A Month of Mick (#7) – Mick is getting wet and the heat is on…..

We are at the end of our first week in our ‘Month of Mick’ and we thought a little mini poll might be a good idea. Let’s open up the shower taps and see where we find the most heat! The choice is easy…….. 😛

1.)  Beth, high on the vampire drug, begging to be turned – (and we are still wondering, is this a cold or a hot shower? 😀 )


Girl, where are your priorities? Why are you not begging for some more pleasurable favors first?

(Okay, maybe our NEEDS differ slightly at the moment – she did have Josh at home for those “other” things……  :razz:)

shower-mick-wetAre you also envious of every drop of water running down his face? Caressing him …..

ml-shower-beth-2Those hands, firmly holding her, but yet so gently touching her……..

shower-turn-meBeth: TURN ME!!

And Mick, fighting the beast inside himself,  fighting the most basic primal urge inside every vampire!


Turn her around at least Mick, you are cruel!

(or is it Mick being a gentleman? 😀 )

What saving Beth signifies to him was so enormous and now that she’s come of age and he’s starting to find himself attracted to her… oh man… he wants her to call him Dad and he wants her to call him Baby… it’s all messed up.

—Alex O’Loughlin, Sydney Morning Herald, December 2007

2. Coraline, being alive and well AND so very naked and human:


Mick: You are my lust, my desire and my obsession

coraline-shower-3Mick: You are alive and here in my arms!! The sweet relieve from guilt – you are still alive…

shower-coraline4Mick: How have you done this?

coraline-kissUnbelievable, you are here in my arms………your lips touching mine……


Mick fighting the beast inside himself once more?

(Oh boy….And I just want to bite that bottom lip! 😛 )

If it’s not about that one great love, then who gives a fuck?

— Alex O’Loughlin, Various web interviews, November 2007

It is your choice – Which of these two scenes are getting you hot and bothered the most?



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38 responses to “A Month of Mick (#7) – Mick is getting wet and the heat is on…..

  1. I’m not going to lie, it was very steamy between Mick and Coraline but I HATE Coraline. So I can’t vote that way. And yeah, I want to bite and suck on that bottom lip!! 😛


  2. That water running down Mick´s face gets all my votes 😀
    That man is best served wet!


  3. visage13

    While I think Coraline and Mick are hotter together overall, I am a sucker for blue lighting and water. So, yep I will take the shower scene for this poll.


  4. Ok, if I haaave to choose. I choose Mick and Beth. *sigh* ACA about being jealous of the water running down his perfect face, tracing every curve of his delicious body…S&T!
    Oooh my, I never noticed his hands caressing her like that until you cropped the gif like you did. 😀 He was not only fighting his blood thirsty urges, but his sexual urges as well. Beth,Beth,Beth….really?! “Turn me?”…how about “Ravish me” or plain and to the point…”F*ck me now!”
    Wow, I guess I have strong feelings about this. 🙂 Mick was such a gentleman…DAMN!
    I think Mick and Coraline in the shower was hot,hot,hot, but why CBS, WHY …I wanted to see a longer kissing scene with some tongue, because I know he is a much better kisser than they let him be on TV. Who kisses with closed lips when they are in a shower with a naked person you have been crazy, insanely mad for, like forever?!! 👿
    ACA > his bottom lip is begging to be sucked and nibbled!
    I think I need to lie down or take a cold shower now. Thanks Paula and FOYeur for this stimulating post!


    • I must give Beth some credit, that grinding motion hopefully teasing Mick even more, touching in all the right places 😉


    • AlexNymph

      Well, Beth already knew what it felt like to give herself (blood) to a vampire, so I think her begging him to turn her was so she could feel those intense feelings with him–there would have been a lot of f*cking going on.


      • But for me it feel like her asking to be turned rather that asking him to make love to her, showed that she hungered for the power trip of being a vampire more that she had desire for him. Was she really in it for HIM or for the idea of him being a vampire? If she loved him that much she would have gone for the sex before she asked for the turning……. 😛


  5. I was always TeamCoraline. I think she loved him the most of any woman. Sure, it was selfish of her to turn him without him permitting, but that’s just how much she loved him, she couldn’t bear eternity w/out him. In the scene where she gives him the cure it was more evident than ever how deeply she loved him. Mick himself admitted he loved her with a fever he’d never felt burn for any other woman. I never forgave Beth for leaving him in New York. I hate her in that moment. Long live Mick and Coraline in my dreams !


    • That moment in New York always gets me as well. Mick finally willing to let his hair down so to speak to have some fun and Beth suddenly remembers she has got a boyfriend at home, that she has been neglecting 😦

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    • marnov2205

      TeamCoraline, me too!! But we’re in the minority. *runs and ducks* My reasons are extremely superficial. As a brunette, it’s much easier for me imagine when the lucky actress is also a brunette… 😉


  6. I’m MickBeth all the way. That look then he runs up the stairs. ahhhhh

    Plus I didn’t like Coraline so I didn’t want him with her. It was also weird to me how he smiles here. Although it was really about him knowing she found a cure that excited him not sexual tension IMHO.



  7. Have just watched this episode. A hot one all round. Do like Mick and Beth. So that is where my vote goes.


    • I think for almost everybody, it is more about the person in the scene than what the scene actually offered. 🙂
      My confession – I found neither of the scenes hot in the episodes, but Paula really did a good job to show the bits of passion in them in these gifs…..


  8. A hot episode all round. Mick and Beth for me.


  9. Ontlls

    Am not a Coraline fan at all. So I voted for Beth and Mick. *fans on self* Did’t notice those hands caressing her shoulders or her moving around like that.
    Lurxgirl got most of it for me to say *insert drooling smiley*

    But the bottom lip of Mick, in the last gif *wipes drool of chin* Oh my.. I want that!! NOW!! 😯 Isn’t very often I want something but.. Okay, Yep, time for a shower.

    P.S. Thinking the water is cold in the first one, hot in the second, cuz Coraline is human again for a bit 😉


  10. That Mick and Beth shower scene was the scene that convinced me to watch the series. It will always be hot to me.


    • The shower scene with him and Coraline was hot also..but he would have hated himself afterward if they hadn’t been interrupted. Guilt isn’t sexy IMO.


    • Tiffany

      Me too. Actually I was flipping channels when I landed on Syfy during a Moonlight marathon & the scene was Beth & Mick seconds before he followed her upstairs to the shower. I was hooked from that moment on unaware that series had been cancelled. My opinion of the two scenes – Mick wanted Beth but knew she was not herself & he is a gentlemen after all. Mick needed the truth (cure) from Cora & would have done anything to get it which would have allowed him to be w/ Beth as a human. Both scenes are hot because Alex is hot. During an interview w/ Kristin Dos Santos titled Interview with the Moonlight cast 1 of 2 she ask Alex who he thought was Mick’s true love & he gave his answer at 1:01

      I am sorry I don’t know how to copy link directly.


      • I actually loved the interview with Craig Ferguson that came after this first one, so don´t apologize for sharing Alex. I´m sure there are many like me, that enjoy watching these old interviews every once in a while.


  11. That scene with Beth I’ve always felt so sorry for Mick. Personally I can’t see the hotness in it myself, because I can’t get past the idea that here’s this one thing that Mick knows he wants, and she’s writhing around begging to be turned into the thing that Mick hates the most within himself, and the whole thing is just so messed up. Poor, poor Mick, I remember watching this scene when it first aired and thinking ‘Stop it! Just stop tormenting him, he’s already tormented enough GAAAHHH!!!’


    • Yes, being asked to be turn was kind of taking the passion from the moment….. at least get him satisfied before you ask him to do something he does not want to do… I think it works with most men 😉


  12. Anwyn

    I also voted for B&M because I think the passion for Beth was new and innocent and had already turned into real love at that time versus the old smoldering passion for Coraline being mingled with the most crucial interest of Mick, namely how to turn back human again. His love for Beth was his future and his insatiable desire for Coraline was the past. May be he would have let it go in that shower with Coraline, if there hadn’t been Beth.
    Thanks for reviving what came closest to sex in the series…


  13. venia

    oh this is hard because he looks so hot in both shots. I think I have to vote for Mick with the water dripping down that beautiful face… Thank you for doing this giving love to mick for a month . The pics are great.


  14. Helloeeze

    I think Mick looking through the glass shower at Coraline is the sexiest thing! (And it’s not in the gif) He has such desire in his eyes. Once he gets in the shower it’s more amazement it’s Coraline and –bam, his mind turns to the cure.

    In the shower scene with Beth, it’s more he is protecting her from herself. I think it’s sexier when she’s coming onto him downstairs and you see how much he is resisting it.

    I’m a MickBeth lover. But some of the best parts of ML were the Coraline story arc for me. So I like characters and Mick’s reaction to them.


    • I absolutely love that look on Mick´s face when he is looking at C through the glass door. It is one of my most favorite looks on that man ever! So hot…but didn´t include it this time, I have captured it so often (I think)…it will appear again some day 🙂


  15. It’s Mick/Coraline 4 ever for me. Micks Dark Lady is his greatest Passion. Beth is just a liitle girl about love and Sex when compared to Coraline;s HOT Womanliness


    • Yep, if I wasn’t a Josef/Mick Shipper I’d be on the MickCora Ship for sure. I just can’t get into MickBeth at all, I refer to that as ‘the good ship lollypop’. 😉


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