Best Alex picture treats for July – It’s a POLL

There are a few people who regularly post pictures of Alex from the Hawaii Five-0 set. We do not post these pictures here on a daily basis, but we thought it might be a good idea to give our readers a chance every month to look at them and vote for the person who you think treated us with the best Alex picture during the past month. Our poll will also include pictures from guest actors and other ‘celebrity’ guests who posted anything of Alex from the set.

Hawaii Five-0 Ohana:

( 1 ) The Peter Lenkov Gallery:

( 2 ) The Daniel Dae Kim Gallery:

( 3 ) The Masi Oka Gallery:

Unfortunately there has been no Alex treats from Jeff Cadiente or Jorge Garcia yet. But there is always hope for next month 🙂

Guests on set:

( 4 ) Enson Inoue:

( 5 ) Guest Actress Anne Leighton:

Take a good look at all the pictures (remember you can click on them to enlarge) and make your choice of who you think treated us the most, with the best picture(s ) of Alex for this past month. After you voted, you are welcome to comment on who you voted for and why you feel that person treated us the most.


Another special treat for this month came from Julissa McBride (wife of Chi McBride) on 12 July 2014:



Alex and Chi sending birthday wishes on video, to one of Chi’s nieces.

These polls will not include any pictures from the local “paparazzi” or any random fan pictures that were posted. But just because it is the most adorable picture and smile from Alex, we thought to include this fan picture as a treat, for you all to see.

Guess who I saw in Hawaii - 31 July 2014

The picture was posted by lmcreation on Instagram and if I remember correctly, Silvia from AOLww found the lovely treat for us all (Thank you).

Thank you for participating with our poll.

Untill next month 🙂


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15 responses to “Best Alex picture treats for July – It’s a POLL

  1. karen1228

    I hope that pretty little girl will realize one day what a great treat that was! Alex and Scott are beaming and she doesn’t look star struck at all!


  2. The Peter gallery, oh wait LOL.


  3. I love them all! It is not fair trying to make me choose! Thanks for the great July!


  4. Hello everybody 🙂 I’m back from my on week holiday and there are so many treats! Wonderful! My vote goes to Peter’s gallery but they are all amazing


  5. I love all the pics, but definitely DDK is the best… I watch his Twitter every day, he always have something interesting to post


  6. I had to vote for Peter´s, simply because he gave us Alex in that suit and sunnies. Nothing beats that image 😀


  7. alexnymph

    I truly love DDK and also his tweets. Ditto Masi. But I had to give it to Peter this time for the last photo–Alex in his sunnies! And suit! Killer Looks.


  8. It was hard to choose between Peter and Daniel’s gallery, but i voted for DDK. I hope he continue to give us treats every week, and with some quotes if it’s possible because it’s fun.

    But i’m thankful to Chi’s wife that shared her niece’s birthday video with us. I loved it. And last but not least, the best smile in the world in the last pic.

    Thank you girls for another cool poll.


  9. Arrrgh they all have their great points, Peters because of the suit and sunglasses .. I mean wow thats hot! I love Ensons Pic of them with that face!! and then the adorable DDK pic of the 3 of them, I love Masi’s hard at work pics, its always good to see him in motion. THANK YOU McBRIDE FAMILY!


  10. DDk”s Stunning picture of Team Hawaii Five=O/ Just gorgeous!! Cute poll. Thank you


  11. It looks like Daniel’s Gallery is by far the winner at this moment. Hope he will keep the good quality up for this month of August
    And also treat us with some quotes, like many of you mentioned. Those quotes are priceless! 🙂


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