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No! #AlexOLoughlin is NOT Trying To Chat with You on Facebook

I don’t know if it is ignorance or arrogance that makes people think that a celebrity like Alex would offer up his free time to chat with them on social media!! Or how truly naive or warped your sense of the world must be to think that he will ask you for money or offer up any details of his personal life, or ever give a fan his phone number to Whatsapp with him!

As you can see, I am pissed off. Fuming, to say the least, that people would start fan groups on Facebook “In the name of the Celebrity they LOVE” just to abandon it – especially if they drag our name into it as well. And then those groups are used for all sorts of scams and the spread of false information.

Why am I fuming? Many years ago a fan with the name of Ewa Trepka started two Facebook groups using our blog name. Over the years quite a number of fans joined the group – and now the group is run by thugs and scammers at leisure because Ewa is no longer around!

The only person who can really do anything about the problem is the group admin – in this case, Ewa. I have tried to contact Ewa and even sent her a friend request – with no response. A number of fellow fans have tried to contact Ewa, but she ignores all the requests – most probably because she is no longer around. So we are left with no real options!

At the moment all we can try to do, is to report the fake Alex profiles on those groups and hope Facebook takes them down. Just as we have to do every day on our own page, where the scammers try their luck daily to contact fans in comments. Most of the time Facebook does not find violations of “Community standards” because they never give you an option as to why you are reporting an account.

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Unfortunately, Facebook does not leave one with any easy options when reporting such a problem – especially with a group. I have contacted Facebook, explaining the matter and asking for help, but I do not have high hopes that they will even try to understand.

So, I am now asking fans to please start reporting these two groups for spreading false information. If enough fans report it for the same reason, Facebook might take it down – we can only try!

Group one link: 

Alex O’Loughlin An Intense Study

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Group two link:

Alex O’Loughlin An Intense Study

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Remember although these groups carry our name, we did not start them and we cannot do anything in order for them to be taken down on our own.

We only have one Facebook Page with our name that is linked to this site BUT no GROUPS

If you scroll through the posts on the group, you will see what we mean – not one of the posts on there is from real fans anymore. Every post there is from some “fake fan” inviting you to join another fake group, or chat with Alex on e-mail, or Telegram, or Whatsapp – and all kinds of manners to get fans to part with their money or their personal details and be scammed!

And sometimes there are even pornographic images posted!

How can you report the group?

  • You will see there are 3 dots next to the blue “Join Group” – you can click on the dots.
  • You will see an option, “Report group” – Click on it.
  • You will get options (not much of a choice there) – But click on “False information” – because that is the closest option to what is happening in those groups.
  • You will get more options – none of them really fit – so click on “Something else”

My hope is that if enough people report that group for the same violation, Facebook will have to look into it – Not that my hope is very high that anything will happen, but it is worth the try. For the proection of our fellow fans. And even for Alex reputations as such a lot of false information is spread there.

We pride ourselves on the accuracy of information about Alex that we share and we can just cannot allow those two groups to tarnish that reputation anymore!

Just to make sure you know that it is not just us who is saying Alex is not on social media – you can hear him tell you himself again …. and again.

Link to video


Alex: There are a lot of Alex O’Loughlin Facebooks and stuff like that there – but none of them are me.

I don’t do social media!

Pauly: Twitter and your Instagram – do you have one of those?

Alex: Me? Dude, I don’t have any of those.

Alex: I would rather set fire to myself, than join social networks!

Erin: So if I tweet about you – you and I won’t be friends?

Alex: Just tell people how great you think I am. How humourous and enjoyable my company was – and all that stuff.

Erin: Yeah, I can do that.

Alex: That’s fine. I just don’t want to do it.

Maybe, I might have learned that Twitter, can be a tool used for good.

Erin: There you go!

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All we can do is ask for your help to share this as widely as possible and to try and solve this problem by reporting the groups.

And let us know how we can issist you with similar problems. It does not matter what our differences might be about other matter, but maybe if we all help each other get rid of those with evil intentions towards Alex and his fans, we can enjoy being fans much more!!

That is what is all supposed to be about – Fun!!



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