POLL time! Choose from Steve´s smiles :)

Finally got around to a new poll. And what better subject than Steve´s random smiles (shirtless and pantsless would have been great too, I hear you). Carefully selected smiles from all 4 seasons for you, with eeny-meeny-miny-mo method. We have McAmused, McCutie and other McSmiles to brighten our day. So get choosing, which smile makes you dream of Steve. Here are the choices:

Playful Steve:


Relieved Steve:


Cultured Steve


Fighting Machine Steve:


Magic Steve:


Momma’s boy Steve:


Family Steve:s4-smile-poll

Boyfriend Steve:


Time for you to start voting. You can choose your favorite 2!

PS. We will do another smile poll (eventually), but asking you to give me tips on which moments to put up for next time. Are there moments that are imprinted in your mind?


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33 responses to “POLL time! Choose from Steve´s smiles :)

  1. The second picture always makes me weak at the knees 🙂
    Just adorable.
    Some other smiles that blow my mind are the one on the helicopter, when they rescued Steve from Korea and the smiles that he gave in little Joan’s episode.


  2. Audrey

    Any moment in everything that Alex does, is perfectly okay with me. He makes me breathless in every shot.


  3. Ontlls

    Great Poll. I like it I am the first to Vote 🙂 Oh and um, Great pictures, but yep “Relieved Steve” is the best of these for me, and if he looked at me like that I would um.. *wipes chin* you get the point!!


  4. karen1228

    Only 2 votes?? Not fair!! Though my most favorite is “Relieved Steve” – his smiling eyes say it all! Sigh, plop and thud!!


  5. gracenotpark

    Love this poll. Love him smiling. He makes me smile, inside and outside. 🙂


  6. Sylvie

    Oh the “Relieved Steve”!!! I could spend my time looking at this one.


  7. Marnov Fucup

    I can’t vote because I can’t choose. Boo… 😥


  8. Steve in a suit with a big smile that’s all I need. S&T


  9. vanduyn

    This is like Sophie’s Choice! I had to go with the Grenade Steve! Cause it’s still one of my favorite scenes on 5-0 ever! 😀


  10. alexnymph

    I’ve got get this in before I read anyone else’s comments (did read poll results after I voted).

    I’ve always loved the Relieved smile from S1, so I’m glad that one is on top because I couldn’t decide. I went with Popcorn Adorkiness because that’s the way I would want boyfriend Steve to look at me. And afterglow fighting MMAn because of the way his eyes smile–seemed more Alex than Steve.

    As always, Paula, you pull in some fantastic choices (how you can narrow it down is beyond me), so many thanks to you.


  11. Definitely the relieved steve option! Dreams are made of that look!!

    For a next smile poll I have some very nice moments ingraved in my memory.
    Nothing can beat “The full on smile” Season 1: episode 18 ‘LOA ALOHA’ where we get to know Danny’s brother, they are all at the Hawaii Village for diner and taking a trip down memorylane of Dannys childhood cop-ambitions.

    The whole Kamekona’s learning to fly was so funny NCISandy made a clip of those best moments and posted it on youtube (if you are her or you know her: thank you for that great montage)
    There are 2 great smiles in there:
    “The alknowing smile” at 2.20 and 2.26 (including the pink beast) and the “Danny’s been made fun of smile” at 3.50.
    Theres also one hell of a look that isn’t a smile, but turns me to jello at 3.02.


  12. Cultured Steve because I LOVE flirty Steve. So cute. But for us, you know it’s any pic any time. AOL bad pics are even awesome. I’m sure he cringes at some but I just find them adorable.


  13. alexnymph

    Tip for next smile poll: The smile that made me fall in love with Alex. S1, early episode when Danno and McG “clean up nice” to act as “wales” at the poker game–you all know the scene. They pull out of the parking garage in their suits and Porsche, the girls in the next car get all hot-n-hungry for our guys, and Steve just rolls his head to the right and SMILES at Danno. No teeth, no tongue, just all puffy cheekbones. LOVE LOVE LOVE that look 🙂


  14. Paula, you did a very cool poll but it was hard to choose. It would be better to choose the best smiles per season and then a final with all that had more votes. You did a awesome selection but he gave us so wonderful smiles during these 4 seasons that i miss here. My vote was nº2 and nº7.

    Tips for next poll:

    – select the strut
    – select the best angle of dat ass
    – select the best tease of the pink beast
    – select Steve’s best photo in a suit



  15. FarkSpark

    The is also a season two smile in the cafe with Lori where he leans in….the was some major flirting and I am pretty sure a cute smile lol!


  16. The one that makes ME smile the most is where he’s joking with Danny after his fight scene, the huge grin he tries to suppress as he looks down, soooo cheeky!! My second fav is the one where he’s trying to get away with using a grenade to blow that door off. I guess I love this cheeky side the most and that really seems to come out around Danno.:P Always #McDanno ♥


  17. So many great smiles 🙂


  18. I voted for number 2, which is simply to die for (I like how he smiles with his eyes), even though I also like fighting machine and magic.


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