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#AlexOLoughlin & JLo – On HitFix for The Back Up Plan (March 2010) – Transcript

This is the transcripts of two short videos from Hitfix, with Alex and Jennifer Lopez, doing promotion for The Back-Up Plan.


[Clip from The Back-Up Plan – First date scene]

Reporter: You were attached to this project for quite some time. And I was wondering what out of your own personal life, such as the fact that you have twins yourself, made you interested in making it?

Jennifer: I read a lot of romantic comedies. And there are not a ton of good ones out there. But this one had a really great modern, edgy voice. That they use the real … real-life issue. A real-life problem to deal with…. For the two main characters. And I thought that that journey would be very interesting, for two people who just met.

Reporter: That’s sort of surprising, the movie is a bit more dramatic, like most people might think it is from the trailers through TV spots. Did that appeal to you?

Alex: I think what appealed to me was the balance. I mean, I read the script and it is … there’s such a great balance of romantic comedy, of straight-up funny comedy, of drama, you know. And  … which makes it a good film.

And I think it is really hard to write and let alone produce and deliver a good balanced film, that is based around the romantic idea.

Reporter: Out of your own life, and experiences you’ve had, is there any scene in particular or anything that you added, that you said to the screenwriter, “We really have to do this”?

Jennifer: I know there is. I just can’t remember specifically right now … It’s been so long. But there’s

Reporter: The stew … eating the stew.

Jennifer: The stew … I mean all of the eating scenes. I mean, I remember when I saw one of the first cuts of the movie, they didn’t have a couple of the eating scenes in. And I was like, “You have to put in the stew. You have to put in the McDonald’s scene. You have to put these scenes I there”.

This is the whole thing about being. That will gross men out. It is too much. It is funny and women are going to understand it. And men are going to be like, “Yes, I remember this”. It’s definitely those things … those little nuances that really make it work, I think.

Reporter: Yes. There’s been rumours that you might do a new music deal with Def Jam

Jennifer: Hmmm-mmm

Reporter:  … Is that in the works? Is it possible?

Jennifer: Yes.

Reporter: Is it going to happen soon?

Jennifer: I believe so.

Reporter: Well I can’t wait to hear your new stuff. Thank you so much – big fan.

Link to Video


Alex O’Loughlin talks about shooting “Hawaii Five-0”


Reporter: I have to ask you. Have you shot the Hawaii Five-0 Pilot, yet? And ….

Alex: I have.

Reporter: And can you talk about what it’s like to step in Jack Lord’s shoes?

Alex: Yeah. Yeah. It’s … you know, he …. He created a huge show. McGarrett in a hit show. And it went for 12 years. I mean, it was one of CBS’s most successful things ever. What we are doing, is something very different. You know, I mean, … I can’t tell you too much. I have actually been told not to talk about it.

But it’s … it’s going to be good. I’m literally battered and bruised. I just got off the plane from Hawaii after finishing the pilot. And it was great. You know what I mean, it’s very different.

McGarrett is a Navy SEAL. I’m playing opposite Scott Caan. And … we … we have great chemistry.

Reporter: It’s good. They told you not to say anything, but you actually said some stuff. That’s good.

Alex: Said some stuff.

Reporter: Said some stuff.

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