#AlexOLoughlin – Fun Interview at Premiere of TBUP (April 2010) – Transcript

Today we have two short videos for you to enjoy.

1) Alex and Noureen DeWulf on the red carpet at the premiere of The Back-Up Plan in April 2010:


Alex: Here we are.

Noureen: Okay, I want to ask you questions.

Alex: Okay.

Reporter: Ask away.

Noureen: Who made your suit Alex?

Alex: Oh, thank you so much for asking. This is a Jil Sander. Yeah

Noureen: You look pretty sexy.

Alex: Who made your dress, Noureen?

Noureen: Um … Herve Leger, made it.

Alex: Well, it looks very sexy.

Noureen: Thank you, so much.

Alex: You’re welcome.

Reporter: Very nice, guys.

Noureen: Thank you.

Alex: Did we just ruin your interview?

Reporter: No, of course not!

Alex: We love a double.

Reporter. You’ve given me rest, because we’re streaming live. I’ve been talking non-stop for like the past …

Alex: You’re streaming live? [To the camera] Oh. Hi! .. Hi [Laughs]

Reporter: Tell everyone what’s up out there.

So, tell us, what was the experience like, working with Miss Jennifer Lopez?

Alex:  It was great. She’s … She’s awesome. She’s so accessible. She’s such a professional. [Looking back at the start of the carpet] I think she may have just arrived.

Noureen: There’s a roar.

Alex:  Because everyone is screaming.


Ah … But it’s great, you know. And it was …. she had her babies on set all the time too. Which was wonderful, you know. It was a real sort of family feel. And it was terrific.

Reporter: And now, I mean, having a baby … it’s … it’s not necessarily in order. So, how appropriate, she had her kids on set and everything.

What drew you in particular to this film?

Alex: Um … I really loved how balanced the film was. I also thought it was very funny, when I read it. And I like the character. I like my character, Stan. I mean he is a mensch dude. He’s like .. he’s a stand-up guy. That like … once he makes a decision about this woman, he just commits. And it’s like … you don’t see that much.

Reporter: Awesome. We look forward to it.

Alex: Alright.

Noureen: And he is sexy in the movie.

Alex: Ahhh

Noureen: Imagine that.

Alex: Stop …. stop.

Picture taken by Audrey Manasterski




2) Noureen DeWulf, who plays Daphne, talks about Alex.


Noreen: Oh, I love him. I think he is so nice. I think he’s really nice.

And I think he is really solid, you know. I think he’s … the way he plays this character is very solid. And I think a lot of women are going to swoon over him after this movie. Because he’s pretty sexy and he’s very stable.

People are attracted to that kind of, you know, masculine stability that he kind of possesses, I think.




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6 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – Fun Interview at Premiere of TBUP (April 2010) – Transcript

  1. Audrey Manasterski

    Hi there, I love that you used one of the photos of Alex that I took, on the red carpet of the Back-Up Plan. It’s the one where he’s looking down, he was actually signing Mary Enriquez’s photo album.
    It was an awesome event.

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  2. lindae5o

    The last photo of Alex is breath-taking. That face, those eyes!!!

    Liked by 2 people

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