NO! #AlexOLoughlin is not sending you private messages …

The internet is full of scamsters! Don’t be fooled by them …..

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear – we get messages from fans nearly every week asking us if Alex is now sending personal messages to them. Some asking if the bank account details he is giving is genuine. It makes my hair raise!

Evil people prey on the vulnerable and naive – On those who might not know how social media works.  But it is on you to think logically and place a question mark on why any celebrity would contact fans personally. Just as if they do not have their own personal lives.

Pauly:  … tell us is your Twitter and your Instagram. Do you have one of those?

Alex: Me? Dude I don’t have any of that shit.

There s a lot of Alex O’Loughlin Facebook’s and stuff like that out there … but none of them are me. Literally, if I didn’t have an assistant, I would not open my mailbox. 

Podcast with Pauly Shore – March 2015

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Most celebrities, like Alex, are busy people with no reason or interest to be personal friends with fans. And if they wanted you to give money to some cause, they would make it very public and official on a large scaleNEVER in private or in one on one messages.

How much time do you think they have to contact individuals for such things, asking for money?


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How many more times does Alex have to say this in interviews before people will believe it?

“I would rather set fire to myself than join social network! Only because, I’ll tell you why, Donna. Okay, at the moment, I’m going to have a look. I’m going to reach into my pocket, and I’m going to get my phone out and I’m going to have a look. Okay, if you see here, it’s says 97 unanswered emails. 97!!

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They’re all emails I have to answer. I’m so unmanageable when it comes to that stuff. If I had Facebook, Twitter, anything like that, I don’t know what would happen. 

Alex O’Loughlin answering fan questions in 2011

We know language is a big issue and people who do not understand English properly are at a bigger risk to be fooled by these, sometimes dangerous individuals. It is therefore good if you are knowledgeable and speak a different language, but understand English, to help your fellow fans in this regard.

I really do hope that in the near future especially Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, will make it easier to report these scamsters. It is time for them to step up and protect their users.

But remember, these pages all have a safeguard – they allow celebrities to verify their accounts and get the blue tick. 

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Look for it and don’t trust any account without it – especially those with the word “official” in their name. And please read bios on top of pages properly to know what they are about, before blindly following them and liking all their posts. By doing that, you are part of the problem!

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And don’t think anybody with Alex’s name in their page name – even us, is speaking on his behalf.

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Fans accounts are fans – and they don’t represent him or speak for him. Most of them just want to share the beauty of Alex with others and enjoy him with fellow fans……

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30 responses to “NO! #AlexOLoughlin is not sending you private messages …

  1. A BIG “Thank you” for posting this, Foyer! I was targeted twice already and it gets very annoying. I know, Alex is not on social media so they have no chance to convince me, it´s him. But I have noticed, how many fans seem to believe, it´s Alex, they are talking to and fall for those scammers. They will be scammed for a lot of money if they follow those people. It makes me really mad to see, how we fans are fooled, also because there is not much Alex at the moment and people are searching for every small trifles of him. And I´m also mad about how a good man, who does support charity in real life, is utilized for ugly purposes. because those scammers tell people now “Alex” is collecting money for charity. It´s disgusting.
    We all have to accept: Alex is NOT on social media as he said again in his Inferno Cast Interview just a couple of months ago.

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  2. Tanya Long

    Thank you. I didnt think it was him, but for a moment it was nice thinking that it may be him.

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    • Yes, the nice feeling that it might be true, make so many believe it and fall for it. We get so many e-mails and messages about it. We have been meaning to do this post about it for a long time now.
      Yesterday, one imposter even tried to post Alex’s so-called e-mail address on our IG account in comments to other fans.

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      • I experienced this too yesterday. Somebody posting their E-mail in the comments pretending to be Alex …. unbelievable

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        • Yes, and delete and block is the only way we can protect others against it. And to warn fellow fans and make them aware with posts this one.

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          • I didn’t block, because I thought that way they get out of sight and I could not interfere any more is they try this anywhere else … hm?!


            • I didn´t block them either for the same reasons. But you can put them on “silent” in messenger if you don´t want to receive their messages. They can´t see you being online anymore. (Du kannst sie im Messenger auf “stumm” schalten. So bekommst du keine direkten Botschaften mehr und kannst sie trotzdem verfolgen. Sie sehen dann nicht mehr, wenn du online bist.)


  3. That is just so sick and twisted! Geez😠. And I totally agree with Alex’s opinion on social media👍👍😁. It is nothing but shit😝! The only decent social media network out there is Linkedin.


    • Isn’t Linkedin a business connections network?
      Social media pages themselves are not the problem – it this those who misuse them, who are the problem.
      Without Social Media pages, we would not get any news to share or interesting stories to post about Alex.
      So for us, it is not all bad, but just sad when people get scammed.

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  4. CassG

    I remember getting an email from an Alex many weeks back which I was suspicious of. My radar goes off instantly when I see or hear Alex’s name but this was weird. I knew AOL would sure as hell not be sending me a lone email as he doesn’t know me from Adam. Fans he’s very aware of but writing to an individual fan unless under special circumstances not gonna happen. I never opened and deleted it. The only way I’d maybe hear from Alex would be 😴

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  5. Danielle Hoogendijk

    hi all
    on instagram the fake one ask olso if you have hangout
    and ask if you have a fan card
    dont tell them you have hangout olso
    greetings from a big fan of the netherlands

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    • Yes, please don’t share personal information with these people – they could use your details to hack your accounts.
      And there is no such thing as a fan card for Alex. Those who have fan blogs and fan pages on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook do not ask for money to be part of them. The same as it is on here – anybody can read all the content and can comment for free.
      And if anybody asks you for money to be a part of their “club” for Alex – then you need to stay far away from them!

      And please share this knowledge with fans from your country who do not understand English very well.

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      • I have put up a facebook group named “Alex O`Loughlin fans against scammers”. There people can find basic informations in Englisch, German, Spanish and French. Since I don´t speak Spanish and only little French I had to use an online translator but I hope, the informations are understandable.


    • We actually regularly receive e-mails, via Facebook, from a Dutch who believes we are Alex. And the more we tell her we are not Alex, the more she keeps sending us messages addressing them to Alex and telling him how much she loves him.

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  6. vanduyn

    Thanks so much for shining a bright light on this yet again! I realized people what to believe it’s Alex. I honestly don’t understand when he says he’d rather set fire to himself than be on SM people still want to believe it’s him asking them to message him on Whatsapp? I actually had a deranged fan email from an account opened in Malia’s name using Just use common sense

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    • Yes, just a pity that messages like this are getting fewer likes and shares than other posts.
      Some fans are part of the problem, for supporting fake pages and not spreading the correct message.

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  7. Cassiopea 1000

    I do understand why he does not want to be involved with social network. I hate them myself. Many ‘nobody’ people too often have problems derived from their innocent misuse of their accounts, especially FB. If you’re a celeb, the problems centuplicate, no matter how careful you are.

    And using Alex’s name (or any other celeb) to get personal data or money from gullible fans is vile. I wish there were more control mechanisms to put an end to this.

    And let’s be sensible. Alex does not know any of us. Why would he contact us personally? How could he know our e-mails addresses? Please! And even if I’m sure that I have addressed him personally in one or two comments, I know perfectly well that he will never read them and that I will never get an answer from him.

    Fans, let’s be realistic. Alex is out of our reach. Period!

    (A pity he does not read us, though. He’d have many a good laugh and his ego would soar up to stratospheric levels!)

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  8. Kathysr

    I’m deeply sorry for fans who are duped into believing that Alex is personally contacting them. Criminals, scammers and professional identity thieves are busy trying to extract financial information from these people to rob them. Alex has repeatedly stated over the past 13 years that he is not on any social media. Sadly, some fans love Alex so deeply that they go off the deep end emotionally and lose all contact with reality.

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  9. gracenotpark

    I’ve always been a little bit sad that Alex shys away from all social media. And right after Moonlight he did dip a wee toe in. But quickly withdrew.

    He’d be rather delightful, IMO, on media sites. He’s a total hoot! And he has interns or helpers that could sorta run his account.

    This is merely selfish on my part, of course. And I totally understand that it’s just not him, not who he is, not interested in it at all, not ever gonna change his mind. So while it makes me a little bit sad, I respect him and his decision. I’ll always be TeamAlex. 👍🏽

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    • Whenever I see all the stuff happening online, I am always extremely glad Alex keeps himself away from it.
      He is so giving and caring and people demanding so much online, will only drain all his energy.

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      • You are right. And by what I read so far, there are really rude people on the internet, some of them even journalists. They write and wrote all kinds of shit and some of it can be really hurtful. Especially when they spread unfair and evil lies and assumptions. I don´t mean to say, Alex is oversensitive, but if I was him, some of it would hurt me. You just don´t need to deal with that sort of crap. I´m glad, too he keeps himself away from it. There are better ways to spend your time and energy.

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        • But i too would apreciate him revive his old My Space account. But if he decides, it´s better for him to stay away from social media or just don´t want to spend his time on them, so be it. It´s a pity, but it´s up to him.

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  10. Unpopular opinion here:
    I think that one big problem concerning these a//holey fake accounts is that a lot (a lot a lot a lot) people don’t read. They are just looking at the beautiful pics on these fake sites (and on others too) and then they claim to be the biggest fans ever, love him sooooo much, and bla and bla and bla. They don’t read the captions, they don’t read his interviews and they for sure don’t click on the bio to read all this text till the end where (sometimes) they would read ‘I’m not Alex’. And no, it has not always to do with the language barrier. (There’s a reason there are pics in newspapers 😉 )
    They are his biggest fans, will love him forever and ever. Forever means round about two years.
    Yes, I know, don’t get me wrong, I know there are fans out there who are just fooled, whose knowledge of the English language is not so good to realize that Mr. O’Loughlin (Capitol O, Capitol L! Sorry, pet peeve) is capable of writing at least his name in the right way, or who are so naive, or innocent just thinking he is out there and they are the chosen ones… There’s this thing called the blue check mark, blue tick – you don’t need to understand a language for that.
    And now I’m going to duck and hide…

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    • Everything you say is absolutely true.
      That is why I do not want to spend too much time and effort on the subject of on naming any of these accounts, because they come and go.
      However, in the last few months we just saw a increase in these inquiries from people. And if I can help one person (especially one who believe they will be helping Alex) not to part from their money towards some professional cyber criminal, that will be great. These criminals know what to say to get naive people to believe them, especially once they think that they are chosen to have direct contact with a celeb in private messages. All logic leave them by then, I guess. At least some asked us about it – but there are those who just fall for it, without questioning it.
      There are so many young people online, and they, and those who lack knowledge of English are the most vulnerable. And even older people who are new on social media.
      It is difficult for those of us who have been online for a number of years, to understand how vulnerable novices in social media are. I can still remember the stupid mistakes and assumptions I made 10 years ago.

      So many do not know about the blue tick and the word official fool many.

      Just felt it was the right time to say something about the matter again.

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  11. Stacy

    I am so glad I read this. I was thinking I was going to meet Alex at a personal meet and greet. I wish I knew was on the other end. Stupid people. Glad I never sent any money.


  12. marcerizo

    Today I read this Tweet sent to Peter Lenkov about the fraudulent messages that some scammers are committing using Alex’s name and damaging his reputation. I hope the authorities do something about it as soon as possible and that Alex and his team are aware of this regrettable matter. This is a crime and must be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Outrage makes my stomach turn.


  13. CarolLynn

    I wasnt scammed for money. But I fell for the you are beautiful line. I can’t speak for anyone else but on some level you have to know a celebrity is not going to contact an everyday person. But they are so good. Told me he’s divorced, not final yet. And he wanted a simple girl who knew what she wanted. Of course that’s me and I melted a little. Then we go to WhatsApp I got a video call but I couldn’t turn the mic on to hear what he said. It was about half a min and then he said management fined him for breaking the rules lol after a whole day that video finally made me beleive how untrue this is..although slightly entertaining. Then he sands me a pic of Alex with a sign that jas my name with marke saying he’s real. Looked like a real selfish. I don’t know anything about photoshop but that photo would have cinched the deal for me ( no money of course but I would have kept coming up with more things to prove he is who he is). He got mad said im negative. Then I started googling about the divorce I thought I found. And I stumbled into WordPress and saw the countless times Alex said he HATES social media but I think the thing that really closed the chapter for me was the verified mark. I never heard of that. So yeah I’m a sucker I wanted to believe Alex O’LOughlin was divorcing and thought I was beautiful….it does feel good. He is one of the hottest men around!! Well thanks for putting the truth out there for people like me. And these people can’t be prosecuted..I mean I have a photo! There has to copyright info?? Anyway thanks for enlightening the public


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