When Jericho and Moonlight Meet – 2009

Interesting to see what Producer Carol Barbee had to say about Alex. They worked together on Three Rivers and later, after this interview also on Hawaii Five-0.

three rivers.jpg

The original article on SciFi Universe seems to be lost, but I found this on

Alex O’Loughlin Fan. com

Alex & Carol

Scifi fans know Carol Barbee as the executive producer and a writer on the cult favorite series Jericho. But these days, she’s making the Moonlight fans happy because she cast Alex O’Loughlin to star in her new medical drama, Three Rivers.


I met up with Carol at a recent press screening of her new show and here’s what she had to say about casting everyone’s favorite vampire as a top transplant surgeon.

“Alex had a holding deal for CBS and I was under contract to CBS. He met with lots of people, we met with lots of people. He want to do [Three Rivers] and we wanted to have him. I wasn’t at all nervous [about casting him]. I felt very lucky that they steered him our way and second of all that he wanted to do it.  He’s a really fine actor and he’s so dedicated and he’s a really nice guy and . . . okay. . .he’s cute,” she admits. “He’s a great lead. I feel very lucky, usually there’s a nightmare quotient to a person like that and it’s just not there with him.”

As far as their recent ties to the scifi community go, Carol Barbee had to laugh. “Alex and I said that because of his fan base and the Jericho fan base, Three Rivers is the first medical drama that should premiere at Comic Con!”

Maybe next year, Carol, if Three Rivers gets picked up for a second season. Three Rivers premieres on October 4 on CBS.


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6 responses to “When Jericho and Moonlight Meet – 2009

  1. Colleen

    Even she had to admit he was cute. That’s sweet. Also Paula these pictures are to die for. My favorite photo shoot ever. He was absolutely stunning. 🙂


  2. Leah

    WHEW! That direct stare from those very sexy eyes!! Just plain makes me weak in the knees . . . . 😛


  3. Alex loved THREE RIVERS and it shows in all these stunningly gorgeous pictures of him!!!


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