#AlexOLoughlin on CBS4 Denver for Three Rivers – 2009 (Transcript)

Alex in a television interview with anchor and reporter at CBS4 Denver, Tom Mustin.


Tom: Great to talk to you, Alex. Let’s talk your show Three Rivers, generating a lot of buzz here. Kind of a different spin on the … on these … on the latest TV shows, in a hospital. This all about organ donation. Tell us what it is about?

Alex: It’s … it’s called Three Rivers. It’s a show about a hospital in Pittsburgh, call Three Rivers, that specializes in organ transplant medicine. And …. we tell the show from three different points of view. The … the doner, the recipient and the medical team, which I’m …. which I’m, one of the members of. I play Andy Yablonski, who is a Cardiothoracic surgeon, specializes in transplant medicine. And he’s based on a real-life character, actually, call Gonzo Gonzalez-Stawinski,  who works out of Cleveland.  Who was a real inspiration for me, in this character and also Carol Barbee, and, you know, for the show. 

Tom: Now, do you focus on the donors, the recipients? How does it work?  Or is each episode different?

Alex: Well, no, we ….we do … we do try to … certainly, in the first … in this first set of shows, that you’re going to see, we try to tell it from the three points of view. You know, from the donor and their significant others, the recipient and their families, and from me and the medical team. And how we come together and what happens. And, I mean, the fact … the thing with this stuff, is that for someone to survive with a procured organ, somebody has to first die ..

Tom: Right.

Alex: … and … and donate the organ.

And we look at all … we look at all sorts of things, from, you know, misconceptions about donation, to  … to, you know, families dealing with the decision, once it is given over to them.  If the person wasn’t a registered donor in the first place and all the rest of it. And so we’re dealing with some really important stuff.

Tom: A lot of dramatic possibilities there as an actor, I’m sure. That’s great too.

Alex and Alfre Woodard in Three Rivers.

Tom: You know, looking at the cast, Alfre Woodard – a lot of great people to work with. What is it like to work with all these folks? The ensemble?

Alex: Fantastic. You know, it’s wonderful, you know, Tom. It’s …To work with actors that a … I mean, … if I work with a passionate actor, whether they are good or bad, it doesn’t matter. I mean, a passionate person is someone I can always forgive and always work with. Ans someone I enjoy working with. But to work with passionate, extremely talented, famous, award-winning actors, is … is like, oh my god.

It’s great because I have to constantly get over the bar that they set. And vice versa, you know. We really … we all try to elevate everything, for each other. And .. and the cast gets on like, famously. So …

Tom: That’s great. And when the bar is set high, everyone kind of ups their game, and it makes it all … all great. It’s very cool.

Alex: Right.

Alex with Amber Clayton in Three Rivers

Tom: So, now, what is next for you? A lot of folks know you from the show, Moonlight. You played the vampire there. What is next for you, now? I see, other than the show here, [cough] – excuse me … have a lot of other things in the can.

Alex: I have a … I have a film .. that’s … that’s playing at the moment, with Kate Beckinsale, called Whiteout. It’s Kate’s film, but I’m certainly in it.

I have Three Rivers premiering this Sunday, October the 4th, 9/8 central. And I have a film that I just finished with Jennifer Lopez, which is coming out January, 22nd, I believe, called The Back-Up Plan. Which is … which is something I’m very excited about too.

Tom: It sounds like … you know, what’s it like to be a working actor in LA? So many people can’t have …. don’t have that luxury at all. It’s got to be great to be in demand.

Alex: [Laughs] It’s good. It’s … it’s great, you know what I mean. There’s been … there’s been periods of work for me and there’s been periods of .. of … of  … unemployment and  … and … it’s  … of course I prefer the former. It’s … it’s, I mean a working actor is a happy actor. And I’m a very happy person at the moment. I got my family around me and I’m  … I’ve got somewhere to go, and I’ve got some money in the bank. And so …

I don’t know, I’m just … I’m kind of making hay while the sun shines at the moment.

Tom: There you go.

Alex: So I’m hoping it doesn’t end … and hoping it shines on for .. for a little longer. But I’m having a great time. And this show I think … I really hope people tune into this show, because I feel that we’re dealing with things that haven’t been dealt with, in a medical show yet, on television.

I really think it’s groundbreaking in a number of different ways. And I think it’s something … I think we’re telling some really important stories as well. For Americans and people all around the world, who deal with this stuff on a daily basis.

Alex & Katherine Moennig in Three Rivers




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3 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin on CBS4 Denver for Three Rivers – 2009 (Transcript)

  1. Cassiopea 1000

    Many years ago, I registered as a donor, but I had never given a thought about what would happen with my organs if they had to be used. All these terrible decisions doctors have to make to determine who is given a chance to live and who is left to die, it must gut-wrenching.

    No wonder that Alex who, if I remember correctly, worked with Dr. Gonzalez to learn how to act as a surgeon, has worked so hard to make people conscious of the necessity to donate.

    And again, another great show thrown away, and another blow to Alex who was brilliant as Dr. Yablonski. But then, he could not be anything but brilliant even if he tried, could he?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Magnólia

    Que pena! Dois shows tão bons cancelados. Para mim, foram más decisões da emissora.
    Alex estava excelente e muito mimoso como vampiro e médico.

    Depois disso: muito trabalho , dor física e pouco reconhecimento.
    Obrigada, Paula e Foyeur 🍀🎶🎻

    Liked by 1 person

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