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Cute Encounter – @jennycooney and #AlexOLoughlin at #AIFAwards 24 Oct 2013


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I put these two twitter pics in their own post because her story made me giggle. 🙂  Jenny is an Australian free lanced journalist who was lucky enough to attend last night.

Jenny Cooney: “Lucky me, got to congratulate #AlexOLoughlin on his #australiansinfilm #breakthroughaward #AussiesRule”


**THis is what cracks me up***

Jenny Cooney: “And just because #alexoloughlin’s lovely partner Malia told him to stop making ‘the face’ in that pic- one without”


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I laugh because #1, Go Malia! Every woman with a goofy bf/partner feels your pain and #2, the question has popped into my head several times, especially in the past few months after seeing Alex made the media rounds, I’ve wondered “I wonder how many times she has to tell him to stop making faces???” Bwahahahaha!!

ITS TRUE!! ❤ love them both! That’s when you know it’s real.

Also, thanks Malia because that second pic is too cute. *sigh*


Thank you ESS for joyful report – we kind of miss the old days!

And we add some extra ….

Pictures from the event

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