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#AlexOLoughlin – What is your greatest fear? (2008)

Alex O’Loughlin in an interview with MediaBlvd Magazine,  on the set of Moonlight back in April 2008

Question: What is your greatest fear?

Alex: People. What we’re capable of is terrifying. It’s a wonderful world that we live in, but it’s not in the best shape. Presently, and the state of things to come, is dependent on people and the decisions they make.

We, as humans, haven’t exactly got a good track record, making good decisions on behalf of people on the planet.

I’m always watching what we do, as a race. You watch CNN and you read the papers, and it never ceases to amaze me. Art imitates life, more often than not.

Often, I’ll make a choice as an actor, and then, after making that choice, based on what would actually happen, I realize that I can’t put it on screen because no one’s going to believe it, so I have to modify it.



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