#AlexOLoughlin Leading Us To The Promised Land … it is a POLL!

Here´s a hint on what we will be concentrating on in this post: (also thought I show the whole man first, since I decapitated him in the gifs 😳 )

Well, I heard you screaming “WHERE IS THE NEXT POLL!?” I finally got off my lazy butt and piled up some waist scruff shots for you to vote on. In short, I am asking you to vote for the hottest trail to the promised land 😀

Sounds like a fun trip…but the directors of some of these moments have not been nice, leaving us with just a blurry fuzz to stare at. I advise to use a bit of your imagination with those, we all know how to do that, right 😀


#1 Steve, so 1, Honolulu Hunk shying away and desperately trying to hide his happy trail, showing us only a small glimpse 😦


#2 Another so 1 Steve, trying to fool us with those flexing biceps, but we are relentless and lower our eyes closer to the belt buckle.


#3 The rare Hawaiian merman, swiftly passing by our goggles. Who needs air with this view under water…


#4 Steve so 2, yes please, always ready for some rough fun.


#5, Steve still in so2, missed his chocolate cakes and we ended up with some refined abs and a sharp happy trail.

#6 Steve so 3, finally something to bite into. You wouldn´t mind feeling all that weight on you, would you ;)

#6 Steve so 3, finally something to bite into. You wouldn´t mind feeling all that weight on you, would you 😉


#7, Steve, so 3, oh crikey! That orange paint is hurting my eyes. Wait, there´s the happy trail to relieve my stress, whew…


#8, Finally moving on from Steve! Stan the Man showing his happy trail worked, 5-6 times…


#9, Mick´s happy trail, faint but visible still. Who knew vampires need to work out stress the “old fashioned” way too…


#10 Mick serving coffee with a happy view. Silk PJ´s on a vamp, they are so vain.


#11 Young Jack didn´t have much of a trail, thankfully he showed us a bit of the trailer park, definitely worth including in our poll 🙂

And sadly there were moments that didn´t make the cut this time, but it wasn’t Alex’s fault – blame the director!



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54 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin Leading Us To The Promised Land … it is a POLL!

  1. Soooo yummy!! Was just talking w my co-editors last night about making some summer polls for BAMF but none of our ideas were this good! Lol!! *bows to the queen*

    Mick. I love you. But your abs will never I press me when there is Stan and Steve around! Too bad we never saw Dr Andy’s abs well. No manscaping!!

    The swimming gif. Yeah. That’s the one for me. *sigh*


  2. visage13

    This is so great, the comments are the best. I love this site sexy and funny!!


  3. Just a few comments, because RL sucks today, then back for more pole.. I mean poll action later 😉
    Jack gif > I’d live in that trailer park any day.
    Love your banner Paula! And I agree!
    Stan certainly wins the man V award…hubba,hubba…(THUD)


  4. Maria Joaoi

    The merman ! i miss those swimming trunks. Lets hope that we can see it again in S4. Thanks Paula


  5. LindaSue

    Oh my!!! You never disappoint us with these polls. 😛 Love them all but I think I will spend a while viewing and appreciating them MORE before voting. But it will be between #6, #7 and #11. But I do love the “Hawaiian merman” and the banner is awesome ….Again, Paula, thanks for your incredible talent with the gifs.


  6. marnov2205

    Paula, I hope you do realise that ^^ THIS ^^ post is a cruel and unusual punishment for those McPervs who can’t look at it too closely right now for various reasons – in my case the reason is the curious and currently rather creepy NotMcG behind my back (poor NotMcG 😐 ). But from the sneak peek I dared to take, it looks like an absolutely EPIC poll – what a brilliant idea to start with, and what a choice of visuals!! *wipes brow* I’ll be back to make a responsible vote later 😉 .

    P.S.: Did you call yourself lazy in the post? What? I can’t even start to imagine how much effort it was to put all this together! This lazy person thanks you for it!! *applause*


    • Hope your notMcG leaves the room and gets back to his xbox games, so you can concentrate on the important poll!


      • marnov2205

        Ok, that I call a poll totally worth the wait 😀 !! The gifs make me tickle, the text captions make me giggle, and seriously, I’m supposed to choose one?? *thinking* I’d love to vote for the header (took me some time, actually much time, even to get anywhere beyond the header), but Steve’s my first love and seals are better wet, so #3 it is 😛 . Thank you again, Paula, for all the prettteee!


  7. Manu

    So difficult to choose and so much to see 🙂
    Chose number 2 though cause the biceps always get me!


  8. Did you say poll because all I could think of looking at the gif’s was the POLE aka the FOY 😉


  9. vanduyn

    Awesome poll!! thanks Paula!! ;D


  10. Mahalo for that poll!!! Nice way to relax after work 😉


  11. buttercup

    I’m voting for #6, you’re comment on that pic is the best 😉 ! I wouldn’t mind at all 😉 !
    Thanks, I can’t imagine how much work it takes to put such a great poll (and post) together! I enjoy it every time I come here, all those gorgeous and with so much love put together pics and the refreshing comments! I will never take anything for granted here, thanks so much for your great work!


  12. JUST what I needed….let me say for my purposes….Coffee with Mick St John has been a dream of mine for years.


  13. **sigh** Thank you so much for all of your “hard” work. 😛


  14. heymomo

    OK, merman it is!


  15. #4 or #8? #4 or #8? #4… OMG! Which one? All you (he) offer(s) is yummy, but theses two… Chest hair, sweat, abs, sweat, pecs, sweat, red shorts, sweat… *THUD* Indeed happy… Thanks Paula! 🙂


  16. Sue (@ONTLLs)

    LOL!! LOVE the top banner.
    Your posting this at 6:40 pm your time, that is 10:40 AM my time. I was um a little WOW 😯 with me email this morning. Had to wait till now to view! 🙂
    Love number #4 gif – the red shorts, what happened with the walk out at the beginning of the episode, that is nice too, but I am sorry, I kept scrolling down and well, Mick get my vote. Vampire in silks. 😀 😀 (just my re-watch)


    • I just couldn´t have that walk from 206 anymore, tried very hard to capture another scene 🙂
      Every morning should start with these views! Put a smile on your face for the rest of the day 🙂


  17. Linda E.

    Thank you so much !!! There’s no such thing as a bad ‘nekkid’ pic of Alex, but my vote went to #1. I’m shocked that it got only five votes !!! His arms and chest are so perfect in this shot that I want to lick him all over. I could stare at that all day. YUMMY !!!


  18. LaHagela (BitchFace)

    Paula I hate you!! I can’t stop looking at his chest in the first picture.
    freaking perfection


    • buttercup

      His chest in the first and second picture, I CAN’T FIND ANY WORDS and I CANNOT LOOK AWAY !
      I know it’s not a chest-poll but the pictures are just frkn hot!


    • I agree, that #1 is body wise best, but not waist scruff wise though, because the hand blocks that lovely wet trail!


  19. Brenda

    How have I never noticed the appe scar before? Bad McPerv hangs head. Loving this subject BTW.


  20. Anwyn

    First picture, it’s sooo yummy, arms and all. The perfect package. Don’t understand why it only has 6 votes. Thank you so much for so perfectly entertaining me with my favourite toy:-) You never fail me…


  21. Chris

    Paaaaaaaaaaaaaula, please, how can I get the first gif with his head? Lol I appreciate your blog! Hugs from Brazil!!!!


  22. karin@notmcnerd

    Tough choice but had to go with #3. Every time I watch it I keep thinking “with just a little more exertion he’ll swim right out of those trunks”
    I can dream …


  23. I’m too much salivating to make think… =O~


  24. I dunno why I have to choose! *cries


  25. The sweat dripping down his hard body in #4 helped me make up my mind. The salty soft trail of hair diving below the waist of those hot red shorts…mmmm.. {{TONGUE TWITCH}} My absolute favorite picture of his body and happy trail is the one of him in the white boxing shorts! YUMMMMM.
    I’ve watched #7 so many times! Everytime he lifts his arms, the trunks go so low…Damn camera doesn’t follow!! How Danny kept his hands off him, I have no idea. 😆


  26. kiwi

    Hard choice but for me it’s number 2,the flexing muscles do help to choose. (keep scrolling up cuz i can’t get enough ever).


  27. I been looking at this post for a LONG time…a V.V.LONG time!! Paula, you’ve compiled such a visual smorgasbord….and my eyes are enjoying a HUGE feast!!!!
    Of course I’m having a very HARD time choosing because….well…he looks so fckg incredible in ALL.OF.THEM.
    I LOVE Mick so much….#10 and #11 makes me want to rub my hands up and down his tummy…but I LUST for Steve and Stan… #1,2,4,8 makes me want to rub every other part of my body UP and DOWN those glorious abs and happy trail and…and…well you know the rest. *sigh*
    Oh and I can’t forget Jack…adorable, silly Jack. The pants are supposed to be GOING DOWN… and that should be MY hand right THERE!!!
    The slide show is also distracting me from making my chose. So much YUMMY…Russell in that towel and Stan with THE.BEST.MAN.V.EVER…and Mick in those jeans…those gloriously tight jeans…proving that had there been a ML S2…Beth would have had a smile on her face EVERY.DAMN.DAY!!
    Okay back to the poll…must make a chose…hmmm….^scrolls back up for the umpteenth time*…it has to be #8…because….well….it just doesn’t get any HOTTER than that!!!
    Oh and before I forget….THANK.YOU.PAULA… from me and NotMcG (he went to bed several hours ago…hope he’s well rested!!!)


  28. CRUEL!!! You two are cruel persons!!! Don’t make me… I can’t! But if I have to I vote for Steve. Because he’s the one having tattoos AND THE BODY. But I hate the orange. So #1, #2 or #4? #4 has SWEAT! So I go for it!
    (to be honest, I don’t like #5, I find it hard to watch these episodes although 2.16 is one of my favorites, now he looks so so much better!)
    Your banner is amazing btw and I LOVE Stan’s “the abs have left the building”-gif!


  29. Sally Amelotti

    This was a great idea. Keep the polls coming. Love to drool in the morning. Mahalo and have a great week.


  30. When I saw the banner at the top …I kinda stopped breathing for a second or two. Actually, I’m kind of panting right now. It’s my favorite. how did you know?


  31. Liana

    I’ve past all week with a strong cold and he’s so so hot that I think he healed me. As it says in my coutry, My mother of the beautiful love, Chulazo. By the way, keep just one is a very difficult decision.


  32. lunaterra12

    I came back to have another look. I need another shower today. lol Worth it!!!


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