is only now giving us 3R, I am only up to ep 5 and haven’t seen any Andy/Lisa love so have no opinion there although I thought Alex and Amber looked good (happy) together, if that has any bearing on it.

    Actually, I think I am voting for the couple rather than the kiss but can’t separate the two LOL.

    Was a toss up for me between Mick/Beth and McG/Cath but in the end I went for Mick/Beth as I soooo love ML and the chemistry between the two of them. Could watch them together all day even though the kissing was light on the ground. But then I’m a sucker (he he) for a vampire/human romance thing and I liked the slow burn…..

    Agree with FOYeur, too, that I may change my vote to McG/Cath after I see more of them together in S3. I am totally on board with the whole relationship thing, as long as it doesn’t ruin the show, and I think the two have great chemistry – not turned off at all by the cigarette and tuna fish.

    Oh, and if this is the warm up, can’t wait for what you serve up next!


  16. mickmcgarrett

    ok, I am all about Steve/Cath but that rooftop kiss between Mick&Beth gets me every time I see it.. HOT HOT HOT.


  17. Steve and Cath are loosing the battle to Mick and Beth! I think we need to send the results to PLenkov, they need to heat up the McG and Cath action on so3. I bet if Steve´s naked butt made an appearance in bed with Cath, they would win hands down. Oopsie, was meant to be about the kissing 😳


  18. imfriggingud

    sooooo very hard to decide mick, steve, will, andy jack & stan…. gosh you really know how to torment us with these wonderful images, maybe i have to say steve & cath just for that line… i think i’m vibrating…whoa…. gonna have to go and re-watch the episode now…. god you’re truly a wicked person


    • FOYeur

      Hope you enjoyed the re-watch. My favourite line in that scene is “I think I owe you dinner” Such a lot of is said by those few words……….


  19. marta

    Since i received the e-mail with this poll (2 days ago) i look at the options and in my mind i remember all those characters (yes, i confess i watched all) and still can’t choose.

    I’m sorry girls but the passion, love and sexual atraction of Will, Steve, Mick, Andy, Jack and Stan for the female partners made me believe of each kiss!!!

    (I’m sorry for my bad english)


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