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#AlexOLoughlin of #H50 is NOT on Social Media

I know it should not bother me so much, but this past week I have had a few instances where I got somewhat pissed off about social media pages that are perceived to be Alex.

There is a lot of ignorance out there and many fans do not understand the concept that a celebrity will have a verified account. An account with the correct verified mark next to it.

We ourselves get some DM messages from fans because they think we are Alex – I do not know why? We are not verified, we clearly state we have a fan page, and we never do posts as if we are him. And we always immediately correct them with online comments and in private dm’s.

If it is not verified, it is not real or official. No matter what is said in the title of that page. No matter that others might tag that account – it is not REAL without proper verification.

There is a ‘fan’ account on Instagram, who has been perceived as a REAL Alex account for a long time already, because it has been tagged and the title says official. And with seemingly personal posts like this:

_officialalexoloughlin_  “A part where I appear in the Meaghan Rath clip”

The account has 80 000 followers, purely because some ignorant people believe it is Alex’s account. And that page grows with a 1000 new followers every day ….. But the account belongs to a 14-year-old Spanish speaking girl. At the end of her bio, she says she is not Alex, but users rarely bother to read these bios.

She even posts in Spanish, but ignorant people are still fooled, and from their comments, it is clear that they now think Alex uses Spanish as well to communicate with fans. 😕

During this week, that account posted that her father is in isolation because of COVID19 – and many of the 80 000 ignorant followers now believe it is Alex’s dad who is sick. To me, that is a sick situation! And it pissed me off …

You can see the post and comments here: 

And judge for yourself.

Many fans on that post, wish Alex and his father well. They use his name in the comments, because they are clearly still fooled by the account. And the account holder only “likes” those comments, without even trying to correct the wrong perception of those fans!! For me, that is just wrong!

And in my opinion, too many fans who should know better are supporting that account with likes and comments on it …..

And with it, YOU support the deceit!!

From March 2008 to May 2010 Alex used to have a MySpace account, where he communicated with fans. And in 2011 his Publicist started a Verified Facebook page for him.

He used it on occasion with a few posts about organ donation, but for the past few years, there has been no personal messages or official communication from Alex there.

And a few weeks back, some deranged person was allowed to repeatedly comment all kinds of nonsense on the community page there for many days, without being stopped by Alex’s people who should look after the page.

Just to confirm our point about Alex NOT being on Social Media, here are the times when Alex spoke about it:

12:31 [Comment From Lori] I know you are on MySpace. Are you on Twitter or Facebook at all?

12:32 Alex O’Loughlin: Lori – No. CBS has begged for both but I’m thinking about creating my own … it’s going to be called TWITFACE

Teri: “Donna Hall wants to know: will you please Twitter! Why haven’t you joined a social network?”

Alex: “I would rather set fire to myself than join social network!

I’m so unmanageable when it comes to that stuff. If I had Facebook, Twitter, anything like that, I don’t know what would happen.

Erin: You don’t like to tweet and stuff like that.

Alex: You know it SHITS me.

But I just, I don’t like. … I don’t know, there’s something sort of so creepy and voyeuristic in like, “Look what everyone’s doing” and “Look at all my $%@&”.

 Alex: I’m actually surprised (by the support) sometimes because I don’t feel like I’m a very good celebrity. I don’t have a Twitter accountI barely manage my Facebook page and I don’t get to my e-mail often enough.

Pauly:  … tell us is your Twitter and your Instagram. Do you have one of those?

Alex: Me? Dude I don’t have any of that shit.

There s a lot of Alex O’Loughlin Facebook’s and stuff like that out there … but none of them are me. Literally, if I didn’t have an assistant, I would not open my mailbox. But that’s … I don’t know.

Alex: The … the desperate sort of desire for immediacy in everything, is wild, you know. That’s why I don’t … I don’t do social media. I don’t do …. my kids don’t have cell phones. 

Alex is not on social media!

What pisses me off the most about it all, is when people are perceived to be Alex, when they are not, and then those fans think whatever is posted, is done by Alex and shows his opinion about matters. It is misleading and fraudulent.

Those ignorant and innocent fans/people are fooled by those who just don’t care, as long as they get attention and more likes.

Link to our Video: 


This is our call to fellow fans to be responsible and considerate to other fans and to Alex.




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