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Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (9 – 15 August 2015)

After last weeks drought – we were bombarded with new pictures of Alex during this week – hope you enjoy it all!

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Life on the Set:

Before we continue with the pictures from the set, I just want to thank NinjAloha50@ninjaloha50  for all the hard work of stalking the filming and posting all the pictures from the set again this week. I do not know who you are, but you are a star. And I also want to thank you for adding your signature on these pictures at such a reasonable place. :thankyou:

There is nothing more annoying than a logo right across the bodies of the actors – really, what do you get out of adding your signature across everything and spoiling the whole picture? For that reason, I rarely share or post links to any pictures here, from people who spoil pictures like that.

Posted by The Ninja on 11 August 🙂

And a little video of the action:

 Please make sure to visit the Ninja’s Twitter account to see the many pictures that were posted.

0415kako Filming Hawaii FIVE-O🌞 He tripped in front of me and his reaction was so funny Then, he shook hands with me Anyway I had a fun time😀 やっと撮影みれた- まさかの目の前に歩いてきてコケたw まぢで抱きつかれるのかと思ったww
On the set of Hawaii Five-O like
Set c

emmalkt Shooting Hawaii Five-0 #hawaii #serie #hawaii50 #swagdupapi

Kris: Hawaii 5-0 filming at the Sheraton across the street – Alex O’Loughlin and Grace Park.

Posted by Kris

_salb_ Look @amz_b, STEVE!!#bookemdanno

Posted by Salb

   Walked by and they were Filming at the Sheraton


Fan photos:

shaynechartigan : Hanging out on set with Alex #Hawaii #H50 #setlife #production @ryanpgallagher

Set 2015

  got to meet my favourite Aussie today was so lovely meeting Alex, he was so sweet

Goofy Alex & Laila Helen(This is our edit of her pictures – Paula corrected the one picture that was swapped)

  kohei0126 Alex以外にもGrace, Teilaと写真撮れた!まじ感動 Grace綺麗すぎI was sooooo happy because I took picture with them! All of them were so kind. Grace is most beautiful women I had ever seen.This is my best memory in this trip Thank you guys!

kohei0126やばすぎ!ずっと見てるドラマHAWAII 5-OのAlexと写真撮れた!まじ感動 I was sooooo happy because I took picture with him, Alex O’loughlin!! He wa so kind. This is my best memory in this trip Thank you Alex!

  • I just want to mention here that some fans told Kohei that he tagged a fake Alex account in his post – and he thanked them and changed it. Fantastic to see that there are fans who care and respect their idols
Alex & Malanz



News for the week:

Egan Inoue   Look who got his purple belt today! Congrats to all that tested today! Keep challenging yourselves!
Alex & Egan (15 August 2015 - purple belt)
 After 4 years of training Alex got his Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu yesterday. He is definitely a star in more ways than one. Now for the hard work to earn more stripes and then graduate to a Brown Belt
  • Please remember to add your birthday wishes to Alex on the groupcard set up by ‘Alex O’Loughlin Fans for Donate Life‘: Link

Something Pretty from other fans:

 Posted by Mymaximus

Some fandom laughs for the weeklol!

  •  @BeeMH50 My dream during my nap: A day on the beach of Waikiki …

At the beach

The words of a fangirl::iminlove:

 Who needs good results when Steve McGarrett has hugged you???

Posted by Emily

 Alex & Friends:

  •  Taken at the 19th Annual “Walk in the Country” event for the ‘Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii’ at Lanikuhonua at Ko Olina – another great picture of Alex with a young fan/friend. There will most probably be a lot more pictures popping up from the event. 🙂


Alex & Ashley - 15 August 2015

Some Trivia for the week:

(It might be here under trivia, but for me the information is definitely not trivial….. Confused smiley 83  )

Question: What is going on with “Hawaii Five-0”? Have watched it from the beginning and it seems as though they are not using Scott Caan very much. In fact some weeks he is not even on the show. They seem to be using the actor from the police force more and more. I would like to see them go back to the original four characters. – LU, MARS

Rob: I actually received and ran this question earlier this year but the non-response was unsatisfactory. So when I spotted Caan at a CBS party earlier this week, I was able to get a response straight from him. “I do five episodes less than [series star] Alex [O’Loughlin],” said Caan, who lives in Los Angeles while the show shoots in Hawaii. “I just do a couple of episodes less so I can come home to see my family and stuff. They were cool about it so we just all came to that.”


 Thank You Rob for asking and a big Thank You Scott for answering it clearly. (And it was good to see that Scott took the time to represent the Hawaii Five-0 cast and show at TCA)

I myself would have preferred a Danny that could be available full-time, because Steve and Danny has been the centre of the show from the start. But I hope fans will stop complaining now when Scott (Danny) is not in episodes and other actors take his place. It  is HIS choice to do less time on the show. If you are a fan of him, respect that. He has been doing it for 2 seasons already (since the beginning of Season 4, long before Kacy even got pregnant).  I think it is high time for the complaining fans to get used to it by now.

My Pet Peeves:

  • My Pet Peeve this week ties in with the trivia I mentioned above. Why can’t people be satisfied with pictures that are posted from the set. Whenever anybody posts a picture of the cast,  most of the comments always ask where those actors are who are not on the picture. If they are not in Hawaii and not part of an episode and not in the picture, and nobody answers them – why keep asking? Rather be grateful for those in the pictures and for the privilege of getting those great picture that are posted.


As an example – this great picture posted by Daniel Dae Kim on Instagram, where many of the comments repeatedly ask where some actors are:

danieldaekim One of the best things about this job is that once in a while you get to work with a #legend. Last night it was @49ers star #JerryRice. As a huge fan of #BillWalsh and all the #Niners of that era, it was a special thrill. Mahalo, Jerry! #H50 #ClassAct
DDK on Instagram
Thank you Daniel for posting this great picture – you look like a happy bunch 🙂


Most ‘interesting’ search for the week:

  • does alex o loughlin have a pilot license

I realised something when I looked up to which post the search must have taken them. We posted a Whiteout Premiere video where Alex jokes about him buying a plane and flying there – and we never told the readers specifically that he was of course joking – oops. Although the name of the post should be a hint, I think: ‘Sarcastic’ Alex – Whiteout Premiere, September 2009

Thought (Tweet) for the week:


There comes a point where you just love someone, not because they’re good or bad. You just love them the way they are.

Next Week:

  • It looks like they are no longer taking 8 working days to shoot episodes (maybe because they are shooting over weekends as well). They are 4 days ahead of how I calculated the schedule (working on 8 days per episode). According to the director they wrapped 604 on Friday. So it looks like they will start shooting Episode 605 on Monday.

Season 1 Alex

Once again a BIG Mahalo to everybody who contributed by posting all their pictures and stories on social media for us all to enjoy!




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